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The Bio-Acoustic Gaian Matrix: The Harmonic Sounds of Nature

(Excerpt from the Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit)

"The chief agency by which Nature's wheel is moved in a phenomenal direction is sound, for the original sound or word sets in vibration the matter of which all forms are made and initiates that activity which characterizes even the atom of substance."
-- A Treatise on White Magic, Alice A. Bailey

The power of sound is universal in its effect. Scientists have discovered that Nature relies upon sounds to sustain the health of an eco-system. Each of the insects, animals, and sounds of an ecosystem create an invisible sonic envelope a "bio-acoustic Gaian matrix," which sustains the health of the region. The frogs, crickets, birds, all have their sonic contribution to Nature's choir. Nature is composed of an intricate symphony of sounds that weave together to form the web of life. So important are these sonic vibrations to the health of an area that when one of those sounds is missing, Nature sends a "mimic" species to replace the missing sound.

In Australia's Great Barrier Reef, researchers have discovered that the sounds of the dolphins affect the growth pattern of the coral. Decades ago, it was discovered that bird songs triggered the blooming mechanisms in plants, signaling when it was time for them to bloom. Researcher Dan Carlson, capitalizing on this connection between bird songs and the blooming of plants, recorded bird songs and played them back to plants while giving them their nutrients. His test results boasted an amazing 300% increase in crop yield.

Since the 1930's, the US Department of Agriculture has experimented with sound frequencies and their effects on crop growth. Experiments by T.C. Singh and the Indian Department of Agriculture in 1958 found that seeds sprouted in one-third the normal time when exposed to harmonious music. In 1969, Colorado researcher, Dorothy Retallack conducted studies of the effects of different types of music on plant growth. She exposed the plants under study to different types of music from Bach to Led Zeppelin. The effect was that the plants bent as much as 60 degrees towards the speakers when exposed to Ravi Shankar playing Indian devotional music, and conversely leaned away from the speaker during rock music.

Environmental Applications of Sound

If the sounds of an environment are integral to the overall health of a region, then perhaps sound offers science a way to mitigate some of the damage that has been done to ecosystems through pollution, clear-cutting and a whole host of other abuses to the planet.

Studies of polluted water samples conducted in Brisbane Lab in Australia offer hope indeed. Two water samples were taken from the same polluted river. In one, the bacteria count was 1,440. In the other sample, sound frequencies were applied and the bacteria count dropped to 50.

Environmental Harmonizer
Environmental harmonizer used to broadcast sound and reduce pollution.

In cities all over the world, sound is currently used to clear up atmospheric and water pollution. When the sound vibrations of water are distributed through a metal device called a harmonizer, the atmospheric pollution drops by as much as 40%, in some cases to the lowest levels in decades.

San Diego 2

In both Los Angeles and San Diego, pollution levels dropped to their lowest levels in decades after groups used sonic devices called "harmonizers" to broadcast sound frequencies into the atmosphere.

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Exerpt from "Sound: the Hidden Matrix" (MP3) from the Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit

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