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kyanite_crystals.jpgProperties of Cyrstals and Minerals:

Crystals, gems and minerals are like the blood of the earth. They course in liquid form through the various "veins" of the earth, then through pressure and time they crystalize and solidify into their unique crystaline matrix. It is a gift from the very heart of Mother Earth. When we consciously connect with the mineral kingdom as an elemental form, we access the divine wisdom and gifts that Nature has imbued each crystal with as an ally in our evolution and unfoldment.

For the best description of the wisdom and properties embodies by our crystaline devic friends, I highly recommend the book Crystal Ally Cards, by Naisha Ashian. It contains a depth of wisdom that most surely comes from her ability to directly connect with devic essence of each stone. 

In our orgone products, we have added various crystals, metals and minerals to our orgone products to further enhance their protective, transformative and personal healing properties. Note that we have done special clearing and alignment ceremonies with all the crystals and minerals used in our orgone products, and have aligned with the devic consciousness inviting the conscious co-operation of their intelligence in all of the orgone we produce.  You will furthe enhance these possibilities by joining your consciousness with the crystal ally in our orgone product and requesting that it share with you its unique gifts and properties as is appropriate for your life and situation.

Below is just a brief description of only some of the possibilities that exist with each of the crystals and minerals below. Discover for yourself the vast unexplored possibilites as you join in co-creation with the Life and Consciousness of your devic orgone "ally."

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Thank you as well to: for much of your wisdom in this area.


Gold Masculine energy. Boosts Wealth and abundance. Energy of the Sun, truth and purity. Balances the immune system and creative mind. Balances Aura/energy flow.

Copper Both Masculine and Feminine energy. Eases energy flow in situations, increases emotional harmony regardless of astrological imbalances. If you are feeling a bit off try wearing/having copper to stabilize astrological disharmonies.

Silver Feminine Energy. Aids flow of energy body and provides mental balance and clarity.  Harmonizes male and female energies: especially when used with gold. Improves fertility, insight and intuition.

Pyrite Native Americans believed they could look into one's very soul when peering into a polished piece of Pyrite.  Their shamans used it as "a stone of power," and their medicine men used it in certain healing rituals.  Pyrite has also been labeled the "Healer's Stone". 

Pyrite is thought to create a better balance and flow between right and left brain function.  This helps transform the intuitive and creative (right brain) thought into logical and well-reasoned (left brain) action. These metallic crystals are often used to attract money and good fortune.  It is also widely used to protect against infections and viral attacks, and to help one attain a more ideal state of health.


Aulterra - a special formulation of monoatomic gold and other elements, with a special rock powder to produce a "conscious rock powder." Has been shown to protect against the effects of EMF radiationThis is an amazing new mineral here to help humanity interface harmoniously with our electronic environments. Research report on Aulterra's ability to neutralize cell phone (CP) radiation:

Quantum Biology Research
670 Carll’s Path
Deer Park, N.Y. 11729
Research completed 2005
There are several examples in the scientific literature where one type of radiation will neutralize another. The Aulterra powder is an example of such a material which, because of its paramagnetic properties, radiates an EMF (Rein, 2000) which neutralizes the damaging effects of CP radiation on DNA (Syldona, 2001).

Amethyst - increases vivid dreams, relieves depression, promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. Helps with addiction and stress. Accelerates development of psychic abilities. Once thought of as a stone to prevent drunkenness.  Calms the mind allowing one to see the potential futures accessed with each different option of a life-choice.

Amazonite - helps clarify and improve thinking. Amazonite is great for non-verbal expression.  Amazonite is a good energy filter, blocking geopathic stress as well as electromagnetic pollution emitted from computers, microwaves, or cell phones.   Amazonite soothes aggravation and emotional trauma, eases irritation, and calms all of the chakras.

