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Discover what life is like in a Clear Space!
with the Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit             bestseller.gif
by Christan Hummel
We are only as healthy as the environments
we live in!
Now is the time to clear the inner space of your home! 
Get at the hidden energetic "clutter" causing stagnation, ill health, and inhibiting you from reaching your highest potential.

Our homes have an energetic matrix which governs how we feel in our environment. By shifting this vibrational matrix,
you will shift your space and transform your life!

    Why do we feel comfortable in some areas, but not in others?

     Is cancer a disease of location?

     Do thoughts & feelings impact our environment?

     Will a space clearing help with the sale of your home? 

The answer to these and many other questions is found in this delightful little book, packed with wisdom and techniques to help harmonize the environment and
energies of your home. 


Try our e-book version:
Our DITY Space Clearing Kit is now available in e-book as a download.
Save $11 off the book price (only $18)

E-book comes with link to downloadable MP3 files of a guided space clearing meditation. 
Click the link below for the e-book with mp3 downloads 



"This book sings with life force, energy and love. It is at once easy to read, yet contains ancient wisdoms that change a person's life.
I love this book and the woman who wrote it."
--Denise Linn, author, Creating Sacred Space
"Wanted to let you know that I am LOVING your space clearing book! Really enjoying every page. You pull all of this information together in such a clear way.....It really helps me to digest it glad that you did all that work to get the book done ( and I like the spiral binding too...easier to take notes when I am inspired... )

Just a great job!"

--Dianna Sarto, Novato, CA

Sybil Carey, American Dowsers Quarterly Editor writes:

"The cover of this richly-illustrated, spiral-bound book says it all: an apron-clad fairy god(dess) mother sprinkles brightness and order over an animated house and its environs. You can almost see the house smile. The author's message, of course, is that you can work with nature to energetically clear your home and property yourself. Its pages are packed with information, from the practical to the esoteric, weaving a wide array of subjects and sources into a rich tapestry of knowledge and wisdom. Open any page and find food for thought?and action. Hummel covers space clearing from A to Z, illuminating the personal as well as the planetary benefits of living with nature. It's a dowser's delight."

In this book you will learn:

  • How to transmute the harmful effects of noxious Earth energies, including Geopathic Stress zones
  • How to work co-creatively with Nature to transmute these and other energyies on your property
  • How to apply energetic Feng Shui to your home or Office
  • How to free your property of entities and spirits
  • How to vitalize the pranic grid of your property
  • Learn the alchemical power of sound that indigenous people have known throughout the ages
  • And much, much more!

These tried and true techniques developed by Christan Hummel over the years of international application have been tested all over the world. Christan has taught thousands how to work co-creatively with the devic realms of nature to heal energetic distortions, and even pollution world-wide. Now you can experience Christan's wisdom and knowledge and apply it to your own home!

To empower you and to help get this important book into your hands, these experts have generously offered these unique and valuable bonus gifts at no charge to you.



STEP #1 - Order your Space Clearing Kit Today!

First, order your copy of the Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit

Next, return to this page to claim your bonus gifts in step #2

              NEW e-book version:
Our DITY Space Clearing Kit is now available in e-book as a download.
Save $11 off the book price (only $18) 
E-book comes with link to downloadable MP3 files of a guided space clearing meditation. 
Click the link below for the e-book with mp3 downloads 

For your printed copy, please see our listing on Amazon
Click the link 
to order. 
"As a Feng Shui teacher I have read a lot of space clearing books but none of them has moved me as deep and profound as Christan Hummel's book Space clearing kit. The simplicity and love she puts into this work is so remarkable. She gives so much hope to this world, I deeply recommend her work."
  Agneta Nyholm Winqvist,
Founder of Nordic School of Feng Shui

"There are many who travel the earth claiming to know this and that about how to help our planet and humanity, but there are few who REALLY know. Christan knows. She wears the badge of wisdom and truth."
  Barbara Wolf,
founder of Global Meditations Network,

"Many contemporary Feng Shui authors fail to grasp and convey the true spirit of this amazing ancient art & science. In this regard, Christan's book is a breath of fresh air & a wake-up call for Feng Shui practitioners and readers alike!"
  Larisa Michel, M.A.
Feng Shui Master Practitioner
Feng Shui Center of Princeton

"The mark of a really good teacher is to take profound subjects and explain them so they are easily understood, and this is what Christan Hummel has achieved in her wonderful new book, ... The Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit.

This essential handbook, with accompanying CD, was created to help us humans assist nature in aligning our environmental energies both at home and all around the planet. I urge everyone to use this book's wisdom, and clarity themselves and to share its truths with our wonderful children and youth. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
  Virginia Essene
Author/co-author of 9 spiritual books including Becoming a Galactic Human Being & The Hathor Material.

