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earthhands.jpgEarth Response Team 
Are the predicted Earth Changes of 2012 set in stone? Are we victims of natural disasters? or are we co-creators of how events unfold?
From now until the Winter Solstice prepresents a critical stage in the Earth's evolutionary process. It is a time wherein the temp is increasing as various pulsations are both coming into the Earth from as well as from the Earth. We are in a position to be midwives to assist Gaia to receive these extra planetary pulsations and higher vibratory frequencies designed toattune the Earth's holographic matrix to be in alignment with the Galactic alignment of 12-21-12 where the Earth and the entire solar system will be in direct alignment with the the center of our Galaxy. An event which has not happened for over 13,000 years, and which the Mayan fortold as the "end of time" as they knew it. 
This next series of Earth Response Team teleclasses have been designed as a preparation for this major planetary and solar alignment of 12-21-12. It is an opportunity to work co-creatively WITH the major planetary centers and devic forces of nature to align the grids and holographic matrix with the shift of consciousness that lies ahead. By so doing we can enter into that new dimension of consciousness with more Grace, ease and joy, and dramatically reduce the fearful predictions of death, war, natural disaster and other predicted "Earth Changes."

Join Christan Hummel, international seminar leader, pioneer in earth energies, empathic communicator and author of the best-selling, Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit  in depth online and teleclass training for those wishing to be of service to the Earth at this time of Her Transition.

See what groups around the world have been able to do to help heal the traumas on the planet. As we approach the stargate of 2012, the tempo will be increasing and the shifts taking place on the earth will be likely to increase as well. The fortold and predicted "Earth Changes " CAN be changed! They are not cast in stone. WE HAVE A SAY in how this transition to a new dimension of consciousness goes down! Now is the time we have been waiting for. We are the ONES we have been waiting for. It is time to take back our co-creative power and assist the Earth in assuming its true Destiny as a realized Cosmic Being. We have a role to play during this transition and transformation. 

  The Earth Response Team program is a 3 week online & teleclass & online course

Mission: To train a core group of dedicated people to be able to respond to Earth’s needs as she moves through this transition stage between now and the star gate of 2012. This team will be trained on how to use quantum shamanic principles and techniques to assist the Earth through Her transition as we enter a rebirth into a higher consciousness. Offsetting “Earth Changes” is a natural outcome of this training.

photo by 

Ascension Update for Planet Earth

Sandy Stevenson


"The original request by the Earth when she first called for help was for beings to come here and act as light beacons. The intention was for them to incarnate and permeate the Earth with light, thus allowing Earth’s dense energies to be cleansed through the use of light. In this way, there would be no need for major disasters and chaos bringing pain and suffering, not only to humanity but to her other life forms as well.

October 2010 ©


This course represents a deep commitment to Mother Earth and your live participation in the energy sessions is a necessary part of this experience. Consequently, it is not open to those who wish to participate only via recording.

This course is topical. We will work with 3 themes, each using current issues as projects as our learning forum. 

Between now and the end of the year, ERT will focus on three different courses each with specific themes.

Click on each topic for descriptions, dates and course times:

Weather Balancing

Shifting the Global Financial Matrix

Activating Planetary Star Gates

                  Each ERT Course Includes:
  • Free e- book, DITY Space Clearing Kit + Lost Goddess of Feng Shui mp3
  • Teleconference series 3 live interactive sessions with Christan applying the principles
of quantum shamanism to address real areas of need in the Earth
  • Free online module, Earth Grids module $95 value
  • Free online module, Quantum Matrix $95
(applicable towards Space Clearing Certification)
  • "Earth Responder Kit" (includes: assortment of 3 orgone muffins, 3 morphic code cards)
  • 3 live teleclass sessions 
      3 online learning modules
    pre and post session reading material
    group forum for discussion of class topic

      In this Course we will learn how to:

  • Restore Balance to the Earth's sacred power points
  • Help offset the negative effects of predicted "Earth Changes" by working co-creatively with the Devic realms of nature
  • Understand how to work co-creatively with the devic realms to create harmony and balance to a region
  • Experience Quantum Shamanic methods to shift the reality matrix
  • Apply sacred geometry, codes & archetypes to restore the blueprint of the land
  • Experience the use of quantum tools to restore balance, harmony and order to a region
  • Release negative energy patterns held in the land
  • Use orgone to clear leylines and power points
  • Activate latent temple points in the land
  • Balance and reclaim the Divine Feminine sacred points in the land 

Online materials: 2 hours of prerequisite reading and online material is required before attending the first session.  Additional online reading/audio and video course materials are required during the weeks between live teleclass meetings not to exceed 2 hours/week.

