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As a "beginner" with scalar lasers, I attended my first seminar in Saskatoon, SK in January.  Ratansi did a great informational session, which included his most recent work using laser therapy in his clinic in Coquitlam, B.C.


By the first half of the session I was hooked!  I was hooked on learning more about use of this "gadget" to possibly help me in my journey to better health and wellness. Having been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythametosis about 10 years ago, losing my professional career, and salary, having to go on disability with all the attending daily challenges; I welcomed a chance to learn about an opportunity to have a better life. Dr. Ratansi described and showed very recent research results that were very impressive. During the course of the session, I had the opportunity to handle and use a laser and followed the "unwind" directions.  A lady sitting next to me coached me a little on how to "get started."  At break time, I asked Dr. Ratansi about a quick protocol for lupus, my condition.  He gave me the directions, I followed them and over the course of the last ¾ hour of the presentation, I "fiddle diddled" with the laser, placing it on my spine, a lifelong problem area. Then I decided to try the next challenge, two fibroids on either side of the neck.  Additionally I had been going to different sites that posed some problems, ankles (old fractures), tailbone (old fracture) and shoulder (aggravated). By the time I left for home after the presentation, I was quite relaxed and had a happy feeling. That night I slept "like a baby" for 7 hours (my usual sleep is 5 ½-6 hours); waking in the morning more refreshed than I have been in years. PLUS upon checking my fibroids, I found them to have shrunk by HALF-unbelievable!! By the way, my 37-year-old son decided to stop smoking.  His colleagues suggested that he investigate and give laser therapy a try.  He did get it and has had success with stopping smoking, something he had not been able to do on his own for over 15 yrs. That was the impetus for me to really consider scalar laser therapy for myself and possibly other family member.  A close friend also encouraged me to find out about scalar lasers. Love the laser!!

- Ann V.


After a personal crisis I collapsed in August 2008 with adrenal exhaustion followed by sudden onset of menopause.  With my endocrine system failing I worked with many good tools which kept me off pharmaceuticals.   I continued on a down spiral into depression, extreme anxiety and agoraphobia. My sister visited in December 2008 and gave me 2 or 3 sessions with the Scalar Wave Laser.  She reports that she saw me shift and in looking back I realize that this was the turning point in climbing up out of that black hole. I purchased my own laser in November 2009 following the Western Canadian launch and have been experiencing the benefits of daily unwinding and rebuilding to the point that now, In February 2009 I have enough energy and confidence to work at my part-time job and begin resurrecting my own business.

- Karen F.






I was preparing dinner and I needed a cookie sheet.  My son placed it on my gas stove, beside the pot of water I was boiling. After a time I picked up the cooked sheet and by the time I got it over to the cupboard to drop it, I had a bad burn. I immediately put my hand under water.  I was wondering what to do.  I knew I couldn't drive my vehicle with a stick shift.  I thought about my laser.  I put it on for close to 1-½ hours on Pleo, Relieve, Activate, and cell regeneration.  Before going to bed I had NO pain and a slight scar. The next day after rewinding, I did the same settings as the previous night plus scar.  I went for a run came back looked at my hand-No scar and NO pain.
- Diane R.

Two weeks after I bought the laser I tore the meniscus in my knee and was in extreme pain and could not bend or put pressure on my knee.I used the laser on my knee every day on the Unwind protocol.  I also used Ligament, Muscle, Relieve, Soothe, Endorphins, and the Spleen meridian.  Within four days, my knee felt 85% better, and in one week, 90% better!After two weeks, the pain was 99% gone, and no longer required pain medication or surgery.I was amazed!  Wow!
- Jane S.

I was in an automobile accident a few months ago and was prescribed medication for the inflammation and pain by a doctor.  Of course, the medication gave me very bad side effects and was not effective.  A friend loaned me her scaler wave laser for 2 days and I had such wonderful relief, that I had to order my own laser.  I have used my laser everyday since I have received it, and I truly love my laser!  
- Victoria M.



From the very first time using the laser I have not chewed or bitten my nails.  They are growing for the first time in 10 years or so.  My cuticles have not cracked since either, hence, no hangnails.

- Brenda B.



My husband snored so badly that we could hear him downstairs of our home.  He started using the laser on Unwind and Quantum every night.  After three nights, he no longer has a snoring problem.Today I experienced "TOTAL STILLPOINT." I never thought that I could "ever" achieve this state.Very Excited!

- Beverly M.


I had my gallbladder removed six months ago but still used the Gall Bladder setting.  It brings emotional release.  I could let the grief go!

- Angela P.





