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The Power of Sound
The Key to End War and Pollution

 By Christan Hummel

Compassion It's all around us, no matter what we do, or where we go. Sound. The vibrations of the molecules that generate the effects on our ears we call sound. But what if sound goes deeper than that? What about the aspect of sound that goes beyond what we can hear? As the ancient Buddhist koan asks "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" What about the aspect of sound that exists apart from our capacity to hear?

Sound is the Primordial substance from which our whole Reality is made, and from which our Universe originated. Whether you consult the Sanskrit Vedas, or the Bible, it is still Sound which is considered the heart of all existence. "In the beginning was the Word," and only afterwards was proclaimed, "Let there be light." Sound preceded all that we see. So powerful and all-pervasive, and yet we pay very little attention to it, and so often confuse it with noise.

There is an intimate connection between sound and light, like twin flames of each other, wherever there is one, the other exists as well. Sound is the underlying fabric of vibration which creates the light patterns we see around us. In the Cymatics research of Dr. Hans Jenny, he shows on videotape the different patterns formed when varying sound frequencies were introduced into a plate with sand crystals. Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation shows another correlation between sound and form, by looking at the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, whose shapes correspond with their wave form shape when sounds of the same letters are analyzed. In another experiment, Tibetan monks were recorded chanting the OM. This was then played through a resonator plate, with sand crystals on top. Within seconds, the sand began to vibrate and form a pattern called the Sri Yantra (1), which is considered in the Hindu belief to be a Creation pattern of the Universe. The implication is that for every sound there is a corresponding shape or pattern that we can see.

Tapping into the sound vibrations beneath these patterns is a key to shaping our external world. Once we do this, we can reshape the world from within. A powerful example of this is resonance, the force that causes bridges to collapse when armies walk across in unison, or which shatters a glass when a singer reaches a certain note, or which causes all the pendulum clocks in a room to swing in unison. When the vibrations of sound vibrate in resonance, we have the capacity to transform the world around us.

This is exactly what scientists are researching today. Uncovering the hidden power of sound, and especially of resonance, to transform the world around us. In a recent study the Air Force applied a specific sound pattern to one of two test tubes containing nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant found in the atmosphere. Nothing was done to the other tube. When sound was applied to the first tube, it instantly changed its chemical composition, while the second tube remained exactly the same.

Environmental Harmonizer Applications of this principle are being used in pollution-clearing efforts worldwide with tremendous results. Using a metal broadcast unit called a harmonizer, (a geometrical object made of twisted copper which acts like an antennae) a sound frequency is applied which is broadcast throughout the surrounding environment causing the molecules to dance to a different beat, so to speak, and realign themselves into non-polluting elements. These experiments have been conducted in small scale operations around the world, sponsored by small groups of individuals with results as astounding as a 40% drop in pollution levels within a month of starting the program.

In my research on this subject, I discovered that using sound in this manner was far from a new discovery. In ancient India, the Brahmin priests used to perform a ritual called Agni-hotra, a fire ceremony which involved use of a geometrical copper pyramid pot of very specific dimensions, sacred fire, and the chanting of certain mantras at precisely sunrise and sunset. It has been scientifically documented that this process lowers pathogenic viruses and bacteria, and pollution levels with a two mile radius of the area where the ceremony is performed.

In fact Nature uses sound as an agent of transformation as well. Researchers have discovered the existence of what is termed a "bio-accoustic matrix" or sonic envelope in an ecosystem which is created by the sounds emitted from the insects and animals of that region. These sonic emissions are found to be necessary to sustain the health of an ecosystem. The research of Dan Carlson revealed that the bird's song triggers the blooming mechanisms in plants. Researcher Rodrigo Navarro in Australia has discovered that the sounds of the frogs, crickets and other insects have a vital contribution to Gaia's symphony in that their sounds trigger and may even produce rain for the area. Off the coast of Australia, marine researchers have discovered that the sound of the dolphins is responsible for the growth patterns of the coral in the reefs.