Live Teleclasses:  3 live phone sessions with Christan (see dates for each course) to put into practice the teachings, and do actual energy work on key areas of the Earth's grid network. This alchemical work of a high calibre that is only possible to do as a group. So as a group, we have an opportunity to shift the hologram for the earth in ways that allow for a smooth, and graceful transition through the stargate of 2012. In our course, we will work on live projects as our case studies to demonstrate how to shift the Gaian matrix to bring about new possibilities for the Earth.

 No prior experience necessary, only a desire to help the Earth

** Introductory recorded class is available for those taking the course for the first time 

(*3 hours of reading and recorded information is a pre-requisite to the first live teleclass session.
In addition, please allow for 2 hours of reading of course material prior to each class.) 
Call in information and pre-reading links will be available a week before each class.

Prerequisite reading for the course is available now. Click on the link below. 

Check out the FREE PRE-SESSION READING: Opening Your Channel of Light

Click Here to listen to a FREE recording of a previous ERT session

Whether you take this course or not, please feel free to read this material on how to increase our capacity to be of service as Light Workers.


For Love of Mother Earth:

The Great Shifting

by Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother"

We are all living at a very profound time on our planet. Mother Earth is going through a shift she has never gone through quite like this before. We are living on the planet in a time that has never been before. The planet is going to start shifting and changing and moving into her High Self. She will change into her own kind of heaven. This is the time of great change that all indigenous peoples have been speaking about for hundreds and hundreds of years, and since the great fall of Atlantis, a very real civilization that existed here. A great shift happened then, when the poles shifted. Long before that shift they had been a highly developed and beautiful people—They knew how to use and utilize the energies of crystals, water, sound, of light and color. They knew how to listen to Mother Earth, and how to work side by side with our brothers and sisters from different places in the universe, the star beings. They interacted with them side by side.

To continue click here

Over $350 value, Course Fee: $165

Special discount for Space Clearing Certification graduates $95 

To Register for this Course, select the Topic below: 


Course Topic:

Weather Balancing 

October 3rd, 10th, 17th


4:30pm - 6:00pm

While we will focus on the Heartland of the US, the midwest, now hit with its worst drought in history, the techniques will be universal and can be applied to any location. In the course we with learn how to work with the devic realms of nature to help balance weather patterns. Hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, even floods can all be addressed by accessing and recalibrating the invisible matrix that sustains them. Gaia is a living organism and is constantly seeking balance. When "toxins" build up such as negative thoughts, emotions and actions, then Gaia will seek to "cleanse" her energy fields in whatever way is possible. Many times this takes the form of what we deem "earth changes." This however viewed from another perspective, is really just a way of recalibrating the Gaian Matrix to prepare the Earth for the increased vibrational frequencies coming in at this time.

We can work  CO-CREATIVELY WITH NATURE to recalibrate these energy fields thereby negating the need for such harsh purging. The result has been a reduction of severity of storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and much more.

Pacific Time Zone click here for time in your area

“To acquire the grace of the Lord, man has to offer worship at the outset to Prakruthi (nature.) On the one hand you need human effort and on the other you have to acquire the grace of the Divine. Prakruthi (Nature) and Paraatma (the Omni-Self) are lik the negative and positive poles in electricity. However powerful the Lord may be (as the positive pole) there can be no creatin without Nature (representing the negative pole.) The basis for creation is Prakruthi (Nature.)

Abusing the resources of Nature and forgetting his own basic human nature, man is going against the pupose of Creation. Many natural catastrophes are entirely due to man’s behavior. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars, floods and famines and other calamities are the result of grave disorders in Nature. These disorders are traceable to man’s conduct. Man has not recognized that integral relationship between humanity and the world of Nature.

 ~ Shri Sathya Sai Baba

See Results from the last series, Weather Shamanism .  Last year's cyclone Yasi hit the coast of Australia with a vengence, but after doing special ceremony with the ERT group, was downgraded from a class 5 to a class 2 overnight . The group working with this the night that it hit was one of many I'm sure, however, learning the specifics of how to direct your conscious intent into the hologram of Nature allows for a new light to enter the equation and shift the potential outcome.

While the most devastating storm in Australia's history, there were no reports of deaths or injuries. Compare that with Katrina, also a class 5 storm, in which more than 1800 people died and countless others were injured. 

These events and more are what WE CAN HELP OFFSET by working WITH nature as quantum shaman to access new possibilities for the impending "shift" Earth is gearing up to take.

Listen to a free teleclass series, Shift the Matrix for the Gulf to see what is possible when we join in co-creation with Nature!! Truely miraculous transformations await us when we join with Nature as a Divine Being.

 Message from the Hathors by Tom Kenyon:

"You are now entering a more volatile time in terms of planetary change.