My daughter had to get 4 root canals just before her 2 year old birthday, because she had gull stones and kidney stones when she was 6 months old from medication they had give her in NICU when she was born at 28 weeks.  Anyway, the medication they gave her had flavoring in it, which rotted her teeth out before they broke through the skin.  A few days ago she was complaining something was wrong in her mouth.  I took her to her dentist and I was told she has pockets of infection on top of the teeth.  We decided to give the laser a go, before taking antibiotics.  Anyway, it isn't completely healed yet, but it isn't bothering her one bit now.  I have been using the violet probe on unwind every night for 8 minutes.

- Lisa T.P.


My first visit to a gathering was very de-stressing.I had neck and shoulder tension when I went in and was floating without tension when I left.I then stopped and had a free 10-minute massage at a health food store.  The massage therapist confirmed to me the way I was feeling when she said, "I could not find any stressed muscles, you are completely balanced.  I have never had a client like you."

- Jerry B.


I first encountered the Scalar Wave Laser at a friend's party, November 2009!  I jumped at the opportunity to test it for about 80 minutes.  I focused on the inflammation of my left hand's index finger's swollen joints.  And to my amazement, the actual lump on the fore joint, diminished.  I am NOW in the process of training and becoming a proud Quantum Laser owner.Thank you so much for this extraordinary tool!!!

- Sylvia L.


The biggest difference I noticed since using the laser is the feeling of peacefulness.  I am a "go-go" person who never relaxed and always lived in a state of tension.  Surprisingly, I still accomplished everything I wanted to do in a less tense way.

- Doreen W.


The physical benefits of using the scalar wave device have been dramatic.  We have experienced a great reduction in stress and pain, and have relief, mind clarity and improved deep restful sleep.  It feels as if the body is constantly saying "Yes!  Give me more!" Curiously enough without fully understanding the "Stillpoint" state, my husband and I felt as if time had slowed down and we were getting more done with less pressure!  It is almost as if we are living in a new dimension of where we are supposed to be, but somehow got sidetracked along the way. Thank you Scalar Wave!!

- Selina M.





Sunday night my husband went out to walk the dog.  He lost his footing on the false curb, fell forward and landed on side of face, smashing his hand into chest/ribs, and skinning his knee.  He was pretty shaken and unstable. Walking after that there was a great deal of pain, discomfort.

Immediately, I worked the Laser on the various areas where he was feeling the most pain, particularly his lung/chest area for breathing difficult.  Within an hour, his pain was reduced by about 75%. He was able to sleep the night in spite of the rib being out of place & got to the chiropractor on his own the next morning.  Programs used:  Unwind, Quantum, Cohere, Lung.

This is truly an amazing tool!

- Cheryl V.

I was medically diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my right knew and surgery was prescribed.

Since using the Scalar Wave Laser for three one-hour sessions, I have observed no more symptoms or popping and burning. I continue to use the laser once a week for Four minutes as a touch up. I am no longer limping and I feel more confident since the pain has been gone for over two months.

I love my laser and so appreciate the healing I have received due to its amazing effective healing technology.

- Harvey P.

My husband has had ongoing foot infections (off and on) since he was in Desert Storm. With ten days of Scalar Wave therapy to his feet, the condition was completely resolved. This was a real "SEE THE DIFFERENCE" change.

I was diagnosed with a multi-nodular goiter and hypothyroidism. My doctor prescribed thyroid replacement so I could get of bed and combat depression and obesity. After using the laser, I now have normal thyroid functions test results, no depression, and much more energy and have enjoyed significant weight loss.

- Julie R.

I had an invitation from Joyce T. (a former health clinic client) to listen to a Scalar Wave session. Fortunately, after trying it on unwind for 20 minutes on my neck the lump that had been there for 40+ years dissolved.

When I first entered the hotel for the seminar, I could hardly go up the stairs to the event; my left foot and leg hurt. Now, it disappeared. I can now walk up or down the stairs pain free.

I also sleep better, my digestion, and elimination is normal.

I highly recommend the Scalar Wave laser from my personal experience.

I have had ten years training and experience with Erchonia and Clarius brand lasers, and can attest to the fact that the Scalar Wave laser technology is extremely effective.

- Hilda W.

I had some bad tooth pain last week, thought I would need to go have the root canal done. I put the laser on Unwind and the pain has gone away! Also use the laser on Sleep for 4 minutes before bed. WOW!!!

- Chris A.

I have had chronic earaches since childhood. The Scalar Wave laser has taken away pain in my mastoid and slowed down the drainage to a manageable level.

My immune system is so much stronger and my sinuses are clear.

- Kristy

When I arrived at the presentation last night, I was very uncomfortable from low back and right hip pain. During the evening I ran the UNWIND program and then focused the laser on my right hip.

On the way home, I was aware of some kind of movement of energy in my entire pelvic girdle. By the time I got home, I was feeling very relaxed and in NO PAIN. And I was starving! SLEPT LIKE a baby!

- Beth W.

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