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Eco-Technologies Patterning Nature

By Christan Hummel

Energy shortages, power crises, petro-chemical pollutants, ozone depletion, hazardous waste, nuclear radiation, bioengineered crops - these are all the nightmares of a technological world raging forward against natural laws. In the midst of this technological onslaught, we have become conditioned to believe that technology is the inherently evil nemesis of nature forever destined to be Yin and Yang at incompatible odds with one another. Our modern society perpetuates this belief that one must be sacrificed for the other. This belief has left available only the illusory options of either abandoning the "urban" life for huts in the forest, and cots in the ashram, or supporting a society which plunders natural resources to sustain the modern lifestyle of our unabated modern day consumerism.

It is the fundamental myth of the technology-nature trade off which is being overturned by recent scientific and spiritual discoveries showing what ancient cultures have long understood; that one can live in harmony with nature and access Her secrets in order to sustain complex, rich, diverse societies while still keeping in harmony with the web of life.

drombeg1.jpgThe ancient art of Feng Shui revealed the significance the Chinese assigned to keeping one's life in harmony and balance with the elements of nature such as the wind, mountains, and water in order to have a healthy and prosperous life. the architectural wonders of ancient pyramid temples astound modern day scientists who cannot with their current technologies reproduce their amazing results. Recent research reveals that Tibetan monks utilized sound to levitate large objects.

While pyramid structures in Egypt are discovered to have resonator dishes which suggest the possibility that they utilizing the power of sound to lift the heavy blocks used to build their pyramids thousands of years ago. Very complex cities of over 300,000 inhabitants were discovered in the Colombian mountains that were designed in such harmony with nature and the elements that thousands of years later in a rain forest they hardly show signs of erosion. Ancient temples constructed with the sacred geometries underlying life have been shown to neutralize geomagnetic stresses that today are found to contribute to the onset of cancer in over 92% of the cased studied. (Dr. Hartmann of Germany was the first to make this connection and since numerous other studies have confirmed these correlations with noxious Earth energies and cancer). These ancient cultures knew a type of technology that aligned with Nature in order to access Her secret powers and built their societies in harmony with that wisdom.

Today, our reliance on processed and agriculturally modified foods have placed so many steps in between the production of our food and the end use that it is easily forgotten that Nature is the source of all life, synthetic or natural, on our planet. We are deluded into believing that the McRib sandwich comes from some hidden McDonald's ranch, that the strawberries we buy in the store in the middle of winter are somehow naturally grown. The levels of chemicals used today in the agri-business of growing foods, and the processing of the foods we eat have spawned a whole new industry of pharmaceutical needs to offset the rash of diseases which plague our modern culture. The polluted waters have invented a need for chemically treating our drinking water, and a bottled water industry that sells what used to be free to all for more than the cost of a gallon of gasoline. We have been using more of the same kind of destructive counter-nature technologies to fix the problems which the same kind of technology has created.

What is needed is both a return to the source of Life itself, through realignment with Nature and her laws to restore our societies and lives to health. We cannot expect this from governments who all over the world have helped to sponsor and create the problems of unbridled growth at the expense of precious natural resources. As my favorite bumper sticker says, "if voting did anything it would be illegal." As long as money and power are held to be supreme by our world leaders, it is unrealistic to expect to see cooperation from governments in this area. watervortex.jpg

Fortunately, it is well within the reach of each of us to find a way to return to an alignment with Nature again, and we can do this in numerous ways in each of our lives. Alternative energy sources from solar to water powered systems abound which hold the potential to "get off the grid" for most individuals in the western world today. Technologies which study the life force of water in its natural state, using nature as their guide are producing up to 250% more crop yield with 30% less fertilizers. The Vortex Water Energiser from England, utilizes a form of water called "imploded" water based upon Viktor Schauberger's research.

Dan Carlson, creator of Sonic Bloom, discovered that the birds' songs triggered blooming cycles in plants. This method utilizing sounds in nature to stimulate plant growth and blooming cycles are achieving amazing results far surpassing that produced either by bioengineered methods, or chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The Flow Forms of Rudolph Steiner utilize the vortex mechanics of water purification and revitalization which pattern the natural flows of water, are producing results throughout Europe for sewage treatment and without the use of harmful chemicals; which far surpass traditional and more costly sewage treatment systems typically used today. environmentalharmonizer.jpg

Gardens such as Findhorn align with the intelligence of Nature produce 40lb cabbages on the worst possible soil defying all traditional logic. Recent technologies such as the Harmonizer tool resonate only the sound patterns of the water molecule through a field of the universal archetypal geometries of life and are able to reverse water and atmospheric pollution for pennies on the dollar over conventional methods, and without adverse effects to the environment.

These are just a few of the Earth friendly, or "eco-technologies" which see nature as their mentor instead of their personal treasure chest. By utilizing these and similar naturally aligned technologies currently available to the average person, we can remake our society brick by brick, house by house, garden by garden. Mother Teresa said, "Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

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