Your Sun, the solar star of your planetary system, is increasing its energetic potential and is entering a period of increased volatility, solar flares and magnetic storms. While these actions will create real problems for you in terms of your telecommunications and weather patterns, there is also an immense evolutionary potential within this solar activity that we wish to discuss."

See more at Tom's website
Course Topic:
Shifting the Global Financial Matrix

October 18th, 25th, November 1st

(*dates are chosen so that the course is completed prior to the U.S. Presidential elections,

which more than ever before are being determined by economic factors.)

Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm

Pacific Time Zone 
click here for time in your area
All action is preceeded by thought, and all thought is preceeded by consciousness. So to shift any action on the physical plane, one must first change the thoughts that prompt it. To shift thought, one must first transform or shift consciousness. To shift CONSCIOUSNESS, the consciousness grids must shift. The earth is surrounded by a hidden matrix or grid of consciousness which contains and defines it. For instance, our current economic models onthe planet are based upon a certain consciousness. One of greed, win/loss, fixed pie scenarios, and power/control/separation modalities. No matter what country or political regime, the same consciousness underlies all of the existing economic models on the planet. Those economic models then determine the political action and agents, which in tern determine the rights, liberties and livelihood of individuals.
Most of the planet is living in THIS constructed grid of artificial lack, since ABUNDANCE is the true nature of the Universe. As such, fear of survival, wars, crime, and violence are all a by-product of this consciousness of lack, scarcity, greed, and fear.  All of these are ENERGIES which are carried through the meridians of the planet, the grid lines. By shifting the energies of that grid matrix, the consciousness that is reflected in it is also shifted. This has produced amazing changes in the areas where such inner alchemical work has been done around the planet.
For instance, did you know that the oblesk in Central Park in NYC was originally located in Heliopolis, Egypt, the site of the most well-known mystery school of its time?
London also has a similar obelisk, Cleopatra's needle, taken from the same location.
Is it a coincidence that these are two of the world's primary financial centers?
Such use of ancient alchemical earth wisdom has been perverted over the centuries to serve egoistic aims. Enhancing certain power centers within the earth to serve the interest of a select few, rather than honoring these sacred points and opening these portals of light to serve as gateways to higher dimensional energies.
Together, by working on key power points such as these, within the grid matrix of an area, we can help shift the consciousness grid of the financial system of the planet. This is a KEY TIME on the planet for new economic perspectives and ideas to flourish. To do so, there needs to be a fertile space to receive the seed of new and revolutionary ideas. 
It is time for a NEW IDEA to be born, and the grids of the Earth are where such ideas first take root before manifesting into action and ultimately new systems.  By working with the guiding spirit of these gridpoints and leylines in key areas of the planet which hold a part of the economic paradigm for the planet, we offer Spirit an opportunity to plant those new seeds of thought into the grids of the EARTH where they can sprout into action and new economic models of right living.
Course Topic:
Activating Planetary Stargates

November 13th, 20th, 27th

Tuesday from 8:00am - 9:30am

*note earlier time is to allow for more international participation

Pacific Time Zone 
click here for time in your area

There are portals within the crystaline matrix of the Earth, known as Stargates, are aligned with specific regions of the Galaxy designed to receive incoming vibratory signals and encoding. As a result of thousands of years of war, abuse of these sacred points of light, and conscious misappropriation for egoic aims, these important gateways of higher consciousness have shut down. The transition of 2012 requires that these gateways to the heavens be opened and aligned to their true and higher purpose. 

In this course we will focus on two specific Stargates areas: Jerusalem, considered the birthplace of civilization, religion and home to the major omphalos centers of the earth. It is also an area holding the energies of extreme polarization for the planet, and for the region. This region is undergoing tremendous shifts during this transition to 2012 as the Earth's energetic grids realign with the pulsations from Galactic Center which are about unity consciousness.

The second area, is a sacred pathway in Spain called the Camino Santiago (also referred to as Camino Estrella, literally: the highway of the stars) During the middle ages, it served as the pilgrimage path to Jerusalem. However, its energetic significance predates Christianity as ancient Celtic temple will attest, and as its name implies, is a highway of Stargates. 

Opening these areas, and balancing them and recalibrating them to align with their true purpose, is, in my opionion, some of the most important work we can be doing to prepare Gaia for her Star journey ahead.

Please be prepared to be present for all three of the live teleclass sessions and also have time to do at least 2 hours of precourse reading each week. This topic is deep, and to do it justice, we will need to be able to fully commit to the process.



REFUND POLICY: 100% refund if cancelled before online course links are sent. After that date, 100% of course fee can be applied as credit towards products or future workshops for up to 1 year from date of cancellation if cancelled before first teleconference date. After first session, 80% of class fee is applicable towards product or workshop credit. Promotional product must be returned to receive a refund.


