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hummel-fairystardust.jpgProfessional Online Space Clearing Certification Program

To address the needs of busy people who cannot afford the time or money to come to a live workshop, this online certification course has been created.  This is a self-paced program of study, with questions throughout allowing you a chance to engage with Christan to check that your learning is progressing. Once a month, and more often if the demand is present, Christan will have a live teleconference for those in the program. This is an opportunity to ask Christan questions, and to engage with others in the program as well.

The Online Space Clearing Certification program

Consists of:

  • Six online modules and accompanying teleclasses.
  • Submission of a Space Clearing Evaluation

You can take the online classes in any order after you have completed Module One, Principles of Space Clearing. It is the basis for all the other online modules. 


It covers the information of a 3 day live workshop in a multi-media format consisting of recorded teleconferences with Christan, written material, and videos. The Certification program consists of six online modules (listed below) and attendance of two live field days (see schedule for existing field days) which can be taken anytime within a year.

This will put into practice through live field work what you have learned online. These will be held in Oceanside, CA two  times a year. Where there are enough people to warrant holding the field days in other cities, then those locations will be posted on the website.


Start with the Principles of Space Clearing module as that is the foundation upon which all the other modules rest. When you are finished with that, you can select the module(s) you want to take.

The Principles of Space Clearing module is 5 hours of self-paced, multi-media instruction at the end of which you will join in a live teleconference space clearing session.

Simply select which live teleconference section you want.  Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation with information needed to start you on your course. 

Please select from the list below which modules you are interested in taking. You can take each module independently or as part of the full Space Clearing Certification program.

SEQUENCE:  After completing the Principles of Space Clearing , all the other courses can be taken independently of the Certification Program, and in any order. When you registrater, you will be asked to select a date for your live space clearing phone session included in Module One, Principles of Space Clearing.  If you choose the group clearing option, see the listed times available on the main Principles page.


Module One: Principles of Space Clearing   (Prerequisite to all other modules--4 hours of self paced study ending with a 90 minute live teleconference space clearing session with Christan--either private or small group. Please see separate description page for times)

This is a self-paced program integrating 4 hours of recorded sessions with Christan, with selected reading material and video clips. At the end of your self-paced program, you join Christan in a live teleconference session of a guided space clearing of your property. 

See the Schedule of Upcoming Live videoconference dates with Christan.

After you finish Module One, you can take any of the other Modules in any order.

Module Two: Shifting the Matrix: working from the quantum field (each session includes 2 hours of pre-session video/audio and reading material) **or Abundance Matrix course will fulfill this requirement


Option A: Abundance Matrix: self-paced pre-recorded course.

Option B: Quantum Matrix: self-paced pre-recorded course.

Module Three: Earth Grids and the Gaian Matrix  (includes 3 hours of presession video/audio and reading material.)

Module Four: Quantum Technologies for our environment (includes 3 hours of video/audio and reading material)

Module Five: Sound~Geometries~Blueprints   (approximately 3 hours of online video/audio and reading material)

Module Six: Devas and Elemental Realms (approximately 3 hours of online video/audio and reading material)

More than just fairies and nature sprites, the Devic Kingdom is a parallel kingdom to Humanity and our co-creative partner. Devic life is responsible for everything that is in manifested creation. By understanding the principles which and laws which govern this aspect of Reality, we can access the magical worlds of co-creation for ourselves, and for the healing and well-being of the planet.

Compiled from selected readings, and personal experiences of Christan from over 30 years of working and communicating with these hidden forces, and partners of creation. Understand how the devas use archetypes, how they are seen from the quantum perspective, and how to work with them to shift your life and space!

Live Video conferences with Christan: You have access to join in live video conference sessions with Christan and others in the online Certification program. This is a chance to ask questions, and share with other members of the Space Clearing team. Video classes will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

See the Schedule of Upcoming Live videoconference dates with Christan.

Online Networking with Others: As part of the Space Clearing Certification program, you will have access to an online social network to be able to share with other members of the program, and receive information and regular updates from Christan.




Module One: Principles of Space Clearing (private clearing session $175, group clearing session $125)

Module Two: Shifting the Matrix: working from the quantum field 

Two options:

Option A: Abundance Matrix: $95 w/o session, $175 with private session

Option B: Quantum Matrix: $95

Module Three: Earth Grids and the Gaian Matrix  $95

Module Four: Quantum Technologies for our environment  $95

Module Five: Sound~Geometries~Blueprints  $95

Module Six: Devas and Elemental Realms  $95



FULL PAY OPTION for the Online Space Clearing Certification Program:

Pay in full for all of your the online portion of the course and SAVE $125 off the price of taking all six individual modules separately. Only $555! (you will still need to register for the live field day)

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER! Pay in full and receive a FREE 5 DVD set of the new Clear Your Space ~ Transform Your Life live workshop with Christan taped in Ireland. ($195 value)

Cost for complete Space Clearing Certification Program if modules are taken separately: $675 (+ cost of the live field components listed below)


LEVEL II: Live Field Work: 

Upon completion of the six online modules for the Space Clearing Certification, what remains to complete your Certification is attendance of LIVE FIELD WORK component to demonstrate the principles in live interaction, both with private spaces, and in a community. These will be led by Christan in cities around the US at different times throughout the year, or in cases where a private field days are scheduled, by one of Earth Transitions' trained practitioners.

Prices for individually scheduled field work courses vary depending on location and number of participants attending.

Live Field Work Schedule 

Space Clearing Evalutation: After your live field work, you will be asked to submit an evaluation of a space clearing you have done. This will complete your Certification requirements and you will then be listed on our website as an Earth Transitions' Practitioner and able to offer this service in your community.


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