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Space Clearing Certification

Field Days  


Upon completion of the six online modules for the Space Clearing Certification, then all that remains to complete your Certification is attendance of one of the LIVE FIELD components to demonstrate the principles in live interaction, both with private spaces, and in a community. These will be led by Christan in cities around the US at different times throughout the year, or in cases where a private field days are scheduled, by one of Earth Transitions' trained practitioners.

These live two day sessions are held in various locations throughout the country, to put into practice the principles learned in the Level One online course. We bring together the understandings taught in the level one online course to the macro level for the community  and the planet as a whole.  Discover alchemical principles from ancient traditions to modern science to awaken the planetary holograms & codes of light in a community. Combine modern research with ancient indigenous approaches to transform meridian points in the planet's light network. Travel to power spots in the area doing earth ceremonies in cooperation with the Angelic and devic realms to shift the Gaian Matrix to align with harmonic vibrations of the higher realms.

Upcoming Group Field Days:

  • June 23rd-24th, Oceanside, CA

  • Individual private session (by appointment in San Diego County $495)
  • Group session by appointment in your area as low as $395 (5 person minimum within the US, 7 persons outside US. If interested email for details) 

cost includes both field days

(online modules are separate)



Divine Hologram

Prerequisite: Completion of Online Modules 1, 3 (Principles of Space Clearing & Earth Grids)

  • Kinesiologists: learn how to heal the Earth's meridians
  • Feng Shui practitioners: learn how to go beyond the rules and formulas of feng shui
  • Healers: discover how to apply your healing knowledge to the Earth
  • All who love the Earth; learn how to become conscious of that lost ancient relationship we have with the Earth

This two day follow up intensive is designed for those choosing to use the principles in Level 1 as a practitioner. The course will focus on application of the principles in real life settings doing clearings in the community designed to empower you to go beyond the formulas of Feng Shui books and to learn how have a direct relationship with the land. Individually and as a group, we will practice in the field the techniques taught in Level 1 so that you will be proficient to clear any property with confidence.

This two day course is hands on and experiential with many demonstrations of space clearing leading to certification enabling you to become an Earth Transitions space clearing practitioner. While applications focus on individual properties, the course will show how to apply the principles to the community to rebalance Earth meridians in a city as well.

At the end of the course, you will be listed as a certified Earth Transitions space clearing practitioner, able to offer this service to your community and listed on our website.

"Christan is a visionary, a sensitive and a teacher she is uncompromisingly committed to the transformation of consciousness. She has years of background in this field and knows her stuff and knows how to communicate it."

--Ruth Taka, CTC


New technologies allow for dynamic, interactive and group distance learning like never before. It has never been easier to be part of our Space Clearing Certification team as we bring the learning environment to YOU via the internet!  This technology opens up many possibilities to spread this work to areas where it has not been cost-effective to deliver it in a traditional workshop format due to travel costs, and the cost of taking five days off of work for an in person course.

After taking the introductory online Module One as a prerequisite, Principles of Space Clearing course, there are five other online modules of self-paced online instruction to complete when it fits into your schedule. Each module has recorded sessions, YouTube video links, reading, and a recorded telecourses with Christan.

Your Webinar Program is composed of three components:

1. Live Teleclass sessions led by Christan Hummel, expert in the Space Clearing field, who has taught thousands around the planet how to work with the techniques in her book, the Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit. Once you complete an online module, you will be able to choose a teleclass date in order to be able to be part of a live discussion of the material taught online.  Teleclasses are 90 - 120 minutes in duration.

All teleclass sessions are recorded so you can listen to them at whatever time suits your schedule if you cannot make a live teleconference time. 

 See the next 6 week teleconference schedule

2. Online learning This consists of a total of six online modules each with between 1- 3 hours of self-paced instruction with audio/video and selected web reading material related to your module's topic. 

You can read and watch these at your own pace anytime.

3. Discussions of lecture/reading/video. During the program you will have an opportunity to listen to pre recorded teleclasses to hear Christan answer questions posed, and follow along with demonstrations of the topics covered. 

  The modules consist of online lectures/demo sessions and either a live teleconference with Christan or one which was previously recorded. Advanced reading, and/or video from 60-120 minutes accompanies each module to help you integrate your learning in a multi-modality teaching style. These may be taken in any order except for field work which can only be taken at the completion of all the modules, and the Principles of Space Clearing which is the prerequisite for the Certification series.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: All you need is a phone line and access to the internet to take the online courses. If you can't get on the phone while on the internet, you can sign up for a web-based phone service for little or no cost through:

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