This stone represents prosperity. Great over a door to bring in new business. It is wonderful for entrepreneurs and those in sales. This hope stone is important to have when starting a new business or financial venture. Amazonite's energy works very well when combined with other feldspar stones such as topaz and aqua aura. A gentle friendly, calming, soothing stone, which opens throat, heart, and solar plexus Chakras. Used for self-expression, artistic creativity and healing. This is a great stone for communication, confidence and leadership. Reduces self-damaging behavior, increases self-respect, grace, self-assuredness with communication. Good for anyone involved in the arts. Utilize Amazonite in order to encourage the pursuit of your unique path in life. Amazonite is used to disperse negative energy.  Amazonite is helpful in clearing energy blockages and balancing the Yin and Yang energies.   Meditating with Amazonite can bring the subtle bodies into alignment, and help to open one's subconscious to subtle messages from the higher realms. Amazonite also assists the user in seeing different sides of the same issue, and balances masculine and feminine energy as well as different personality traits.  Use tumbled Amazonite on the Heart and Throat Chakras to enhance loving expression, or with the Third Eye Chakra to open intuition.  Amazonite can aid in a peaceful transition when it is time to leave this life.

Aquamarine is said to protect from perils of the sea, including seasickness. It also is said to heal nerve pain, glandular problems, toothaches and disorders of the neck, jaw and throat.

Aquamarine is called a "Stone of Courage".  It enhances ones innate abilities to always be prepared.  It provides a shielding quality against 'Spiritual Pollutants' while emitting a gentle compassionate energy.

This stone is helpful in stimulating, activating and cleansing the throat chakra, facilitating communication of a higher quality than the mundane.

Aventurine The most common color of Aventurine is green. It is used primarily at the heart chakra to both activate and clear.  It is also an excellent protector of the heart chakra, providing a shield to block the entry of those who wish to "tap in" and use the energy of another.


citrine.jpgCitrine - Balances Sacral Chakra & Solar Plexus. Calming crystal that cannot hold any negative energy. Works with your higher self to promote higher awareness and break old patterns. Boosts abundance and self-esteem.

Citrine has become know as "The Merchant's Stone."  It is said that by placing a crystal of Citrine in the cash box, merchants have been able to not only acquire more wealth, but maintain it as well.

Citrine is also effective in activating, clearing and balancing all chakra levels.  It is also excellent for aura cleansing. Citrine is the angel stone for Archangel Gabriel, the messenger of God.  Gabriel heals during pregnancy and childbirth, and heals anxiety regarding creative projects. Citrine is said to increase visual abilities, balance the thyroid and activate the thymus.

Emerald - All purpose healing stone. Aligned to the heart and love and emotional healing. Excellent stone for dreaming. I notice that it removes negative feelings towards others almost immediately. A great stone for Merchants and Prosperity!

fluorite1.jpgFlourite (multicolor) - enhances spiritual energy work, focuses the will and balances the psyche.

This mineral produces an energy which is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive and disorganized growth, bringing order to chaos.

Fluorite has been known as the 'stone of discernment and aptitude', increasing the ability to concentrate.  It allows for the positive and negative relationships of the mind, helping one to see both the reality and truth behind the illusion. It has been used to assist in the prevention of RNA/DNA damage and can be used to repair existing damage of the same.



Garnet has been used for centuries by emperors, knights, and warriors as a protective Talisman, by Hindu and Buddhist followers as a holy stone of enlightenment, as well as by Native North and South American Indian, Aztec, Mayan, and African Tribal cultures.

The flash and fire of Garnet inspires a sense of lightness and brightness, illuminating to dark places and dark souls.  Garnet is a good stone for depression, bringing joy and hope to its user, and helps lessen anger, especially towards oneself.  Garnet's fire stimulates the survival instinct, bringing willpower and courage to a situation.  Garnet will quickly "light a fire" under you, bringing those internalized ideas and feeling you have to the surface to be acted upon and carried out.

Powerful Garnet can cleanse the chakras of negative energies and reenergize them.  Use Garnet to balance the Sacral Chakra and sex drive, and to aid in the controlled rise of Kundilini energy. Garnet inspires love and passion, devotion and loyalty.  A stone of commitment, Garnet encourages personal relationships of all kinds, and is a useful relationship tool both personally and in business.

