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 Living Water     
          Your water may be clean, but is it alive?    

What is Living Water?

Living water is pristine, pure, naturally ionized, slightly alkaline, oxygen-rich, mineralized water, containing  a high ratio of hexagonally structured water clusters, dynamically floating within a tightly bonded, liquid crystalline matrix.  Living and Structured Water acts as a liquid crystal in our body.  Similar to a Quartz Crystal, Living Water receives, conducts, and transmits energy, life-force, and information in our bodies and all of Nature.

Our bodies contain a liquid crystalline matrix of cells, blood, and lymph.  On a physical level, Living and Structured Water is the ideal transporter of nutrients
into our cells and waste and toxins out of our cells.  Living and Structured water is a powerful solvent and detoxifier, capable of mobilizing and efficiently transporting toxins through our normal pathways of elimination.  On an energetic level, Living and Structured Water creates a naturally occurring resonance field in our bodies, enhancing cell-to-cell communication, energy transfer, and revitalization of every cell in our bodies.  Our cells are nourished and well fed when floating within a liquid crystalline matrix of Living and Strucured water.

Living Water:
The Fountain of Youth!

waterfall2.jpgLife grows where living water flows... Life grows abundant where living water flows! All biological processes on our planet require water to thrive and function in their natural beauty and order.  All energy in life requires a conductor. WATER is the main conductor of ENERGY, Life Force, and CONSCIOUSNESS within our bodies and all living things on our Planet.  

  • As babies, we are born approximately 90% Water
  • The average person, when well hydrated with Living and Structured Water, is 75-80% Water
  • When a person dies... they are 50% Water!
  • The Quality of our Water directly effects the Quality of our Life!
Living  Water fuels and enhances all biological processes in our bodies. Upgrading our drinking water to Living  Water significantly improves our health and well being.  Living Water enhances our Divine, Radiant Life! 

Visionary Scientists on Living & Structured Water We honor and express deep gratitude to Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Mu Shik John, Masaru Emoto, and many others, for their insights and illumination on the spirit, matter, and chemistry of Water.

Viktor Schauberger
Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958)  

also known as the "water wizard" was a visionary scientist, inventor, forester, and naturalist, who deeply loved Mother Nature. He discovered that water in its natural state has a livingness or vitality. This "living water" is found in the healing waters around the world in such places as Loudes, Chalice Well, and famous spas, giving these waters their healing properties. Viktor had a unique gift and ability: he allowed his consciousness to leave his body and 'merge' with the spirit of water as it spiraled in the river beds.  Through his direct connection with water, he gained profound multi-dimensional insights into the the nature of water as a 'living entity'.  He also directly glimpsed water's role in Nature.  Through his deep connection to the spirit of water, and decades of observation in his Old Growth Forest, he developed theories about implosion and the structure of water that were revolutionary for his time.  Schauberger's work is being more fully understood and respected by today's modern scientists and visionaries.  His understanding of implosion, water cycles, and the structure of water is now an inspiration to many people in the Green Movement.

When in its natural state, water has a spiraling and vortex motion which energized, and self purifies water.

This "livingness" is lost when transported in straight pipes. So regardless of how "pure" your water is chemically, the "livingness"quality of your water is what provides your body, and plants, and sea life, what it needs to grow and flourish.

Water holds a MemoryWater 

Naturalist and scientist Johanne Grander revealed that water is like a liquid tape recorder storing information and vibrational frequencies, even after the physical substances or pollutants had been removed.  While Viktor Schauberger's research revealed that water in it's natural living state is in a spiraling or vortex motion and that this vortex action creates a livingness to water that is not found in municipal or even filtered or bottled water. Various researchers have applied the principles of Grander and Schauberger and come up with a way to vitalize normal water by imprinting it with the resonance frequency of highly charged or "imploded" water. This principle holds remarkable applications for agriculture, personal health, and environmental uses.

See this YouTube clip showing the power of vortex or imploded water

On this site, we feature the inventions of Center for Implosion Research, who have created products utilizing this principle of living water to reimprint the water in our cells enhancing our immune system and offsetting effects of harmful EMF radiation. They have created a product, the Vortex Water Energizer , which uses the same principle of imprinting the vitalized water to our entire household water system, and is also used in farms showing a 250% increase in plant yield.

Water is Alive

Masaru Emoto in Japan has discovered that water is conscious and responds to many external influences such as different types of music, the words we utter, and even the thoughts we think. In his book, The Messages from Water, Emoto shows photographs of the water molecule resulting from his worldwide research on the effect of ideas, words, and music upon the molecules of water. The photos below are taken from the book of his published results. Water 
After Prayer

Water From DamThe photo on the left is of a frozen water sample from the lake at Fujiwara Dam, in Japan. As you can see, the water's structure is dark and amorphous, with no crystalline formations.

The photo to the right is the same water sample photographed after the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one-hour prayer practice beside the dam. The changes are representative of only a few that will be featured in a new section of this site showing the consciousness of water and how our thoughts and prayers can effect the actual molecular structure of water.

Combining the research of Emoto and Schauberger, groups around the world have shown that bodies of water can be substantially revitalized and cleared of pollutants through a process of ceremony and focused intent. See our field studies for case histories.

See this video clip revealing the magical properties of water



Living Water in Our Cells at Birth

This "living water" is found naturally within our cells at birth, however it becomes unclustered and unstructured due to exposure to pollutants, and radiation. This loss of the original cellular geometries of the water in our cells is responsible for the aging process at a cellular level, and has been shown to be linked to almost every disease known to mankind. (see Super Ionized Water for more on this)

By patterning Nature's technologies, we can remake our world into one which is in harmony with Her laws and principles.


For an amazing 1 hour video on the MAGICAL PROPERTIES OF WATER, and to see the possibilities that PHYSICS has discovered for this life-giving substance that sustains our planet, click below. 


See our Living Water Products for the Home, Personal & Environment:


  Schauberger Water Egg
Vortex Water Energizer 

Super Ionized Water

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