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SCALAR LASER + FREE Red or Infrared Pulsar Probe 



 The Quantum Wave Laser is the ONLY laser on the market which has the ability to neutralize and clear cell memory.... Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury and disease. Their proprietary technology activates scalar waves which neutralize all polarity and shift the cell memory. What I am finding however is that it clears more than the cellular memory, but the etheric memory from the morphic field and timelines.
Everything in the Universe is a pulsing field of energy. Learning to tap into the vast quantum space all around us has produced some of the most revolutionary new vibrational "medicine" and approaches to healing of our time. The Quantum Wave Laser is one such device. Using both cold laser technology to speed up cell regeneration combined with frequency generation through the quantum settings, this unique tool is bound to be one of your favorite items in your personal and professional tool kit.

      Normal Retail Price $4400  

NOW ONLY $3400! 

limited to quantities on hand 

LASER COLOR                  
Probe Type

 How Do Scalar Lasers Work?




  Destressing & Unwinding at the Cellular Level 





For questions about your order, email: 


Package comes with the following additional bonuses:
• Users Manual
• 11 Custom Modes
• Battery Charger
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty



Quantum Wave Laser - Main Unit 

The Quantumwave Laser is our main cold laser model. It has 16 laser diodes in the 650nm or red spectrum,

and in the 780nm or infra red spectrum. We also include violet LED's or high powered narrow beam width LED’s to help soften the light.

Special offer--FREE Red pulsar probe with purchase of the basic Scalar Wave Laser!

The Scalar Wave Laser is the #1 low level laser product available today! 
It is registered with the FDA as a Class I laser device based on research by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Class I laser devices present minimal potential for harm to the user, and are generally classified by the FDA as NSR (non-significant risk) devices. Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) is easy to use, deluxe, attractive, rechargeable & ultra-portable. This laser is more advanced than any laser on the market today. A Quantum Healing Laser like no other that is perfect for individual users or seasoned practitioners alike who want to treat the largest range of conditions from both hard and soft tissue categories.  

Each Scalar Wave Laser Purchase Includes the Following Features:
16 diode cold laser with advanced Pulsar probe technology (8 Red Laser 650nm Diodes & 8 IR Laser 780nm Diodes)
20 super violet LEDs
Revolutionary Scalar Wave Technology
Wavestar digital processing technology
Unrivaled frequency programmability
Organic natural sine wave generation
Violet crystal low level laser light technology
Standard owners manual
1 Year Warranty (parts and labor)
Universal Battery Charger  


 SPECIAL OFFER #2:   Scalar Laser + FREE QIFI! 



















What is a "QiFi" ? 


QiFi is a play on words. It's not a WiFi it's a QiFi. Instead of putting out EMF's it cancels them out. 


It's a new technology based device that combines Scalar Waves and Natural Frequency Technology.
It's a "Purifier" of your personal space, which clears away and cancels out the repressive ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF's), while simultaneously tapping into the electrochemical balance of our brain to induce a naturally healthy state of mind. It helps you to feel good and find balance again. 
Just plug it in and Eureka! An immediate wave of peace is created by the scalar wave generated.  This standing wave brings us into resonance with Universal Life force allowing the energies in the environment to attune to a more harmonious frequency.

• Scalar Wave Emitter

• 6 Pre-Programmed Settings

• Fine Tuning Capability

• Enhanced EMF Cancelling

 Technology for a healthier and more harmonious environment with which to live

and work in. Once you experience it, you'll be amazed! Youll be asking, "Where has

this product been all my life?" You won't want to live without it. It just makes life BETTER!

NOW ONLY $3200! 

limited to quantities on hand 



ractitioner set   



Includes TWO Scalar Lasers,

and Full set of pulsar probes &  FREE QIFI!   




NOW ONLY $6800!

Save Over $3100 


The Family pack includes: 2 Main Unit Scalar Wave Lasers in your choice of 2 colors: 
Silver or Violet, and all 3 probes as shown above.
  For questions about your order, email: 





SPECIAL OFFER #4:   Violet Lotus Laser Specials:



Violet Lotus Laser  Retails for $3500



Save $400 over retail price 


Lotus Laser + Red or IR Probe only $3500  • Save $1100! 






Choose Specials Below




QWL Lotus Laser:

The Lotus laser by Quantum Wave, is powered by violet light diodes. But other than being beautiful, what is so important about Violet Light? Is it just some New Age gimmic, or is there some science behind the popularity of Violet lights?

This is a subject which could honestly take up an entire newsletter in and of itself. Besides being the "wavelength" of the future esoterically speaking, here are a few highlights about the benefits of violet light:

1. Violet has been shown to repair DNA telomeres.(longevity indicators) Research shows a direct correlation between length of telomeres and life span. Pretty much direct correlation. Violet light enhances production of an enzyme, telomerase, which repairs and lengthens the telomeres.

2. Violet light is a bridge to the other dimensions

a multi dimensional portal. If you look at the chakra system, the colors corresponding to each chakra are like the colors of the rainbow with red being at the base and violet being by the 3rd eye. It is the last chakra before leaving the physical (out the crown which is white) So violet acts asthe bridge between individual self and Universal Self.

