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Optimum Health: Restoring The Body-Temple

Yoga Beach

As my own personal experience has recently revealed, to be able to fully embrace the energetic shifts ahead, we need to also address our inner environment -- our bodies! Only then can we fully align ourselves with the impending new vibrations that the Earth is moving into and move into those frequencies with Grace and ease.

So the terrain of our body "temples" is of equal importance in preparing for the vibrational shifts ahead, which are nothing less than a planetary initiation into a whole new dimension of consciousness. In order to bring our physical vehicles along for the ride, a whole host of tools are available to help release the old patterns of density and help increase our capacity to hold higher frequencies in our BODIES.

Disease and ill health, from a shamanic point of view, is nothing more than a lower vibrational frequency being held within our emotional/mental matrix. While traditional medical models treat the physical, most ignore the higher levels of consciousness from which diseases originally stem, from an energetic point of view.

Tools such as the Quantum Wave Laser, help to shift that matrix opening us up to the Quantum field where our body's intelligence can access different solutions to its current situations. The NEW Tri-Vortex tools, employ which use light, sound and geometry as a bridge or antenna to open our consciousness to higher levels wherein new possibilities for our health and connection to Source and health exist.

In using such tools over the years, I've found that it is also helpful to assist the physical through the vibrations of plant life (ie herbs, tree bark, sea vegetables.) The realms of nature carry patterns and blueprints that are able to be encoded into our system and our body's intelligence is able to use these blueprints to restore itself to more natural conditions of health.

The ancient shamans of the rainforest knew through journeying how to access the spirit of each plant and learn its wisdom as to how it was best used to help our body.  In today's modern medical model, we have all but forgotten this fact. Virtually all, with few exceptions, synthetic drugs were first found as counterparts in nature! By creating synthetic versions of Nature's healing elixers, scientist isolate only certain aspects of those healing remedies, and do not recognize the importance of the biomatrix in which they exist. Many plants, herbs, and natural healing properties exist as a result of their combination with other elements found in their natural biomatrix.

With this understanding of Nature's important role in our ultimate health and well being of our physical body, I've decided to start carrying a select line of natural products, each of which I feel is at the top of the line in their category.

We need to take these bodies with us as we move into the higher dimensions, and optimum health is an essential part of that transition.

Natural Health Products:

Tri-Vortex subtle energy tools: Tools enhanced with the proprietary Tri-Vortex system using frequencies and harmonics aligned with Nature's rhythms. Wide range of uses and applications from EMF harmonizing, water vitalizing, pain relief, and vitamin & mineral absorption.

Living Water products are created from imploded water which energizes our cellular water. The Personal Harmonizers have been found to increase the cell's natural immunity to electro-smog, or EMF.

Cancer Specific Suggestions: This is a special section of our site which is offered due to the rampant increase in this disease around the world. I've tried or seen others use all of these listed on the site. You are free to use the information and pass it around. Like any self-help remedy, it needs to be monitored by people willing to take personal responsibility for their health.

Detox Products: More and more people are realizing the importance of clearing the accumulated toxins from their systems. The body was not meant to handle the volume of pollutants, EMF, pesticides and other toxins that most people are exposed to on a daily basis. These products are particularly helpful for detoxing our system in a safe, gentle yet effective manner:

Pau d'Arco: From the bark of a tree in the rainforest, a product which has been shown to help the lymph system and support the liver.

Detox Foot Pads: An excellent way to detox while you sleep. Just apply the pads and they pull toxins from your body from the feet.

Quantum Wave Laser: An amazing tool which combines the effectiveness of cold lasers shown to stimulate cell regeneration, with vibrational quantum wave frequencies. Two tools in one!

Geopathic Remedies: Since geopathic stress is linked to virtually every known auto immune disorder, and has been shown to reduce the cell's immunity to disease in general, it is worth listing here for anyone striving for optimum health.

For a more complete listing of alternative therapies, please click on our Health Resources link 

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