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Unsolicited Customer Comment 

"I have been using the Tri-Vortex Technology Disc you sent me a year ago, nearly every day.  The three inch diameter Disc is so small I can put it in my front pocket and take it everywhere.  In my Chiropractic practice and at home after hours and with my family & friends.
They work so well, sometimes within a minute.  I use more than one many times and get astounding results on my patients within just a few minutes.
I use them for all levels of pain, meridian blockages, headaches, digestive disorders, toothaches and making my water more effective (and taste great) for my body!
Thank you, What an absolutely amazing product!  Everyone can use it anywhere, anytime and any discomfort!!!"
Thomas T. Kollars, DC

  “Awesome" is all I can say about your Tri-Vibes. I give you some background, I will be 52 years old in August of 2005. I have studied nutrition and applied what I know for over 30 years, so I am in very good health. No one I meet believes that I am as old as my real age; they usually think I am at least 10 years younger. My physical problems come from injuries that I have experienced playing sports. 35 years ago, I had to have surgery on my left knee following a martial arts accident. Since that time I had several re-injuries snowboarding and one major re-injury from roller blade exercises. About 10 years ago, at age 42, I started mountain biking but wound up falling several times and injuring both of my shoulders rather severely. I want you to know and any you share this testimonial with that I have also studied structured water and I know your Tri-Vortex technology works in amazing ways. However, I also know the power of the mind and I wanted to experience as little placebo effect as possible with your outstanding Tri-Vibes. I did my best not have any specific or big expectation that anything would occur. I was surprised. I was very aware of the usual pain/discomfort in my knee coming up the stairs after going to the mail box. I put on the Tri-Vibes at about at 6 PM on Friday and then I even did a moderate medicine ball workout with my legs. Two hours later when I went out and then came back up the stairs, the original discomfort/pain that I usually feel in my knees was 75% gone. Saturday morning the pain/discomfort was about 90% less than it was originally. Saturday night it was 95% less than originally. And today, Sunday morning (36 hours after wearing them), the pain/discomfort in my knee is 98-99% gone. I am amazed. I really have to focus hard to find any trace of discomfort. This morning, 36 hours after putting on the Tri-Vibes, when I took off my shirt, I felt no pain in my shoulder. Again, I am blown away at the results I am experiencing with your product. I have worn the mind blowing Tri-Vibes round the clock since getting them. I found myself very energized and had a bit of trouble sleeping I was so energized, but I didn’t wake tired. Today, 36 hours after putting them on, I have an overall sense of wellbeing that I am associating with the Tri-Vibes”. – Don Mckinnon


 "I backpacked into the Grand Gulch Primitive Area in Utah last week. In the past, without exception, I have had very sore hips after the first day of a trip carrying a 40-50 lb pack. Not this year! At around 3:00 p.m. on the first day of the trip, I put your Tri-Vibes on my chest and left ankle. I kept them on until the next morning. Not only did I have zero soreness in my hips, I didn't feel any stiffness or tiredness of any kind after a day of steep climbing through the canyons and across slick rock. After four strenuous days, I arrived home feeling physically like I had done nothing more that recline on a beach for a week. Best, Melissa aka True Believer "I have been using the Tri-Vortex products for years now and they have never let me down with pain management. In the past I would get digestive problems and when I would place a Tri-Vibes on my stomach in about a minute it would start to subside. I placed a disk on my sinuses during a cold they would start to drain. The are really amazing products B.P. Thornhill Ontario, Canada


Ruth A. Billings
7906 Circle Crest Road
Louisville, KY 40241
To Whom It May Concern
I am experiencing a full and peak cycle of menopause but I am not taking any oral
medications nor am I applying any creams or patches. Why?
I attended a lecture and demonstration at the U.S. Psychotronics Association (USPA)
convention in Louisville, KY during July of 2011 by researcher, inventor and scientist
Brian David Andersen. Andersen has developed a new modality called Light Particle
Assimilation (LPA) that features an individual wearing rather than orally taking vitamins,
minerals and nutrients.
LPA is the foundation for a product called Tri-Vibes that was invented by Andersen and
is sold by Tri-Vortex Technology and is the vanguard of health and nutrition. The
stainless amulet container that is worn on a neck chain and all the ingredients of the
novel Tri-Vibes are placed into the Tri-Vortex Technology treatment chamber for 24
hours. After the treatment period the light particles in the molecules of all the ingredients
are stepped-up to high vibratory state.
Traditional science discovered every human, animal and plant cell is covered in a
sheath of Phosphorous. Andersen has logically deducted that the only substances that
pass through the Phosphorous sheath are light particles. After wearing the Tri-Vibes
amulet for 20 days, the electromagnetic fields of the human body are saturated with the
light particles of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The cells only pass light particles
of the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients through the Phosphorous sheaths
according to Andersen. Very compelling blood tests conducted by SpectraCeII Labs
have indicated the Tri-Vibes provide more than adequate levels of vitamins, minerals
and nutrients. The lab test results and additional vital information are on the webpage and the entire Tri-Vortex Technology website is full of
very unique facts and information
I was interested in the Tri-Vibes technology, especially relating to the symptoms of
menopause. I was taking multiple vitamin & mineral supplements orally and using bio-
identical hormone replacement Estradiol cream and progesterone capsules on a daily
basis. I placed a special order with Andersen and sent him samples of my bio-identical
HRT, hormone patch and supplements that are not included in his standard ingredient
list of vitamins and minerals. All the ingredients including the adhesive patch were
placed in the Tri-Vortex Technology treatment chamber for 24 hours. My special
ingredients were chopped, pulverized and blended with the normal vitamins, minerals
and nutrients contained in the Tri-Vibes. Shortly afterwards I received my order of two
amulets, a velvet patch and ankle chain.





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