 3. Violet light enhances stem cell activity.  Yep, you read that correctly, there is greater production of stem cells when exposed to violet laser light. A whole field of research exists just around this one topic.

 4. Violet light is beneficial for all skin conditions. (had to mention that for those of us women who are needing a little home facial now and again) Works with acne, wrinkles, and tightening of the collagen.

 5. Violet light has been shown to transmute emotional and thought patterns in the auric field. Well, now this is through clairvoyant observation and through work with practitioners in the field. You would have to do your own research on this. I'm just the messenger passing along the information, but I have had personal experiences with this aspect myself.




The Violet Cold laser has been shown to be protective telomeres as well. The Quantum laser, which has 40 MW of red, 40mw of infrared and 20, 5 mw LED's of violet penetrates very deep into the tissues.

Laser bio stimulation is based on photochemical and photobiological effects in cells and tissues. Cell functions are stimulated, increasing Mitochondria and ATP. This allows the nutrition to have a better uptake and to be utilized much more completely. This is thought to protect the telomere.

There was a Nobel Prize awarded for the discovery of telomeres. They are described as "caps" at the end of our chromosomes the help explain how and why we age. As they become shorter, the health of the cell is declining. When they burn out, so to speak, cell division stops and cell death occurs.

Some in the natural treatment arena believe the telomere has a powerful role in health and wellness and is responsible for much more than just cell death. They believe that though proper nutrition, exercise (in general and at a cellular level with PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy) and LLL or Low Level Laser Therapy, we can slow down the shortening and maybe even lengthen the telomere.


Telomeres act as a control switch in our cells because they work like a movie director in our health and wellness picture, as well as the death of the cell. New research suggests that telomeres give our cell a set of instructions or a blueprint on how to proceed and act in our own personal life movie. As a telomere gets shorter, instructions to the cell can cause rapid degeneration in our cellular health and therefore our overall health.

Short telomeres create cells that are older, weaker, less pliable and literally cause rapid aging with all of the signs and symptoms like back pain, fatigue, wrinkles, poor eyesight etc. We have come to accept these things as normal. What is becoming evident is we can slow the aging process and even reverse it according to some, by specific high quality nutrient support, laser and PEMF therapies. If the telomeres can be lengthened, age can be reversed. The telomere seems to be the control switch.

The laser helps the proper Calcium ion balance. It increases cellular metabolism and increases the action potential of nerve cells. LLL has demonstrated the ability to stimulate DNA and RNA in the nucleus at transcription and translation. Laser modulates the immune system to great advantage. It also increases capillaries by release of growth factors. This is also thought to be protective of telomere length. There is much research to be accomplished in this area.


Pulsar Probe Details:


  • Red Probe 650nm

    A plug-in probe which is designed to work with and be driven by the Quantumwave Laser main unit (above). The probe comes in an aluminum cylinder case and plugs into the main unit. All power, pulsar2.giffrequency and wave structure comes from the main unit. Each Pulsar has a crystal tip with 1 laser diode inside, surrounded by 4 violet LEDs. Medium wavelength. Good for surface applications including skin, soft tissue, muscles and nerves.

  • Infra Red Probe 780nm

    A plug-in probe which is designed to work with and be driven by the Quantumwave Laser main unit (above). The probe comes in an aluminum cylinder case and plugs into the main unit. All power, frequency and wave structure comes from the main unit. Each Pulsar has a crystal tip with 1 laser diode inside, surrounded by 4 violet LEDs. Longer non-visible wavelength. Good for deeper applications including bone, cartilage, discs and joints. Studies show that infrared lasers may increase bone density.


For more information, email: 



The Violet 405 nm, 100mW Laser Probe (Viowave probe) is a revolutionary and first of its kind violet laser diode probe. It uses proprietary, patented Scalar Wave Technology along with a 100mw violet laser diode. This is a unique non-linear wavelength, which carries way more information than all the other wavelengths. Good for anti-aging, facial rejuvenation, quantum biological processes throughout the body and yogic alchemy. Research supports that violet light is anti-bacterial, activates mitochondrial enzymes, genetic information, telomere length, stem cell generation and the activation of DNA.

The Viowave probe is particularly effective at inducing key enzymes within the cells such as the telomerase enzyme to grow and lengthen, and in activating the DNA sequencing for anti-aging and rejuvenation. This preferred violet wavelength takes healing lasers to the next level of quantum therapeutic wellness.

The Violet spectrum offers many reported benefits for use on dermatological conditions. By exposing the surface of the skin to the blue/violet laser, researchers have demonstrated that moderate inflammatory acne Vulgaris is quickly cleared. The research of blue/violet light wavelengths of 400-420nm clear acne by combining antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity, and that violet light phototherapy is an effective and safe improvement for acne. It promotes proliferation of cell reproduction, enhances the micro circulation to induce healing processes for acne outbreaks, reduces the inflammation of acne spots and eliminates bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), which is the cause of acne.

You can learn more about this unique violet technology by clicking here 
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