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Distance Space Clearing Sessions

Remote space clearing sessions by Christan are available by appointment.

For a personal on site evaluation of your property outside the Southern California area, please see our list of certified practitioners

hummel-fairystardust.jpgRemote Space Clearing Sessions:

Do you feel that you have energy problems in your home or office?  There are energies in the Earth that can cause problems in our lives. Many dowsers believe these Geopathic lines or Geopathic Stress Zones can cause illness. Yes, this can be, but I believe we affect the energies as much or more than they affect us.  We actually cause the Earth energies to be detrimental with our illness and with our negative thoughts, actions, and emotions.  The energies in our homes are constantly reflecting us back to us.  Change the energies and it can help us change our lives.  I can help you detect whether you have significant detrimental Earth energies and, together, we can make them beneficial with prayer and blessing. And we can do much more...


bioman.jpgWe are energy beings living in a universe of energy, or Light. We change the subtle energies (Light) around and within us with every thought, action, and emotion. With negative thoughts and emotions, we imprint detrimental energies in our living environment that may stay around affecting us for years to come. With positive thoughts and emotions, we imprint beneficial energies that strengthen and support us.



There are Earth energies that affect us in beneficial and detrimental ways, causing geopathic stress.  The energy fields of underground streams can be detrimental to us. There are other Earth energies related to your home and property that can cause geopathic stress.  Hartmann and Curry Grid Lines create a grid across the globe and these energies are in every one of our homes, but they are not necessarily detrimental.  There are also detrimental electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that radiate from electronic appliances and devices  The good part about all of this is that any detrimental subtle energy field can be changed into a beneficial energy field.

As we go through life, we actually surround and fill ourselves with what we think, feel, and do. We're unconsciously imprinting the energies of our fears, our frustrations, our anger, and even our illness in our living environments. They are imprinted in unique energy frequencies that are defined by the thoughts, emotions, etc. Then as we enter these energies in our day-to-day lives, they are constantly reminding us of the thoughts and emotions that put them there in the first place. Of course the same thing happens with positive, joy-filled thoughts actions and emotions. We're actually leaving a cosmic trail as we go through life, part of our karmic pattern. You might think of fear and anxiety as the opposite of prayer and blessing. It certainly has an opposite effect on the subtle energies within and around us.  And if you live in a house that was lived in by others, you may be inheriting their energies and, if so, they are affecting you!

The more you understand about what is going on energetically, behind the scenes in life, the more you can take charge of the process. So we don't have to "clear" energies to get rid of the geopathic stress. We can actually make the detrimental energies become beneficial. We can also call in new beneficial energies to help us draw what we most desire into our lives. So we can learn to fill ourselves and our living environments with the energy of our goals and desires rather than our fears and frustrations, all through dowsing combined with prayer and blessing.

The entire process takes a little over an hour.  After you register, I will contact you to set up an energetic connection to you, your family members, and your home or office with a blessing.  I'll explore the energies in your living environment with dowsing, as well as your own energy fields. After about twenty minutes, I'll call you back and give you an overview of what I will have found and we'll work together to change the energies with blessings, which I'll verify with dowsing.

A space clearing is about much more than finding and changing energies.  It's about helping you to take charge of your life.  The fee for a session is $175 US for this service an includes a written follow up assessment of what was done and the results of your session.

If you would like someone to come to your property in person, please see the list of our Certified Space Clearing Practitioners.

Space Clearing

Please email to set up an appointment after you have placed your order.


About Christan:chnewbio.jpg

Christan Hummel is an international author of the best-selling book, Do- It-Yourself Space Clearing Kitand co-author of the Rainbow Bridge phase II. Christan has been in communication with the inner worlds of nature since a 1981, in which her guides have helped her to recover ancient lost understandings of how to work with the land to restore harmony and balance. She has shared this knowledge with groups around the world for the last 14 years.

In her 20's Christan studied with leaders in the human potential movement such as Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins and learned powerful technologies for personal mastery. More recently, she has studied Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett, and has applied these techniques to her private practice with individuals as well as with the land healing throughout the world. She has worked with Sound Healers such as Tom Kenyon and Chris James to develop her own Sonic Alchemical process which she has used to shift stuck energies and access more of their divine potential for individuals as well as sacred sites worldwide.  She leads sacred ceremonies and  workshops around the world teaching how to use sound, sacred geometry and the devic realms to energetically attune the space and the earth to its original blueprint and highest potential. She is co-founder of Earth Transitions, and has taught the Flower of Life as a facilitator. She has presented at The British Society of Dowsers, the International Kinesiology Conference, theInternational Feng Shui conferences and the national and regional American Dowsing conferences. As a student of the Alice Bailey teachings since a teenager, Christan integrates her knowledge of ancient Vedic and indigenous approaches from around the world in her work to provide a profoundly grounding and yet gentle and transformative experience. 


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