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Tri-Vortex Power Strips



A Portion of Your World Can Be Almost Perfect!

The traditional, non-traditional and metaphysical communities agree that the spin orientation of healthy molecules in the cells of humans, animals and plants is a left-hand turn.

The spin orientation of molecules In alternating current electricity used In your home, office & school shifts from a left-hand turn to a right-hand turn either 50 or 60 times per second Or, alternating current electricity Is chaos and provides no value or benefit to the molecules of the cells In humans, animals or plants. Some Individuals and scientists believe alternating current electricity is electromagnetic pollution and hazardous to short-term and long-term human and animal health. Are you experiencing fatigue and soreness after watching television or working on your computer for extended periods of time because the molecules of your cells have been exposed to chaotic alternating current electricity or electromagnetic pollution?

The Tri-Vortex Perfect Power strip transforms the electricity In your home, office, school or workshop Into a beneficial left- hand turn energies that are biologically friendly, safe, healthy and energizing.

Neutralize potential electromagnetic pollution in your home, office and school today.

Harmonize your Electrical Devices

The Tri-Vortex treated Multi-Outlet Power Strips tranform the “dirty” electricity In your home, office, school and workshop into a biologically friendly, safe, healthy and energizing waveform. Experience the benefits of left-hand turn and biologically supportive electricity. The Tri-Vortex Perfect Power strips do not harm or impede the normal electrical current coming into your home, office or school.

Power Strip Smell & Taste Test:

Any device using electricity and plugged Into a wall plug power strip and wall socket featuring the one-of-a-kind Tri-Vortex Perfect Power improves the smell & taste of any liquid or solid

Materials or objects that Improve the smell and taste of liquids and solids have the ability to provide increased energy levels and pain relief for numerous conditions. Experience the almost perfect world where your home, office or school electricity enhances and improves the molecules of your cells with life-giving left-hand turn energies.

When the light beam from any light bulb connected to any kind of lamp plugged into a superb Tri-Vortex Period Power product is pointed at a glass of grape juice, inexpensive wine or tart cheese, the smell and taste of the grape juice, wine and cheese are dramatically improved in 30 to 60 seconds.

Enhance your Environment!

Plug in your lamps to the Tri-Vortex power strip to distribute the Tri-Vortex coherent field to any environment creating a space of harmony and clarity in any space. 

Order multiple units and save! One for the media center, one for the office, one for a friend!


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