"Space Clearing Kit by Christan Hummel - Awesome book! What a total jewel of a book. If you are at all interested in healing the energies of your home, I can't recommend this highly enough. Author Christan Hummel has a depth of knowledge and insight that sometimes just takes my breath away."
  Annie Bond,

Dear Christan,
"I began reading your book on a flight from Philadelphia to Portland and could not put it down for a minute. Your information is easily understood, organized, and extremely enlightened. I am recommending your book to all of our students. You are a true teacher and Earth Healer."
  Marge Richards
Founder of Graceful Lifestyles International Feng Shui Guild Member
Do past battles leave an effect on your property? 

Can vibrational imprints linger in a location after the event is over?

Why do animals and insects prefer certain areas over others?

What's still left to do after you've done Feng Shui on your home?
The answers to these and many other questions are revealed in this Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit, created by Christan Hummel, a leading expert in the field of space clearing, international author, workshop leader, and pioneer in the earth energies exploration. 

Illustrated workbook includes over 149 pages and CD with:

  • exercises on how to transmute the energies of your home
  • helpful tips on how to make contact with the spirit of the land
  • how to use "energetic Feng Shui" on your home or property
  • Feng Shui's "missing piece"
  • and much more.

Bonus Gift #1

Bonus Gift #2

Christan Hummel

hummel-fairystardust.jpgFree Trial of Online

Space Clearing Course

Receive a free 60 minute free trial of the online course, Principles of Space Clearing by earth energies intuitive Christan Hummel. Goes beyond what is taught in the book to learn how to shift the quantum matrix of your space.

Sharon McErlane: A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak


First Gift: A FREE download of an audio recording of a live meeting with Sharon introducing the Grandmothers and Their important message to the world. Not available through stores!!

Second Gift: Two FREE chapters from her new book, "A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak."

Bonus Gift #3

Bonus Gift #4


Stephanie Roberts

House Blessing Ceremonies

This E-book is the perfect follow-up to your Space Clearing ritual, and a powerful way to counteract bad luck or an inauspicious home location! Whether you live in a large country home or a tiny urban apartment, are moving into a newly constructed space or blessing your long-time residence, this detailed ebook provides all the information you need to prepare and conduct three House Blessing Ceremonies.

Stephanie Roberts is the author of the popular "Fast Feng Shui" book series, "The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui" and the "Clutter-Free Forever! Home Coaching Program".

Bonus Gift #5

Bonus Gift #6

Annie Bond

Top 10 Favorite Household Formulas

Learn how to keep your home toxin free, and Earth-friendly. Noted author, editor and expert in the field of environmental friendly living, Annie Bond shares some of her favorite formulas for making your home a toxin free environment.

Annie B. Bond (aka Berthold-Bond) is considered the authoritative voice for nontoxic, healthy formulas for the home and here she offers us her ten favorite formulas. Her latest book, Home Enlightenment: Practical, earth-friendly advice for creating a nurturing, healthy, and toxin-free home and lifestyle (Rodale, 2005).

Christan Hummel

Sound: The Hidden Matrix of Life

FREE audio download from the audiobook The Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit by Christan Hummel.

Listen to the author as she explains the transformational power of sound. Discover how sound makes up the very fabric of creation, and how to use sound to shift the energies in your home and for your health. Demonstrations on toning and overtoning, as well as stories and examples not included in the book.

Bonus Gift #7

Bonus Gift #8

sriyantra1.jpg Jonathan Goldman [Gift: Audio Program]
Receive an extensive excerpt of Heart Chakra: Rose of Compassion from Jonathan's award winning CD Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants, considered some of the most powerful and beautiful healing music ever created.

Jonathan Goldman is an internationally known writer, musician, and teacher. He's an authority on sound and healing and a pioneer in the filed of harmonics.  

Bonus Gift #9

Bonus Gift #10

Lucille Cedercrans
April 04, 1921 - June 21, 1984

Free E-book 

For a basic definition of meditation and its uses as well as a beginning meditation. (All quotes excerpted from The Nature of the Soul by Lucille Cedercrans.)



bl_gift.jpgBruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. - Free Chapter

Measuring the Immeasurable: The Scientific Case for Spirituality

Revealing the Wizard Behind the Curtain

Bonus Gift #11

Bonus Gift #12

 PLUS a surprise bonus gift by Gregg Braden, author of Fractal Time


liptonperception.jpgALSO, receive Bruce Lipton's most popular video. This is the full 2-hour online version of The Biology of Perception, The Psychology of Change, with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams in front of a live audience. Normally $39.95... it's yours free!

Please Note: All "special offers" are delivered electronically over the internet, by email, or by regular mail from the individual companies who produce them.

They are not in any way associated with, deliverable by, or the responsibility of Earth Transitions. 

Space Clearing Tips


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