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Products - Mechanics behind Light Tools

by Richard Benishai

It is common place to have someone lay down for a treatment involving one of today's many alternative medicine methods, such as healing, reiki, reflexology, shiatsu, to name a few. Normally, no matter the method or technique involved, whether physical, or using colors, sounds and even odors, there is a close relationship between the patient and his therapist. Usually, the therapist "grounds" himself and covers both the patient and his own body with white light.

For some time now, there has been a different technique developed to treat people: Light Tools. These Tools were designed by an American, Slim Spurling, back in 1991. After clearing a few problems, Slim came up with a perfect model of a Light Ring. This ring is the basic design for other tools, also produced by Slim. By using this Light Ring, the therapist does not use his own energy or that transferred through him from the cosmos, although he can do so, to add to the treatment.

The achievement of this special ring design was based on an ancient, universal principle, also known as the "spin principle". Using a standard measurement, adopted by the builders of the pyramids, the Cubit, Slim came up with the first of the Light Life Tools, whose basic principles of operation are described in the next paragraphs.

The Cubit

This is the basic unit of measure used in building the Egyptian pyramids. One Cubit is exactly 20.6 inches or 52.5 cm. This amazing standard is based on the circumference of the earth, not at the equator but at the latitude where Memphis Valley is situated, near the Great Pyramids, in Egypt. The Egyptians considered this area as the center of the earth, and as such did not refer to the equator for deriving the Cubit. Indeed, if at this location we were to split the map of the earth into four sections (North/South and East/West), then the land masses and the oceans surface would turn out to be equal.
Secondly, the Cubit is based on the Golden ratio, a number found in all of the creation, and in nature (man, animals and plants).
And thirdly, the Cubit revolves around sacred geometry. It is no wonder that this number carries with it some mysterious powers, concentrating tachyon energy (the energy we obtain from the cosmos).

The standard for this measure is a stone block, located 72.1 inches (exactly 3.5 times the Cubit), above the floor, at the entrance of the "King's Chamber" in the Great Pyramid. This stone has a perimeter of 20.6 inches (one Cubit). This measure is directly related with a number of cosmic and earthly elements: such as being the harmonic of the radius of a hydrogen atom, such as relating to the mass of the earth, to the earth's magnetic field, the earth's gravity, etc... .


Magnets have polarity (North and South), discernible with a compass. Other material items, such as wire, plastic or glass rods, sticks, etc..., also have a distinct polarity, easily checked with a pendulum.

Figure 1. Universal Spin Principl
Figure 1. Universal Spin Principl

Example: while holding a piece of wire in your hand, place a pendulum at one of the extremities (see Figure 1). The pendulum will start to rotate according the Universal Spin Principle:

* Clockwise (cw) indicates a positive polarity
* Counter clockwise (ccw) indicates a negative polarity.

The Discovery

Taking a piece of wire, cut to one Cubit length, Slim Spurling formed a complete circle. A spark of Light Energy was immediately noted by some clairvoyant friend present at the time and a beam of Light was seen above the circle. Once the wire was connected permanently into a loop and checked with a pendulum, the beam of Light was shown to exhibit positive energy (cw spin). The opposite side of the loop was negative (ccw). See figure 2

Figure 2. Light Field in a Simple Cubit-Size Loop
Figure 2. Light Field in a Simple Cubit-Size Loop

"The positive and negative polarities of the wire were transferred to another dimension."

By performing some trials, it was then found that the loop was capable of modifying certain characteristics of physical elements:

  • Changing the freezing point of water
  • Improving the taste of drinks
  • Reducing bacteria growth.

The Improvement

The next step in the production of Light Life Tools was derived from basic electronics. An amplifying system with a very sensitive input is subject to noise pick-up. In order to cancel the noise, the two input wires are twisted. This is known as Common Mode Rejection in electronics.

Along the same line, transformers operating at high frequencies also have the windings twisted. This method results in bifilar construction.

The first design of the loops was modified to accept these concepts, resulting in a Ring of twisted wire. Twisting the wire, cancels the magnetic field and the Ring no longer exhibits a negative field. How was this done?

A length of wire, measuring two Cubits, is folded in the middle. The energy flows through the wire in both directions and twisting the two wires clockwise, causes the opposite magnetic fields to cancel. The result is a one Cubit length of twisted wire whose magnetic field was cancelled by the twist (see figure 3).

Figure 3. Canceling the Magnetic Field
Figure 3. Canceling the Magnetic Field

The twisted wire is then formed into a loop and the two extremities are welded together. This construction creates a "tensor" field, which can be seen by most people. When looking through the Ring, a blur effect can be felt/seen. This is the tensor field defined by John Archibald Wheeler, the same type of field which can be seen when making soap bubbles. This field is not related to electromagnetism, but to electro-gravitation. It can be proven by the following experiment.

Take two 500 ml graduated beakers and fill each one with a precise volume of water. Place the beakers on a scale balance and adjust the contents to obtain an equal volume of water. While the beakers are still on the scale, locate a one cubit ring over one of the beakers. Twelve hours later, notice that the beaker subjected to the light from the ring is lighter than the other, thereby upsetting the balance.

How do we switch from electro-magnetic (EM) field to electro-gravitational (EG) field?

  1. In a wire we have positive and negative ends.
  2. As we close the ends, we have current flow and develop a magnetic field (EM) perpendicular to the wire. This field expands to infinity at the speed of light (C).
  3. Simultaneously, the wire heats up slightly.
  4. By heating, the wire expands and pushes the air out, creating a sound.
  5. The mass of wire is accelerated and produces gravitational waves which expand to infinity, at the speed of light.
  6. By twisting the wire configuration, we cancel the electro-magnetic field and thus have only the electro- gravitational field.

Potentized Water

The rings add energy to ordinary water by replacing the missing outer electrons (referred to as free radicals), stripped during the time water flows through the pipes. This potentized water emits a light which can be seen by certain individuals. How does it glow?

  1. The ring adds energy to the water so that the outer electron is subjected to a quantum jump.
  2. The displaced electron is not in a stable state and wants to return to its former location.
  3. Once the electron falls back, a photon is emitted, hence the blue light.

Potentized water is a detoxicant, to be taken in gradually increased quantities. One should not drink excessive amounts of it, as it may upset your stomach and give you the runs. Although no claims are made, it has been reported by a middle-aged lady, that drinking 3-4 glasses per day, has reduced her gray color, returning blackness to her hair.


The Many Uses for Ring

  • Placed under one's bed, the ring neutralizes any negative field, of geopathic origin.
  • It can be used for increasing the meditative state.
  • It can clean one's aura when lowered slowly from head to foot and back.
  • It mends bones quicker.
  • It potentizes water (set a bottle over the ring).
  • It keeps swimming pools crystal clear (place a small ring at intake and output of pump).
  • Can be used at shower head.
  • Located in vesica piscis form under massage table.
  • Increases gasoline performance.
  • Relieves pains in joints.




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YouTube clip of Slim Spurling explaining the light/life rings

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