Hematite - Root Chakra. Increases personal attraction ability, optimism, courage and will. Strengthens your etheric body. A Grounding stone.  Helps shield against EMF.

JadeRelates to the heart chakra. A Healing stone. Gives prosperity and bliss to the owner. Helps recall past lives and ancient wisdom.

kyanite_crystals.jpgKyanite--increases creativity, perspectives, and helps achieve mutual understanding. It's an attunement stone. It brings calmness and tranquility and can assist with collecting ones' thoughts and meditation. Physically, it clears up sinus congestion and enhances the treatment of muscular disorders. Kyanite is one of only a few stones that never need cleansing or clearing. It assists in communication, honesty and mental awareness. It also helps in dream recall.

A very popular metaphysical crystal, Blue Kyanite will not hold negative energy, and thus never needs to be cleared.  Blue Kyanite can be used to open and align all of the chakras.  It can also be used to align all layers of the aura, making blue kyanite an excellent choice for any type of energy work.

Blue Kyanite is especially good for working with the Throat Chakra and communication issues.  Blue Kyanite helps to speak one's truth, and is a good stone for public speakers and performers. Blue Kyanite is also useful for healing throat and voice ailments.  In group settings, Blue Kyanite can help bridge any gaps in communication, cutting down on the number of arguments, making it a great crystal to keep in the office or home.  Blue Kyanite also facilitates an alignment of all the subtle bodies, creating a larger and stronger aura, which contributes to the better overall health of the physical body.

Also an excellent Third-Eye Chakra stone, Blue Kyanite can pull very high vibrations in through this chakra to be processed as messages from other realms.  Blue Kyanite can also transfer a high vibration, allowing for an opening of psychic abilities, especially during meditation.  Blue Kyanite can also be used to promote lucid dreaming and astral travel.  These Blue Kyanite Blades make excellent energy tools for body layouts and/or crystal grids.

Lapis lazuli - emotional healing and stability. High intensity stone which cleanses the spirit to bring out inner truth and peace. Opens your third eye and crown chakra. Connects your head to your heart to increase desire to work for highest good. Increases self reliance, manifestion ability and psychic powers. A cool calming stone with great amounts of psychic power and protection.


larimar.jpgLarimarLarimar awakens feminine power and soothes the emotions

Some believe that larimar is the blue stone with extraordinary healing powers that Edgar Cayce predicted would be discovered in the Caribbean, where he said part of Atlantis could be found.

    * Created by volcanic activity, it balances water and fire energy

    * Powerful throat chakra stone, assists in expression of emotions

    * Teaches respect, love and nurturing

    * Cleanses unhealthy emotional blocks, releases attachments

    * Excellent for pregnant or new mothers to relieve depression and stress

Energetically Boosts the healing process (thymus), and can assist in balancing the thyroid gland as it relates to energy balance.

This gemstone, empathic to our needs, quickly aligns with our own energy field. Once energetically aligned, through it's living & active matrix, Larimar intuitively assists our own filtering process through Selective Information Alignment and softening the effects of unwanted information and information overload.

This stone with a soft blue color supports us in the changes to which we are constantly exposed. It is no coincidence that Larimar has appeared at a time when the world is going through important transformations. These days especially, there is a need for guidance to lead us on our way with positive energy. The blue gemstone softens, enlightens and supports the healing process of the physical, emotional-mental and spiritual bodies.

In The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons writes:  "Larimar is a stone of tremendous benefit to the throat chakra, providing the power of clear communication and the emotional strength and stability that enable one to speak from the heart. . . .

"It supports a state of confident well-being and awareness of one's capacities."

"In meditation, Larimar can help one see and release oneself from unhealthy inner bonds to other people, or to principles which do not serve one's highest good."

