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          Aligned with Nature
Tri-Vortex is a revolutionary process created by Brian David Andersen that uses natural geometric patterns, sounds and harmonic frequencies aligned with rhythms of Nature.  The result is a process that generates a harmonic Life field which instills coherence and order to the molecules in biological fluids of own cells.
The Tri-Vortex process blends the 3 building blocks of matter (namely: electromagnetic signals, light & geometry), and converts them into a treatment field that is permanently imbedded into stainless steel discs, plates, or any other material.


 Water Fountain utilizing vortex motion of water.

Tri-Vortex Treatment:

By placing an item or substance in the eight foot long chamber for 24 hours it becomes entrained with the Tri-Vortex frequencies. The treated items have the molecular structure aligned to a coherent Universal Light/Life energy field. It simply aligns the molecular structure to the underlying pattern and order of the Universe. More Life is the result!

Nature Loves a Vortex!


Vortices appear at every scale in the universe.  Observe the spiral patterns in galaxies, planetary motion, hurricanes, tornadoes, whirlpools, etc..  Left unhindered, Life takes this path of least resistance.  Nature avoids straight lines, always producing curving motions and bodies.  The spiral vortex motion manifests in snail shells, pine cones, and sometimes less obviously in all plant and animal growth all the way down to microscopic DNA molecules.  The list of fractal repetitions of spiral motion is endless, fascinating and beautiful as the trend likely goes further in to wave structures of the atom and sea of energy beneath the visible universe. 

The TriVortex process uses light and sound to infuse the harmonic frequencies of Life into its products. The result is less stress, soothing comfort, increased energy levels, pain relief and decreased swelling in humans and animals.

        Allowing us to experience:
  • Fast & Natural Pain Relieve Without Chemicals
  • Proper Hydration Via Structured Water
  • Improved Vitality & Balance In Humans & Animals
  • Reduce Negative Effects of Radiation From Cell Phones, AC Electricity & Smart Meters
  • Greater Hydration   (click to download pdf)

    This proprietary Tri-Vortex technology adjusts the geometric structure of liquids, so that the light particles flowing through the molecules are transiting in the most efficient and rapid manner possible.

Scientific tests have found that liquids in very close proximity to a Tri-Vortex produsct showed 

140% increase in oxygen element.

Results of two week old lettuce soaked in water with TriVortex Disc



AFTER  15 minutes in TriVortex Treated Water


 Wilted lettuce  After 15 minutes , crisp and edible

When exposing water to theTri-Vortex products it has been shown to reduce the surface tension, making it more available at the cellular levels and increasing hydration.

Lowers the surface tension of liquids... promotes the immediate and thorough absorption nutrients into body cells... Indeed, liquids with a low surface tension have molecular order and a high absorption ability. lf the liquids or solids that have just entered the body are not structured, individual human cells will not absorb them. The unstructured liquids or solids will then be sloughed off and eliminated through the kidneys or intestines, or, negatively stored in the body with no benefit to the individual. Countless diseases and negative health conditions are primarily due to individuals being chronically dehydrated and/or, not absorbing critical nutrient







              Wilted Person         After 4 TriVortex stem cell stimulator sessions
WARNING: Results MAY be typical!

Use of the Tri-Vortex products results in improved vitality and wellness.

Drinking fluids treated with a Tri-Vortex product results in increased hydration and better

assimilation of food nutrients and minerals.

Shelf life of fresh food, flowers, fruits and vegetables is increased.

Noticeable effect in these areas in a very short space of time:

·        ENERGY

·        BALANCE


·        EASES PAIN


How can all of these results happen so easily?  The answer is simple: LIFE IS! We are either aligned with it or we are not. Our modern day lives are so divorced from the life flow all around us that we are running on empty most of the time using supplements, caffein, sugar, and more to just get through a day. Well, LIFE is all around us and IN us, and sometimes we just need a jump start to help us get back in touch with it. 

Our bodies KNOW how to heal. The cells are all tuned towards Life. We just need to give them a little help from time to time. So the TriVortex is like a jumper cable to jump start our inner battery so that we can recalibrate ourselves to LIFE again.

A few simple tests will make a believer of anyone:

FLEX TEST: Try bending down to touch the floor. Notice how far you can go. Then place a Tri-Vortex treated product against the area of the body with pain or swelling or stiffness. After a minute try bending down again. People are astounded at how their range of motion has improved in less than a minute with the TriVortex product!

TASTE TEST: Any Tri-Vortex product, including the stainless steel disc, will change the molecular structure, taste and smell of solids such as: bad cheese, old poultry, smelly fish and tart smelling glues and silicones. Pour two glasses of water, distilled, filtered or untreated. Take a sip from the one glass, then put the glass aside.  Put the TriVortex disc under the other glass (making sure it is at least 3 feet away from the first glass.) Wait 30 seconds and take a sip. The water is WETTER! You can taste the difference immediately! It not only tastes different, it has been shown to be more available at cellular levels.

You can be drinking 8 glasses of water a day and STILL be DEHYDRATED if the water isn't getting INTO your cells!

The applications of this technology are virtually endless.

EMF REMEDIATION: The Tri-Vortex Technology products lessen the negative effects of computer monitors, microwave ovens, cell phones and smart meters and the alternating currents in the home and workplace.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: The Tri-Vortex Technology treatment enlivens various kinds of vitamins, minerals and nutrients so one does not have to take them orally, but through the light particles that are imparted through the unique Tri-Vibes.

Importance of Molecular Organization

When the molecules of your cells are in chaos, your body part will have fatigue and/or pain.

When the molecules of your cells are organized, your body part will have energy, vitality and have no fatigue or pain.

Tri-Vortex Technology

The Tri-Vortex Technology products create and promote organization in the molecules of your body or in a liquid or solid food.

When the molecules in your body are organized, you will definitely experience high-energy levels and have less fatigue and pain.

Better Tasting Liquids 

The liquids in your body and saliva in your mouth have a very specific and particular molecular organization. Most liquids and solids consumed by humans have molecular chaos and have a tart after bite.  The tart after bite taste indicates the body will not absorb the liquid or nutrients into the cells.

After the effective Tri-Vortex Technology product treats any liquid or solid food for 30 seconds, the liquid or solid food tastes smoother without a tart taste. The smoother taste indicates the nutrients in the organized liquid or solid food will be fully absorbed by the cells of your body.  Absorption of one's water, vitamins, minerals and nutrients is the key of energy, youth and vitality.

Tri-Vortex Technology is available in a variety of different forms for different applications and uses:

TriVortex Products:


·          TriVortex Disc

·    TriVortex Power Strips

·         Tri-Vibes Nutrients

·         TriVortex Scarf






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