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Laser Therapy Benefits

Worldwide Research over 40 Years Has Shown that the Effects of Cold Laser Therapy are Extensive and Far Reaching into the Complicated Clinical Condition of Human and Animal Health and Dis-ease. Every cell of your body communicates with eachother via laser light energy, frequencies and electricity. Now you can support the healing and rejuvenating process like never before.


The revolutionary Quantum Wave Laser allows the body to decompress, unwind the stresses, traumas and emotions to reach the still point (zero point) of neutrality, to access new possibilities and the resource of the Universe.


The QWL allows the body to find new solutions to dis-ease. This Universal field is what holds all healing potential, and the Intelligence that informs the DNA and all of Life.



Following is a list of the primary, clinically observed effects of Cold Laser Therapy, aka, Low Level Laser Therapy:


• analgesic (pain relieving benefits)
• powerful, natural, anti-inflammatory action
• activation of protein synthesis (RNA, DNA)
• activation of ATP synthesis (chemical energy of the cell produced by Mitochondria from Photons)
• stimulation of healing internally and externally
• promotion of tissue regeneration
• shortened wound and fracture healing period
• antispasmodic action of muscles and vessels
• immune modulator effect
• antihistaminic effect
• anti infection effect
• energetic effect
• sedative action
• anti-allergic and anti-edematous
• improvement of blood micro circulation
• increased tissue resistance to oxygen deprivation
• increased muscular efficiency
• shortened recovery period
• activation of neuro-reflex system
• stimulated function of central nervous system
• increased production of endorphins, providing anti-stress effect, pain relief and relaxation response
• bactericidal and bacteriostatic
• stimulation of enzyme synthesis
• enhancement of collagen synthesis
• increased granulation of wounds
• increases production of collagen and elastin
• increased production of osteoblasts and fibroblasts
• anti-edemic effect (helps remove excess fluid)
• stimulation of specific and non-specific immunity
• strong antioxidant effect
• normalization and activation of prostaglandin synthesis
• decrease in the lipid peroxidation rate
• non-invasive, drug free, pain free and surgery free therapy



Learn to turn Problems into Solutions with the healing power of Cold Laser Therapy. By tapping into your body's innate knowledge and supplying injured and aging cells with precious life giving energy and information, you can now turn back the ravages of time. You can alter the course of aging, injuries, and accidents. You can be a part of the solution.


As you can see, the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy are extensive and varied. What Quantumwave has done to ensure that the maximum level of therapeutic benefits are achieved through use of the Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) is combine the therapeutic benefits of 3 different healing laser wavelengths (Red, Infrared and Violet) with the Patented, cell clearing benefits of Scalar Waves, and the Deep UNWINDING and Cell Enhancing effects of numerous Hz settings such as those researched and promoted by the likes of Dr. Rife, Jack Schwartz, Hulda Clark and Paul Nogier.


Now we have a highly advanced, ultra-portable, easy to use, digitally enhanced, user programmable, healing tool that fits in the palm of the hand, and delivers the healing benefits of the 5 healing gifts explained above.


The Scalar Wave Laser has been equally embraced by both practitioners and home users alike. It is advanced and powerful enough for most practitioners to use in their practice and yet safe enough and easy enough to be used regularly in the homes of those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford it. The SWL is a priceless tool for healing, pain relief, anti-aging, cellular rejuvenation and so much more.





Reduce Pain – FDA approved for pain relief by helping to stimulate the production of endorphins – our body’s natural pain reliever.


Reduce Inflammation and Increase Circulation – and both help your body heal faster and more efficiently.


Increase Cellular ATP (the cell’s energy blocks) by as much as 150%. A cell with more energy can heal better and faster.

Increase Cell Membrane Permeability - Nutrients cannot transfer across a de-polarized cell membrane. If the toxins in a damage cell can’t get out – and the nutrients needed to heal can’t get in … the cell doesn’t heal. By increasing cell membrane permeability, QWLaser energy helps the cell to heal faster. You see, it really doesn’t matter what you call your pain - it all originates at the cellular level - and since QLasers work at the cellular level, it is our belief (we can’t and don’t make specific medical treatment claims) that laser energy may be able to benefit nearly any pain you experience.