Lepidolite - Known as "the stone of transition" Lepidolite helps shift and restructure old energy patterns and brings light and hope to a situation. Soothes and removes stress and strengthens higher self discovery. Lepidolite is Lithium Mica - keyword being LITHIUM - provides great relaxation and good for sleeping disorders, anxiety, bipolarity and more.

Lepidolite is made up of mica and lithium.  Lepidolite is literally crystallized Lithium, the same mineral used in antidepressant medication, but in its pure form as it comes out of the Earth.  It is the Lithium that creates the pink and purple hues found in Lepidolite. 

Lepidolite works with all of the chakras, especially the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.  Lepidolite crystals can help you to open up to receiving higher vibrations from the higher realms into the subconscious, transferring these vibrations into the conscious through the Third Eye Chakra, and integrating them into the center of truth via the Heart Chakra.  Use Lepidolite for metaphysical work with the Heart and Crown Chakras, and to reduce stress associated with change. 

Use Lepidolite to reduce stress associated with change.  Lepidolite is known to alleviate depression, bringing serenity from the knowledge that the Universe will always provide.  The calming nature of Lepidolite can help one to enter a deep meditative state.  Lepidolite is helpful for releasing emotional and energetic blockages, and is said to help those with ADD, OCD, or Bipolar disorder.  Carry Lepidolite with you when you need to balance your emotions with your intellect.


Malachite - strong stone which helps release negative emotions and protect from psychic attack. Builds physical health by strengthening the heart. Attracts abundance when used for the higher good.

Malachite is said to be the stone of "Great fortune and wealth." It can help direct personal power in a beneficial way. It helps us to connect ourselves to the Earth's energy. This alignment with Earth's power can open the door to more abundance.

It can make what one desires, more achievable. Thought creates reality and energy follows thought. Start a malachite chain by giving a piece of malachite to someone and ask that they do the same. It can augment wealth and spread good fortune globally.

The essence of malachite is JOY. Malachite amplifies the wearer's mood, whether positive or negative. It is said to help dredge up buried emotional pain and release it. This is wonderful for healing work, as well as work with chakras. Malachite can be used with the 4th chakra, and can be used to balance and heal all chakras.

Malachite represents fidelity in love and friendship, loyalty in partnerships, and practicality and responsibility in business transactions. As jewelry it is said to help the wearer get in touch with their emotions. (It should be taken off on those over emotional days.) B It is said to calm and warm a cold heart, promote emotional maturity and positive transformation and healing. Malachite can be helpful in seeing why you allow others to use your creative power.

Malachite is said to produce purification and healing dreams and draw out the negative energy from nightmares. It also is said to unlock dream memory and understanding thus clarifying the information and making it available for solving everyday problems.

Obsidian  is formed as lava from volcanic eruptions cools within the earth. The speed at which it cools prevents crystallization and the rock forms as solid volcanic glass.

Obsidian helps to protect the very sensitive against depression. It is the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people of the world. Use obsidian to help block negativity of any kind. As a black gemstone, it symbolizes self control and resilience. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility.

Peridot - balances your emotional mind and calms emotional storms. Aids digestion and insomnia and increases psychic powers. Clears the way for your heart to feel and reconnect! Creates prosperity in all aspects. Cleanses any emotional issues and heals your connections to others.

pyrite.jpgPyrite Native Americans believed they could look into one's very soul when peering into a polished piece of Pyrite.  Their shamans used it as "a stone of power," and their medicine men used it in certain healing rituals.  Pyrite has also been labeled the "Healer's Stone". 

Pyrite is thought to create a better balance and flow between right and left brain function.  This helps transform the intuitive and creative (right brain) thought into logical and well-reasoned (left brain) action. These metallic crystals are often used to attract money and good fortune.  It is also widely used to protect against infections and viral attacks, and to help one attain a more ideal state of health.

Gives physical aid in treating: Infections, viruses and fevers; blood disorders; increases blood flow to the brain and improves circulatory system; increases memory; bone and cellular formation; helps repair DNA/RNA damage; fatigue, lung problems; digestive tract problems; relieves anxiety and stress. 

