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Gulf Pre/Post Session Reading


Please see this page after each session, or if you've missed a session and want to join in, before you come on board. It will also be a place to put meditation ideas for groups to work with the energies and grids of their areas in between teleconference dates.

Our first session recording, July 26th, is available here

Second session recording, August 9th, click here to listen

Last session recording, August 23rd, click here to listen

Once you have called in, wait for a silence, and then introduce yourself. Once you have done so, hit *6 on your phone to mute your background noise. After the first 5 minutes all callers will be muted so you will not be able to introduce yourself, but you will still be able to listen to the conference and participate.

For Updates on the progress in the Gulf click here.

Restoring the Blueprint 
Divine Hologram
Hologram of Purification
given to Veronique Bloomaart

While we may be drawn to help an area due to the distortions we perceive there, all of life is created in perfection and springs from a divine blueprint. Disease, pollution, (micro and macrocosm of one another) come from a distortion of this blueprint.

When working with the land, or with ourselves within this quantum field of consciousness, the "reality" is very responsive to our thoughts about a situation. The devas in particular are the entities who "hold the blueprint" of an object, event or thing. They also conform to our thoughts and emotional imprints. So once of the most important aspects of shifting something alchemically, is to hold our conscious mind aside and know that anything is possible. As we do so, we open the field to new possibilities and collapse the wave function of the old system.

In a situation such as a natural disaster, or one like the Gulf Oil scenario, it is essential to strive to hold the situation in a neutral space, apart from the media hype and our own thoughts and feelings. Again, this from the point of view of quantum physics, collapses the wave function and allows for new possibilities to emerge.

In this state of opening to new possibilities, it is not that we do NOT have any intention, but the intentions are loosely held and more general so as to allow Life to deliver its input into the situation. In such a case, geometries or symbols will often appear in the blank slate of our open minds. If they do, simply merge your consciousness into the symbol and allow it to be imprinted into the matrix or quantum field of the situation/area you are working with.



This symbol, (orginally a crop circle) is a version of one of the most ancient symbols, a blue print of creation itself: Metatron's Cube.


As the Earth is purifying itself with water, wind and rain so do we need to purify ourselves to prepare us for our own individual transition. As the Earth 'hurts' itself, so must we realize that we might feel 'hurt' if we dare start this process of purification. Get rid of old habits, so-called programs, we run day in day out without realizing it.

A powerful way of doing this is by using Sacred Geometry. Science has proven long ago that our bodies are geometrically designed systems.

Our subconsciousness recognises complex Sacred Geometrical symbols that have been used since time immemorial. Although our conscious minds will not understand, and even might think them strange, Sacred Geometry has a powerful effect on our mental state and also our physical body.

This code, called Purification, created by Janosh as part of an Arcturian Symbol card deck, has been published with the sole purpose of helping people with this purifcation.

While "purification" is the theme, it is through the restoration of the pattern of the divine blueprint that such purification occurs.

As the Earth is purifies itself with "earth changes" so do we can also purify ourselves to prepare us for our own individual transition. By letting go of old habits, so-called programs, we run day in day out without realizing it, we release that which is no longer aligned with our true divine blueprint of perfection, we are more able to hold and assimilate the higher vibrations of the Earth as she moves into higher dimensional realms.

A powerful way of doing this is by using Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a universal language of light, recognized instantly, not by the mind, but beyond the mind, even at the level of our DNA. Science has proven long ago that our bodies are geometrically designed systems. Sacred Geometry is the mathematical code of all life, whether a solar system or the leaf of a plant. Our subconsciousness recognises complex Sacred Geometrical symbols that have been used since time immemorial, although our conscious minds will not understand. Such is the power of Sacred Geometry our mental state, our physical body and even the environment.

Crop circle formation the day of our Gulf Restoration meditation July 27th revealing the holographic pattern of the Fruit of Life (the Feminine form of Metatron's Cube):














Sacred Geometry Holy of Holies

Explanation of esoteric significance from:

The Fruit of life is the “Holy of holies” of Sacred Geometry. It is not revealed like the Flower of life which can be found in many places in the world. In fact, it is the hidden secret of Sacred Geometry. It is so confidential that even the Flower of Life, as it appears in the world, is actually only partially illustrated.

Why is this shape so important and secretive?

The reason is in its potential. If we connect all the possible centers of the circles we will receive 78 lines, creating a structure known as the Metatron’s cube. This structure contains bi-dimensional drawings of all 5 Platonic Solids: the cube, the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the Icosahedrons.
These figures are unique in having all their vertexes tangent with the surface of a ball. These figures, and their different combinations, give every possible molecular structure and every possible geometrical law, the reality we live in.

I hold great importance to this shape because it also contains the key to dimensions beyond the third dimensions. By studying the structure of the Fruit of Life you can open the gate to those dimensions and worlds, while usually we only feel their impact but don’t really experience them. It is claimed that the structure of the Fruit of Life contains all possible dimensions of the universe. This is also the reason for the name “Metatron’s cube” – in the kabalistic tradition, Metatron is the angel in charge of all the worlds.

The shape of the Fruit of life is composed of 13 circles. 13 is also the key for unity and for transition between worlds and dimensions. All those who play an instrument know the Chromatic scale of the 12 notes. The thirteenth note is actually repeating the first note, only on a higher frequency – meaning passing to a higher dimension!

Second Crop Circle formed on July 27th revealing Feminine circular energy embedded within Metatron's Cube.


Overlay of second crop circle with Metatron's Cube seen when placed in the Gulf to restore the blueprint.



















Metatron's Cube as found connecting the sacred sites and power points in Jerusalem:

The "Blueprint" is already imprinted into the land by the Creator. We "activate" it through our participation with that reality.























 Instructions for setting up Metatron's Cube as a Medicine Wheel for the Earth  click here for details. 



The Alchemical Power of Sound click here for information

We will be working with sound in our sessions, and for those of you who will be following up, here is some information on the transformational and alchemical power of Sound. Also, we will be using some mantras both during our teleconference, and that you may wish to incorporate into your meditations which follow.

For more on the power of sound, see this page of our site.


See how scientists are using sound to treat water in sewage plants.


Mozart for microbes in German sewage plant
Opera used to help break down waste, Rebecca Thumpston, 04/06/2010
A pioneering German sewage plant is piping Mozart opera to waste-eating microbes in a bid to increase their efficiency.


Space Clearing Techniques. To learn more about how to work with the areas of need in your community, see this part of our online Space Clearing Certification program. 

We also have a DVD series taped from a live workshop in Ireland. It will be available September 1st and it on sale now at 45% off normal retail price for only $135 as a pre-production special. If you are interested, just email me and I'll give you more information.

See our NEW course offering : Earth Response Team to learn more about how to help the Earth during this time of transition.

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