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Personal Sessions with Christan Hummel
Shifting the Matrix--The Key to Creating Magical Results in Your Life

Our world view, events and what we experience in our lives is governed by this hidden matrix composed of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions from the time we were born.  While affirmations and positive visualizations change the thoughts we are holding, by shifting the underlying matrix pattern creates a quantum shift in everything that we have created in our life which is tied to this energetic matrix

Access New Possibilities:

Sessions involve a co-creative process to discover new outcomes by collapsing the wave of previously held pictures that have predetermined existing structures, problems or diseases showing up in a person's life. By moving to the place where these are simply energy, then all new possibilities exist for creating a new reality, whether in the area of finances, relationships, health, life purpose breakthroughs, or all of the above.

What Christan Brings to Each Session:

Drawing upon her 30+ years as an energy worker, empath and intuitive, Christan helps us explore the dimensions of inner space to shift the matrix of ourlives to create new possibilities and outcomes for our present.  By letting go of preconceived ideas and crystalized thoughts, Christan guides us in a journey down the rabbit hole to discover each person's unique key to unlocking stuck places in their energy system, and hence lives. Health, finances, relationship, stuck energy and situations in our life, all of these issues are the reflection of deeper causal energetics. By shifting the energetic patterns at that causal level, changes occur on many fronts and often simultaneously.

Christan has studied with many leading edge transformational teachers such as Richard Bartlett, Tom Kenyon, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jack Canfield, Phyllis Krystal and Sathya Sai Baba. She has studied the work of Alice Bailey since a teenager and weaves these varied approaches into a unique synthesis for gentle yet powerful transformation.


Having taught thousands worldwide how to shift the holographic matrix of their environment to lower pollution, crime, earthquakes and rebalance weather patterns, Christan shares similar technques to shift our individual holographic matrix through private phone sessions. While only 75 to 90 minutes in duration, these sessions are profound and deceptively simple and even playful!



"Your session was totally awesome.....WOW!  What a kick!   Amazing.....just amazing!  Continued to be just delighted at this quantum holographic perspective!  Thank you! I am really benefiting from all of the connections and the expanded perspective"

--Dianna, Linwood, Oregon 

This is not about thinking outside the box. This is about realizing that THERE IS NO BOX! This allows for a whole new set of possibilities to be present in our lives.



To understand more about the quantum matrix, see this video introduction of Shifting the Matrix by Richard Bartlett




What Shoud I Expect in a Session?

Each session is a magical co-creation with the consciousness of a person's inner space. The beauty and magicof each session is that by not imposing one's will upon Life or holding a preconceived picture of an outcome, we are free to engage with Life to co-create and discover NEW outcomes. This allows for a quantum shift by collapsing the wave of previously held pictures which have predetermined existing structures or "problems" or "disease" showing upin a person's life. By moving to the place where they exist simply as energy, then a whole new set of possibilities exist, whether inthe area of finances, relationships, health, life purpose breakthroughs, or all of the above. 

 "It was a wonderful experience, lots of positive energy (I was literally vibrating with the energy). I was able to take the information gained from my session to work onparts of my life, release issues no longer needed, and to just let my light shine.
"I would recommend a session with Christan anytime. You will have a wonderful experience and will also find out some things about yourself that you didn’t already know. Cool!"
--Brenda, Texas

Duration: 75 to 90 minutes.

Session Cost: $150




After payment, please email Christan to schedule your session.

After you have paid, you will be contacted to set up an appointment time.

Give a gift to someone you love!


"Working one-on-one with Christan is amazing. My meditations are deeper and I come out feeling calm, collected, and completing pulsing. Christan listens, makes fine distinctions and with gentle compassionate insights prompts to assist you collapse and dissolve conditioned programming instantaneously"

--N Rao, Silcon Valley

"My whole being feels much lighter since we had our individual session.  I am much more aware and confident that the universe has me in her embrace and that I can truly float on this wave of energy and know that I am supported and safe..Knowing that we are all truly connected andthat thought is reality is very uplifting. I am  much more aware of my personal thought patterns and of how I express myself as our words are so very powerful.

For me, our individual session really helped me to visualize and let go ofthe subconscious beliefs that I acquired many years ago ...Those beliefs were not my own and did not support my personal growth or my conscious expansion.....Thank You and the Spirits so very much....."
Abundant Blessings,"
--Beth, Indiana


  For more journeys into the Matrix, see our Abundance Matrix online course.  

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