Quartz - the greatest of all healing stones. Acts as an amplifier for psychic energy and aids meditation and visualization.

Rutilated Quartz: (description coming soon)


Rhodochrosite - Represents selfless love and compassion.  It is a wonderful stone to use when working with the Heart Chakra and relationships.  Those dealing with loss will find a deep love within this stone.  Comforting and positive, Rhodochrosite helps to bring repressed emotions to the surface to be acknowledged, addressed, and released, allowing for much personal growth to take place.  Rhodochrosite aids in self-forgiveness and self-love.

It has also been called "Inca-rose," due to its deposits in Argentina. It is commonly believed that rhodochrosite welcomes change, helping the wearer to open their arms and embrace it.

Rhodochrosite is also good for clearing the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras, improving self worth, attracting love, and relieving emotional stress.  Use Rhodochrosite in meditation to relax the diaphragm for full, deep breathing.  Rhodochrosite can help those stuck in any phase of the grief process, by clearing out negative vibrations from the middle chakras.  Meditating with Rhodochrosite can connect one to the Divine mind, allowing one to see the purpose behind negative experiences.

Many people work with Rhodochrosite to bring much needed Love into the world.  This stone is often used for repairing the subtle bodies and for reclaiming lost gifts.   In this latter capacity, one can work with Rhodochrosite to bring about the healing of past events that have caused the breakdown of one's self-confidence and self-knowledge to the point where personal gifts have been given up, in favor of living in "survival mode“.  Once these past issues are healed, it becomes easier for the person to remember their gifts and their true purpose for this incarnation.

Physically, Rhodochrosite heals the heart, adjusts imbalances in the circulatory and nervous systems, relieves migraines, and clears up infections.  Keep Rhodochrosite in the bedroom to help with sexual issues.

Rose Quartz - great for attracting love. Promotes self-loving and heals emotional wounds as well as promoting peace, forgiveness, and nurturing. Heals the heart and connects you with a higher lover and opens you up to greater emotional connections. Centers the self and promotes inner peace and healing. Provides you with a sense of love for yourself and all.

Ruby - brings success and vitality! Acts like the sun. Constantly balances the heart on all levels. Instills self-confidence and eliminates self-doubt, opens you to self-love and love from others. Root Chakra also - provides strength, stability and grounding.

Ruby brings integrity, devotion and happiness. It also enhances generosity and brings prosperity. Ruby brings and increases romantic love. Ruby is a stone that has been known to be very protective of home, worldly possession, children, and psychic protection. It is a stone of high energy and power that promotes healing on all levels. Ruby is associated with the root chakra., but also stimulates the Heart Chakra, encouraging the loving emotional side toward nurturing, bringing spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth.

Ruby is known as the  "Stone of Nobility", gathering and amplifying energy while promoting and stimulating mental concentration.  It can improve ones success in disputes, encouraging gentleness and discouraging violence. It has been used to induce stability in ones economic status, assist one in changing ones world, promoting creativity, and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation.

sugilite.jpgSugilite - The energy of Sugilite is protecting, cleansing and purifying.

Sugilite is the crystal that related to the Archangel Michael, whose name means, "He who is Like God."  Michael heals fear and nervousness and clears energy.  Michael aura is Royal Purple.

It is said that sugilite strengthens the heart, aids physical healing and reduces stress. It is a balancer of mind, body and spirit and encourages peace of mind, a general feeling of well being and spiritual love.

Sugilite can transmute all negativity and the experience of the spiritual void. Sugilite stimulates the third eye, crown and transpersonal chakras. Sugilite opens the crown chakra, drawing in spiritual energy and integrating ones higher spiritual purpose with ones life purpose.

Known as the heart stone, sugilite gives you strength to aid physical healing and purification of all body systems, enhancing the pituitary, pineal and adrenal gland functions.  a major spiritual stone, promoting individual as well as universal love. Sugilite is said to help with understanding the "big questions" in life. Especially helpful for those who feel alienated and alone, Sugilite helps the user to understand the purpose for their existence.

