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cymatics.jpg"The Healing Power of Sound"
by Chris James

The following article was prompted by a friend asking me to write a "straight' article explaining why it works. A friend of hers worked for a Very Large Telephone company in Australia, and her job necessitated wearing earphones. An overload resulted in a sound so strong that it ruptured her eardrums. Apparently the Harmonic Meditation tape effected such an unusual and documented healing that the VLT wants to have some words to explain it to their rehabilitation department. We have also been inspired by many occurrences of sound healing, and we hope that this article inspires you to remember to use sound for trauma and injury. It can also be an excellent way of impressing people who have been a bit skeptical of 'vibrational' healing in general.

The Power of Tone to Initiate and Accelerate Healing

I have been teaching about the healing power of sound for over 12 years. In that time I have experienced first hand, and had related to me, many instances of tones generated by the human voice accelerating healing to a remarkable extent, and also causing the cessation of pain, of burns, neuralgia, crush injuries in under two minutes.

Just recently in England we again witnessed this first hand. A friend slammed a heavy car door on her hand, sustaining severe abrasions and bruising. As we were alone on a beach, my wife Jenny and I used the only first aid available, our voices. The pain intensified for 30 seconds, and then over the next minute actually disappeared. The person reported an obvious acceleration of healing over the next few days. She is a respected author and teacher has proved to be an enthusiastic and erudite convert to the healing power of sound.

The cessation of pain can perhaps be attributed to the tones triggering the flooding of the nervous system with endomorphines. The combination of music and anesthesia in medical operations where routine medical sedatives are not effective has been utilized in many hospitals and recently at the University of Chicago's Medical research Centre 1. Sound has a well established beneficial effect on the nervous system. To understand the ability of sound to initiate healing, however, we need to look more closely at sound, the structure of matter and then how they interact.

We could start with the observations of Cymatics which is the study of shape created by sound. Dr. Hans Jenny was renowned for extrapolating the classic Chaldnian 2 sound shapes observed in university physics into the science of Cymatics, using generated sounds to create complex and beautiful three dimensional forms. Teachers of sound healing use videos of Jennys' work at the start of their training to help students understand that sound creates form, a fundamental aspect of their course.

We would then consider the current understanding of quantum physics that atoms, electrons and subatomic particles in general are actually energy in a state of oscillation, nodes of resonance one could say. Then, understanding that sound is of course a vibration, we could assume that resonant sound would be capable of interacting at this level and effecting change that would register as both initiated and accelerated restoration of the human body to its operative vibrational state, i.e. healing.

The classic example of resonance is having two tuning forks of the same pitch, one being struck will actually start the other vibrating so that it actually gives out the note. The first fork is called a "generator" of sound, and the second fork is called a "resonator". A secondary definition of resonance refers to the way an object responds to the sounding of a given note. The ability of a singer to create resonant tone lies in their being able to adapt body and mouth to the note being sounded, giving that note maximum effect and amplification by understanding the needs of the note's pitch and tone.

If one sees the person using sound to heal as a "generator", their ability to facilitate healing in other people lies in their understanding the effect that resonance has upon the human organism, and learning to produce whatever note or tone is necessary to create the resonance of healing .

We know of many cases of Toning 3 partly healing or restoring hearing. I have personally effected, in many cases of Tinitus, partial or total reduction in the 'noise' level by the applied use of Overtones 4. Whilst recording the album "Heart to Heart" our sound engineer told us that we had to stop recording because his ears were overloaded. He was hearing more than the usual amount of ringing in his ears to the point of not being able to effectively 'mix' the music any more. He then told us that many sound engineers had, usually by a combination of loud music and carelessness, damaged their ears to some extent, and that they were used to compensating by quite a few decibels in the mix. We then sounded a series of overtones in stereo quite close to his ears. After one minute of sounding, he reported that for the first time in five years the tinitus had dropped to a sub audible level.

A different example of hearing restoration was the case of a man who experienced hearing deterioration over a few years, and who was continually monitored by his G.P. After 5 years he was sent to a specialist who recommended the fitting of a hearing aid. The weekend before he was due at the hospital to be fitted with the hearing aid he attended an introductory Discover Your Natural Voice workshop. The main focus of these workshops is to assist people to rediscover that they can sing in tune and to enable them in the short space of a weekend to actually enjoy their own voice. It is based on the understanding that we all were born with tuneful voices and that we just have to 'rediscover' them. An important part of the course is learning the art of listening. The cumulative effect of noisy work and leisure environments has meant our aural sensitivity has drastically declined. The average person filters out 92% of their aural environment.

When the man was tested for the fitting of the device at the hospital, he was found to have no loss of hearing, and the hospital sent letters to both the specialist and the GP asking them to check their equipment. Now in this case what caused the hearing restoration was not so clearly defined. It may have been the person's own sound that was restorative, or exposure to the tones and overtones sounded in the course. It is in fact quite common that the work done on these courses has a positive effect on many apparently unrelated physical ailments.

There is a definite correlation between the use of tone and overtones, the healing power of these sounds and the ability to experience one's full spectrum of sound with clarity.

  1. Dr. Robert Assaglioli - Cause of Disease and Healing Agent - Music Physician for times to Come - Don Campbell - Quest
  2. A Violin bow dragged across a sheet of glass will cause small particles of sand, sawdust or dust to form intricate patterns
  3. Tone - a sound of definite pitch and character produced by regular vibration, in this case the voice.
  4. Overtone or overtoning is the production of such accurate tones that the singer is able to produce both the fundamental note and the partial or over-tones of the note together, that is, sing two notes at once. Most common example is the chanting of the Tibetan monks. Not to be confused with harmony, which is more then one singer blending their voices.

    It has within it the sound of temple gongs, and of laughter.
    It is like drinking the purest water or seeing the sun shine through grey storm clouds
    In the same way as your heart knows love
    So will you know truth

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