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Gulf Matrix prerequisites


earth-whitebkgrd.jpgShifting the Matrix for the Gulf Teleconference Series

*while this live teleclass series is finished, the work done can be reproduced wherever there is a need on the planet. Feel free to listen to the free audio recordings of the sessions, and read the links below to learn how to become a part of the army here to help the Earth through this upcoming Transition. 

Following both teleclass meditations, news reports showed shifts in the political situation and response. I am encouraged that to continue with this kind of quantum shamanic alchemy is the most effective way to dismantle the system of power and control which is allowing such an offense to Mother Earth to continue as it has done, not only in the Gulf, but around the planet.

See recent crop circle formations from July 27th!!

Our first session recording, July 26th, is available here

Second session recording, August 9th, click here to listen

Last session recording, August 23rd, click here to listen


3. RESULTS from previous teleconferences: Please see this results page of our site for updates on Shifting the Gulf Matrix results from prior meditation sessions.

4. Prior Reading: (allow 1-2 hours)

  3. grassroots pollution clearing program  by groups around the world who have  been working with the concepts of shifting the energetic matrix around the world producing amazing results for the environment: lower pollution, lower crime, reduced earthquakes, balanced weather patterns, and more. 
  4. Pre/Post session readings: Before Each Session: Please see this page with the updates and pre-session reading prior to attending each teleclass. This is a page currently under construction that will be added to after each session. It will have diagrams, and reading which is related to each session's theme. 

Please see the pre-session reading page of the site before attending each session as it has updated information posted there.

So that we can join in the teleconference at a level ready to do the work, and not have to spend time with laying so much foundation, it is requested that if this is your first time joining an Earth Transitions teleconference meditation, you may wish to read this article first to get a background on how we will be working with the quantum field to shift the possibilities of this situation.

5. Video Clips: If you are new to the concept of working through the quantum matrix, you may want to look at these YouTube links for some short video clips on the Quantum Nature of Reality, the Intelligent Universe , or on the concept of How to Shift the Matrix

Project Updates: I have been putting updates about the project as it unfolds on this UPDATES page of our site. It is still under construction right now and will be a work in progress as we chart what is being done in the regions and the various observations of changes that are reported.

It is a way for people to post changes they notice in their area as we go forward. Right now what is up there are the places were we have people who have volunteered to be the "ground crew" and place orgone at key locations to open up the earth energy grids in their areas. Also, I've posted the donations received today so that we can see where we stand on a real time basis.

This is by far the most ambitious project that I've ever been guided to help coordinate, but since we are not the doers here, what does size matter to the Divine? Many people are coming on board being led by Spirit to help with this project each in their own way and in their own area. The effect of such a combined effort cannot be underestimated. As with all quantum shifts, they are like ripples in the pond that once initiated, continue on. So it should be fun to see what unfolds.

Enjoy this short 7 minute meditation to connect with the Spirit of Gaia.




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