Known as "The Healer's Stone", Sugilite is said to enhance one's healing and psychic abilities. Sugilite is also believed by some to lessen learning disabilities like dyslexia, and to help with more serious disorders such as schizophrenia and autism. A Good Brain balancer, it enhances the personal will giving you the heart to deal to deal with the difficulties of life. Aids Bravery, fortitude and protection.

Sugilite is also one of the wisdom stones, only it helps one to receive it more gently; as wisdom is a commodity that mostly comes with lack of connection first followed by a lot of pain; and then a bit of wisdom. Sugilite allows one to connect, and listen better; and feel the currents and stirring of the subconscious whilst guiding them.

Sugilite is "a love stone for this age" , representing the perfection of the spiritual love of "All That Is" and facilitating the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane.

The energy of Sugilite energy flows from the crown to the base chakra, opening the chakras and providing for a pathway for the movement of the Kundalini.

tigerseye.jpgTiger’s Eye - Metaphysically, Tumbled Brown/Golden Tiger Eye is a powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone, helpful in manifesting ideas into reality and giving courage in times of change.  Use Golden Brown Tiger Eye with the Solar Plexus Chakra to increase your personal power. 

Combining Earth energy with that of the Sun, Golden Brown Tiger Eye draws Spiritual energy down to the Earth, while still keeping you centered here on the ground.   Sunny Tiger Eye brings brightness and optimism to a situation, and shines insight onto problems.

Known as a stone of protection, especially for travelers, Tiger Eye brings good luck and prosperity to the user.   Ancients used Tiger Eye as a talisman against bad luck and curses.  Tiger Eye attracts abundance and can also stimulate the rise of Kundalini energies.  Tumbled Tiger Eye is a must for anyone's healing kit.

Tiger Eye enhances psychic abilities and balances the lower Chakras.  Especially Earthy people will find success increasing their psychic abilities when using Tumbled Tiger Eye when working with the Third Eye Chakra.  Use Tiger Eye with the Sacral Chakra to bring spiritual grounding.

You can carry Tumbled Brown/Golden Tiger Eye in your pocket when you need a boost of creative energy, or when dealing with issues involving power, will, control, and/or concentration.  While all forms of Tiger's Eye help to raise vibrations, they also connect these energies to the lower Chakras in balance, which keeps one from feeling disconnected when working with higher goals.

tourmaline_rainbow.pngTourmaline (multicolor) - calm, protection, focus, and balance. Promotes self-assurance and goodwill.

Black - strong protection from negative energies. Reduces fears, obsessions, neurosis, and panic with a calm rootedness. Black tourmaline  can be used to both repel and protect against negativity. It acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another. It has also been used as an energy deflector, being an excellent stone for those with potential for exposure to excessive amounts of radiation. It provides for an increase in ones physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity, and can maintain ones " spirits" even in conditions which appear to emit the message of " gloom and doom".

It acts to stimulate the reflex points associated with the lower back.

It can be used in the treatment of arthritis, dyslexia, heart dis-ease, anxiety, and disorientation. It can also provide for both the stimulation and the balancing of the adrenal glands.

Pink - promotes compassion, love and healing of emotional pain.

Green - cleanses and detoxifies the spirit, brings prosperity.

Blue - helpful with verbal, speech, and throat problems. Mental peace and patience.

Watermelon - heals old emotional pains and brings emotional understanding.

tourqcab.jpgTurquoise -Transmutes the vibrations of earth and heaven. Heals the spirit. Induces trust, courage, wisdom and kindness. A very psychic shaman stone.

Use Turquoise to release old vows, express freely, and ease nerves when speaking in public.  Turquoise is a strengthening and purifying stone, protecting against environmental pollutants.

Metaphysically, Turquoise is considered to be a bridge between Heaven/Sky and Earth, grounding us while still remaining open to Spirit.  Many Native American cultures believe Turquoise helps to connect the mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe, and Turquoise is considered sacred in many Chinese cultures as well.



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