The effects of sound can be seen in the esoteric realms as well. The dolphins use sound for healing, and so can we. In his book, Healing Sounds, Jonathan Goldman discusses how toning (a technique that utilizes a sculpted sound) can shift stuck energy patterns in our aura to allow our own natural energy to flow more freely (3). A group called Interactive Brain Training, uses a metronome type device to rewire the neurons of the brain and has had amazing results with Parkinsons, Altzheimers and ADHD cases. The stories are numerous, and each one more astounding than the last.

During one experience a year ago, I was personally shown the capacity of sound to heal when I was visited by a group of dolphins who came to me on the inner planes and started to show me how to tone into someone's body to help alleviate their pain. As they guided me to make certain sounds into this person's body her pain was instantly relieved.

Another interdimensional group of beings called the Hathors, to whom temples at Dendara in Egypt were dedicated, also employed sound as their medium of healing and communication. They have been working as well with Earth to assist in Her transition to another dimensional level of consciousness, primarily through the use of sound.

Hathor We have been guided over the last year, while working with the cooperation of the Hathors, to use sound to heal distorted energy patterns held within the Earth known as geopathic stress zones. These energy patterns are a result of unresolved emotions of humanity, wars, conflicts, or desecration of sacred spaces. We have been finding that by working with the Nature Spirits, or devas, of the area and giving them sound vibrations, they are able to use that frequency to heal the distortions of the Earth in those areas. It is interesting to note how many indigenous groups have utilized some form of sound for ceremonial and sacred purposes. The Aboriginal people play the digeridoo along the Song lines of the Earth. Numerous Native American tribes use ceremonial singing, drumming and music to create healing vibrations offered to shift distorted patterns held within the Earth.

We have personally witnessed numerous events ranging from the simply amazing to the miraculous once these distorted patterns are shifted. In one case in Cape Town, South Africa, we witnessed the pollution of the area called Cape Flats disappear within 30 minutes of doing a ceremony using little more than sound vibrations broadcast through an instrument called a harmonizer. A radio station in Cape Town started to use this harmonizer and an audio tape of the waveform of the water molecule. They played this at inaudible levels at their radio station, broadcasting it from their tower, and within a week reported an unprecedented 47% increase in their listening audience. Interestingly, during the month that a group of nine individuals started playing this sound pattern through these harmonizers in Cape Town, numerous whales began to show up throughout the area, a full month before they usually put in an appearance.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, just one day after using the sound vibrations in Co-operation with the devic forces to heal the geopathic patterns, the pollution cleared up so noticeably that it made the front page of the newspapers there. Also traffic, which is a problem in a city of 20 million people, was cleared up so noticeably that people were commenting on it a week later. In addition, the Brazilian economy took an unexpected turnaround and made a remarkable recovery within days of the geopathic clearing session. "Coincidentally," the area where the geopathic stress was cleared was the financial district of the city.

In Los Angeles, Auckland, and Denver, when these sound patterns were applied to the distorted vibrational patterns of the area using the harmonizers, the crime rate dropped in those cities from 30%--50% within a few months (5).

Utilizing the power of his own voice to produce harmonic vibrational patterns, singing minstrel, James Twyman travels around the world holding peace concerts in war torn areas. Almost as if miraculously, where the concerts are held, the fighting in these area ceases and peace returns.

Can it really be so simple? It appears so. This hidden and under-utilized power of sound is changing the course of events of our planet

Om Namah Shivaya

Christan Hummel is the author of the best selling book, Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, co-founder of Earth Transitions, Flower of Life facilitator, and contributing author of The Rainbow Bridge. She has trained with Tom Kenyon, Wayne Perry and Chris James learning how to use sound to transform the holographic matrix of our environments. She travels internationally teaching classes in how to use sound to create a healthy template for ourselves and the environment. She has worked with leading edge inventors in developing a grassroots environmental clearing program worldwide using a combination of quantum technologies and co-creation with nature. Her newest workshop, "Earth Alchemy " she shares how to shift the holographic matric of an environment to reduce pollution, crime, earthquakes, and balance weather patterns to create a living Heaven here on Earth.

To learn more about how to co-create with the devic realms, Christan's workshop schedule.


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