...and have been shown to help the body correct faulty DNA!

This means that scar tissue can actually (over a period of time) re-generate into healthy tissue!

  • To be a powerful antioxidant against free radicals.
  • To have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • To enhance ionic movement in tissues and lymph system to improve circulation.
  • To reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • To improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • To regenerate cells.
  • To vitalize skin metabolism.
  • To delay the aging process.
  • To help increase nutrients into the skin.

"LLLT triggers biostimulative-regenerative processes inside the cell and subsequently causes revitalisation of the tissue as well. Second effect of LLLT refers to the vasodilatation and neovascularisation of local blood and lymph vessels, thus causing a better removal of waste products and, on the other hand, improved oxygenation and nutrition of damaged tissue. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of LLLT are also significant when irradiating certain dermatological changes."

 1Zlatko Simunovic, M.D., F.M.H.,

2Tatjana Trobonjaca, M.D.

1Pain Clinic-Laser Center, Locarno, Switzerland

2Laser Center, Opatija, Croatia

REDUCES STRESS : Anxiety, Adrenal Glands, Unwind, Allergies. Excess Adrenaline stimulation is the biggest epidemic on the Planet and is responsible for everything from chronic pain and stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, general disease and aging. Studies have shown that when the adrenals are continually releasing adrenaline and cortisol the other glands shut down, including the thymus or heart chakra gland responsible for immunity and anti-ageing. Whenever adrenaline is released the cells get the signal to turn on then off. They then shift polarity and subsequently lose their charge, oxygen and energy, and ageing occurs. This process shortens the telomeres or scalar antenna on the DNA. As they get shorter the ability to grow new cells is limited, until life cannot continue. Scientists have recently discovered an enzyme called the Telomerase that increases the length of the telomere. This increases our anti-ageing potential and the possibility for longer life cycles on this planet. Scalar Waves and the violet laser spectrum optimises and enhances the quantum rejuvenation effect of activating Telomerase and the Telomere length. The Quantum Laser is set to specifically activate stem cells, key neurotransmitters and sacred compounds of the body, and further refine and activate the genetic sequencing capabilities of the quantum field. The unwind process has huge healing capabilities and is the backbone of the Light Therapy Revolution system.  It has yielded extraordinary results in so many areas.  Asthma and hay fever sufferers are natural beneficiaries of the unwind system.    


Beauty and Anti-AgingCollagen Rejuvenation, Cell Stimulation and Unwind. This is a very popular treatment and works on two main levels. a) The endocrine system, adrenal glands and thymus are photon-stimulated to unwind the recipient and reverse the devastating effects of stress and anxiety on aging. b) The facial area is worked on directly to stimulate natural collagen production. This includes work with laser probes to alleviate lines and wrinkles. Most clients experience an incredible sense of well being after being treated. The visual benefits are usually noticeable after one session. 


Quantum Laser Light Therapy skin benefits: 


  Improves tone and clears blemishes. 

  Smoothes the skin’s texture, lessens coarseness and reduces pore size. 

  Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, ‘crow's feet’, smile lines, nasolabial folds and worry lines. 

  Regenerates the skin by activating fibroblast cells to increase the production of collagen and    elastin. 

  Helps improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and irregular pigmentation. 

  Enhances skin moisture that helps the skin regain its youthful fullness. 

  Increases circulation which helps reduce melanin production, the cause of brown age spots. 

  Promotes nutritional elements existing within the skin. 

  Stimulates and activates metabolic function in skin cells. 

  Reduces skin degradation caused by age and environmental exposure. 

  Reduces the appearance of overall redness and flushing. 


Addiction, Weight Management, Smoking, Addictive Behaviours:

For weight loss, violet and red probes are used with ‘vitality’ and ‘coherence’ settings on the tip of nose. This point activates the metabolism and works with the spleen and thyroid. This reduces food cravings and increases the body’s alkaline PH balance. This is carried out with the ‘unwinding protocol’ the effect of which is to clear out the holding patterns in the glands. To stop smoking and other addictions we use an infra-red probe with a Serotonin setting on the top center inch of the cartilage of both ears. This is carried out in combination with the Adrenal Unwinding and Anti-Aging Protocols. 




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