"I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the Earth Response Team class!

Christan's material and teachings were both comprehensive and empowering, both for my personal work and in such incredibly powerful ways with our group during the tele-classes. In this time of rapid Earth-transitions, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to join in "wonder-full" Earth-healing work with such kindred spirits."


--Carol, MA

" It has truly been an honor for me to work with the Earth Response Team.  A life altering experience.  Working in the quantum field with Christan as our  guide and a truly talented and loving group of souls has deepened my relationship with the Earth and my inner self.  I feel that the work we have done will positively alter events in the days to come.  I have been graced with this experience.

At service to the one, and warrior of the rainbow,"

--Priscilla Connors


"The Earth Response Team course is a fantastic way to connect with like minded souls who care about the earth changes with the intent to ease this transition in the best possible way. I learned new ways to affect change from within that created tangible results in the outer environment. I also integrated previous knowledge in a new way. I experienced the practices of Earth Healing as a deeply personal healing as well. Christan's warm and natural way of teaching through practice is perfect for me and I am more clear on my path of Earth-Service"

--David Wodtke, Ashland, OR

"I can't say enough about my experience with Christan and her Earth Response Team course.  As an herbalist and earth-centered person, my own work has always been in close relation to the devas and the earth energies.  But Christan's way of working with these energies and her insights have brought my awareness to a whole new level, and has 'connected the dots' in so many ways for me.   In these times of great transitions on our Mother Earth, it is so important for us to understand that we can work in partnership with the devas, and that it doesn't have to be difficult to do so ~ that we can help to make a difference for the good of Gaia, and the people on her.  I am looking forward to taking many more courses with Christan, as she shares her wealth of knowledge and understanding of Earth Energies.  

Thank you Christan."  


Sturbridge, MA

Dear Christan,

I want to thank you so very much for these Earth Response Team teleconferences.  The Earth and Nature (the animals, forests, oceans....) are something I genuinely care about, and doing these ERT teleconferences has given me a new and expanded means of expressing my love for Earth.  But it's much more than just having gained more tools and learned new information which can be consciously used and applied. What I have discovered from participating in the ERT teleconferences is that they have opened a door to a whole new way of growing personally.  I didn't actually realize this personal change was happening during the teleconferences - I was so interested and focused on what we were doing that I didn't notice that I was changing, too.  Whatever size box I fitted into before the ERT teleconferences, I can't squeeze back into anymore ... I now find that for me, loving the Earth in this way is a most wonderful means to the feeling of expansion and true growth. 

Thank you again, Christan, for offering these ERT teleconferences.

With my very best wishes,


San Diego

"Christan Hummel is probably THE pioneer of this cutting edge approach to planetary healing.  When Christan and Mother Earth partner in this work; fasten your seat belts!  The course is chalk full of suprises from increasing your personal energy to weaving it with quantum theory and healing the Gaia Matrix.  Christan introduces so many new techniques, and perspectives in this short period of time, it is certainly well worth every penny and more.  Christan is an extraordinary talent, a humble pilgrim for the light, and a spiritual leader in the stewardship movement for the New Earth.  She will inspire and enlighten, make you giggle and blow your little mind."

--Nancy Fanara-Berrian

Star of the Wayshower

The Motherhood of Light


About Christan:chnewbio.jpg

Christan Hummel is an international author of the best-selling book, Do- It-Yourself Space Clearing Kitand co-author of the Rainbow Bridge phase II. Christan has been in communication with the inner worlds of nature since a 1981, in which her guides have helped her to recover ancient lost understandings of how to work with the land to restore harmony and balance. She has shared this knowledge with groups around the world for the last 14 years.

In her 20's Christan studied with leaders in the human potential movement such as Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins and learned powerful technologies for personal mastery. More recently, she has studied Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett, and has applied these techniques to her private practice with individuals as well as with the land healing throughout the world. She has worked with Sound Healers such as Tom Kenyon and Chris James to develop her own Sonic Alchemical process which she has used to shift stuck energies and access more of their divine potential for individuals as well as sacred sites worldwide.  She leads sacred ceremonies and  workshops around the world teaching how to use sound, sacred geometry and the devic realms to energetically attune the space and the earth to its original blueprint and highest potential. She is co-founder of Earth Transitions, and has taught the Flower of Life as a facilitator. She has presented at The British Society of Dowsers, the International Kinesiology Conference, theInternational Feng Shui conferences and the national and regional American Dowsing conferences. As a student of the Alice Bailey teachings since a teenager, Christan integrates her knowledge of ancient Vedic and indigenous approaches from around the world in her work to provide a profoundly grounding and yet gentle and transformative experience. 

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