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Principles of Space Clearing Webinar!

 with Christan Hummel 

                    TRY our FREE TRIAL OFFER! Test it out before you decide.

*Fulfills introductory requirement for Space Clearing Certification Home Study Program.

Transform your home & transform your life!

Learn to clear your house of old energies, lingering spirits, curses, and more! 

Discover how to align with the positive forces of Nature and the Universe through simple down-to-earth techniques.

 'A Sacred Building is a Harmonic Structure for the Transformation of the Soul
It's purpose is to remind us of our true essence and Absolute connection to the universe' 
--Christian Kyriacou,  "House Whisperer"

house1.jpgThis self-paced webinar explores techniques and exercises to enhance the energies of your property.

Discover how to:

•  Clear the cause of your clutter!
•  Use Space Clearing to help to sell your home faster

•  Use sound and geometry can enhance the energy of your home
•  Clear the Stress Energies in Your Home/Workplace/Land
•  Connect energetically to the Matrix of your space
•  Use“Intuitive Feng Shui” to repattern the holographic blueprint for your home

At the end of the course, Christan will lead a guided meditation for a space clearing of your property!




Join Christan Hummel, author of  the book, “Do- It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit ” as she shares proven techniques of how to shift the vibrational template of any space harmonizing it with your highest intentions.

Course includes a FREE pdf of her DITY Space Clearing Kit.

Christan is an international author, seminar leader and  “ley” line and Feng Shui “re-balancer.” She leads sacred ceremonies and  workshops around the world teaching how to use sound, sacred geometry and the devic realms to energetically attune the space and the earth to its original blueprint and highest potential.


Shifting the Matrix, a teleconference with Christan
Everything has an energetic matrix or blueprint which is the inner structure aligning life to a particular pattern. It embodies the composite of our thoughts, feelings and imprints from the past.  Through conscious intent, you can learn to shift this energy matrix and create a new blueprint aligned with higher possibilities and potentials for the land and your home

These are times of transition, and aligning our personal space with the higher vibrations and templates that the Earth is emboding will allow us to move through these transitions with joy, grace and ease during the times of "Earth Changes" predicted. Not only will this course empower you to work with your own property at profound alchemical levels, but to be able to assist others and the earth as well during these times of transition.

"I have been thoroughly enjoying the online space clearing course........what a great format, being able to do it on my  own time/schedule.  I also really love the audios too...glad that you have them in there....what a delight!..... I love your lifts my spirit!   It is a nice relief from a lot of online reading...(I couldn't follow through with a  course in January  that I registered for on energy work because there  was so much dialoging through typing and reading eyes just said no!)  

So for this course it is nice to have the variety."

--Dianna S. Novato, CA

See how Space Clearing is helping the slumping housing market:

Now enrolling!

Principles of Space Clearing webinar schedule:

Sessions #1 & 2: Your first two sessions are self paced with a recording of previous teleconference sessions with Christan on the nature of the Quantum Matrix, the nature of the devic realms, and an overview of space clearing and how to use this understanding to enhance the energies of a space. Video and reading material will accompany each audio segment. (Approximately 4 hours in all)

Once you register, you will receive a link to a special webpage to begin the course. After that, the course content will be available to you to go through at your own pace when it suits you anytime prior to attending the live session which is a guided group space clearing with Christan.

Session #3~Live telephone space clearing sessions: Once you have finished the online component, you can email to set up a time for a one-on-one private teleconference space clearing session with Christan, or join the small group sessions at pre-arranged dates.

OPTION A:  Private, by appointment ($175)

OPTION B:  Small group session (limited to 4 people, $125)

See our upcoming Group clearing session dates

The live session applies the principles learned in the online program to your own property. Christan guides you through a quantum space clearing process to show how to energetically recalibrate any space to its highest potential.


*Fulfills introductory requirement for Space Clearing Certification Home Study Webinar, Earth Keepers course, or the Earth Alchemy course

If you are unable to listen to or download the audio segments, we can provide you with a CD of the audio for an additional fee of $45

Once you have completed your online webinar course of study, you will then join Christan LIVE in a guided space clearing of your property utilizing quantum space clearing techniques covered in your course.Participants will need access to a phone line and the internet to participate in the culminating teleconference session. If you do not have low cost long distance phone service, see: to get free phone access through your internet connection.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Sign up for our Principles of Space Clearing online course, and receive a private space clearing for only $25 more! 

Click here to register for BOTH for only $175.



ADD the new workshop DVD, Clear Your Space ~ Transform Your Life for only $55 more!

So for $225, receive a private space clearing, the Principles of Space Clearing online course, and the 5 DVD set of a live workshop.


Interested in attending a live space clearing seminar with Christan?  Click here for details.

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