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Cancer Remedies 

In our society today, cancer is one of the most feared term and almost synonymous with a death sentence. Thankfully, I've been fortunate to be a part of an incredible holistic and cutting edge healing network. As such, while it is not the focus of this site in particular, I wanted to offer the various treatment protocols which I've come across for this disease. I have seen many of these work personally, and have known people who have recovered to normal health through the use of one or many such remedies.

Since there is such a strong correlation between cancer and geopathic stress, or noxious earth energies, it seems appropriate to address cancer here on this site.

Check out this movie: for some wonderful new hope for those with cancer.

Remediation of Geopathic stress is a must! If you only treat the internal mechanism, without treating also the environmental contributors, then you will be fighting a loosing battle. See our list of remediations for geopathic stress.

Like any personal health regimine the individual needs to monitor their side effects and program with the same care as if being treated by a physician. These "remedies" are not meant to circumvent medical treatment, but to offer information which may give other alternatives to those interested in taking responsibility for their health program.

The following are some PDF downloads and links which are some of the best that I have come across. Please feel free to forward me other information as you come across it as well. 

For two herbal formulations highly recommended see:  Essiac (an herbal tea made into an extract) and our newest Herbal Tonic (based on the Harry Hoxsey formula)

Further Reading:

Cancer Salves for herbal remedies which have been used throughout the ages effectively for skin and breast cancers

Cancer can be Cured by Father Romano Zago

Chaparral: Nature's Detergent for the Body

Dr. Johanna Budwig's recipes: Daily use alleged to transform carcinogenic conditions

How the herb Graviola "eats" cancer cells with no side effects

Zeolite Capsules -- Destroxin - Anti Carcinogenic Benefits

The Apricot Kernel Anti-cancer Theory -- Dr. Krebs speech on B17 at the Cancer control convention

The Harry Hoxsey formula a "family" herbal recipe handed down through the generations that has shown success for thousands of people.

Liquid Zeolite - removes heavy metals and toxins from the body. Removing toxins is an important step in any detox, anti-cancer or wellness program. For product information and to order, contact -

Cancer Tutor - alternative information website with dozens of pages and links -
Healing Cancer Naturally - an alternative therapies website with protocols, herbs, supplements etc. -

Brain Cancer Treatment 

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski Clinic - medical breakthrough in Brain Tumor treatment in FDA supervised trials of  Anti-neoplaston therapy -   No Radiation, No Chemotherapy, Non-toxic therapy that is proven at least 7 times more successful than mainstream approaches.  Many astounding recoveries from advanced brain cancers, liver cancer,  breast and prostate cancer.  This therapy uses a group of naturally occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives known as antineoplastons.  Dr. Burzynski has pioneered research on antineoplastons showing that they act as molecular switches, “turning on” genes that suppress tumor growth and “turning off” genes that promote tumor growth.

Breast Cancer

Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia - information and video of an amazing breakthrough in breast cancer and skin cancer treatment (including melanoma) with laser photo-therapy.  Results are very fast and the therapy has no side-effects.  No radiation, no surgery, no chemotherapy.

Breast Thermography - using digital infrared imaging cameras to detect subtle temperature differences in normal versus cancerous tissues. Highly accurate and non-invasive.

For a more complete listing of alternative therapies, please click on our Health Resources link

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