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Radio Interviews


"Its All Good" Interview with Christan Hummel by Claire Papin, SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 114

Lime Radio Interview June 23, 2007 LIME is the community for people seeking a healthier, greener, more balanced life and can be found online at and on LIME Radio

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"Spirits Evolving" with Lee Channing, on 7th Wave Network.

June 1, 2007 A lively discussion with Christan about How to Access the Creative Matrix. The real "secret" of creation is linking with our co-creative partners in nature, the devas. Christan gives examples of how this relationship is the true key to any successful manifestation and sites lower crime, pollution and balance of weather patterns as examples personally experienced.

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(MP3 file, 13MB)

Life Beyond Reason, with Margo Carrera

March 11, 2007. International healer and intuitive, Margo Carrera interviews Christan about working with the devas to heal the environment, using the concept of blueprints to restore it to health. In this show, Christan talks about how she and her mother took a trip to the Salton Sea and found it to be polluted, with fish dying on the banks of the sea. It was then that she and her mother began doing space clearing. They used their inner guidance to create a clearing of the sea. Two months later they returned to find the Sea alive, healthy and crystal clear.

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(MP3 file, 64MB)

Another Reality Show, with Golden Hawk

July 22nd, 2006 Christan Hummel returns to share how to co-create and work with the energies of nature to create a healthy environment within ourselves as well as our homes. She uses ancient wisdom coupled with the new age technology in her Do-It-Yourself book "Space Clearing Kit Working with Nature to Enhance the Energies of Your Home". Her techniques have proven profound results that encourage us to live in harmony with the earth energies. Christan knows that miracles are the natural result of being in sync with our connection to the earth energies.

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(MP3 file, 7.6MB)

Another Reality Show, with Golden Hawk

June 3rd, 2006. Christan discusses how water has a conscientious and how that we as 80% water beings are also affected to the conscientiousness of water. Christan states that everything is a frequency and vibration and how our physical bodies reflect that frequency. She shares her information on natural new age technologies that bring you back into harmony. Everyday waves that we encounter in our lives such as cell phones and computers can create disease in our energy bodies. Listen in to remember how to heal oneself without prescriptions, but by utilizing natural technologies.

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(MP3 file, 9.6MB)

Interview with Christan by Mike Houtzager

How Earth Transitions was created. 1999 interview with discussion of quantum energy tools, pollution clearing efforts, work with the devas and upcoming milenium possibilities.

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