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Getting Permission to do planetary work

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Given the success that groups have had around the world to collectively to shift the outcome of a given situation through conscious co-creation with the realms of Nature, whenever there is a global disaster, I often get emails requesting such interventions. For me, what I have to do is to revert to the original guidelines given to me many years ago by my Angelic team who are supporting this work:

1. do not do work outside your own area unless you are invited, or receive requests from the inner realms to intervene. Each area is supported by the "caretakers" of the area and it is their karma to be the custodians of their place in the earth.
2. ask permission of nature first before doing such work even when invitations are forthcoming
3. do world work in group formation, not alone.

In many ways, I am deeply grateful for this advice as I can see that otherwise I would be chasing every hurricane and earthquake around the globe. It has helped me to understand that my "contract" with the land starts first with my own area. Secondly, only if requested or "invited" would I have permission to even work with things outside my area. Third, that even when invited, there is still the need to ask if I have permission from Nature to proceed with such work. Last, if those two criteria have been met, there needs to be others who also wish to do this work and are so called. Those have been my instructions and guidelines. They do not need to apply to others, but was what I was originally told.

There have only been a handful of occasions when there was a "yes" for all three of the above and when that has happened, I have responded and have put out the invitation to do a teleclass or group intervention, and the results have in each time been met with success and gratitude from nature.

In the case of the Gulf Oil spill, when it first occurred, I asked inwardly if there was something I could do to help, and did not receive permission from nature to work on this situation In fact, when I tuned in inwardly, the answer I received was the following: (paraphrasing as I didn't write it down at the time.)

"This is a man-made occurance. To use nature to "clean up" humanity's mess in this way would not serve the greater good in the long run. This "disaster" as it is being called, is currently serving a purpose of calling attention to practices going on around the planet which are potentially dangerous, and whose expansion have been currently proposed in the U.S. It has been politically popular to support expansion of such practices, and in fact, behind the scenes deals have been made in which more drilling of this nature was agreed to in exchange for concessions on other fronts. So this in fact gives the current administration the "excuse" it needs to pull back from policies which it has not whole heartedly supported, but was committed to doing as a sort of quid pro quo.

The greater good is always what Nature will support, not the expedient or most immediate solution. The greater good in this case is served by allowing public outrage to grow and demand that such practices be more closely monitored and that greater safety measures be implemented, which are currently possible, but have not been madated as their cost has made them unpopular among the companies who would be responsible for implementing such safety measures. The U.S. government has been unwilling to step in and mandate such measures because of the political power that the oil companies still have in the U.S. Congress. With public opinion now so strongly against these practices, it is likely that the only way they will be allowed to continue will be with such government regulations and mandates.

Nature can clear this up. She has great regenerative powers, and Her life cycle is measured not in years but in centuries and millenium. So it is not Nature here which suffers, but humanity which will be deprived of enjoying Her beauty and bounty in this area. This is as it should be for now, as humanity has been willing to take of Her gifts, but not willing to honor and protect them. This is a lesson which will not soon be forgotten and the effects of which will serve to inspire and motivate many to help protect Nature in other ways.

What you CAN do to be of service is to work to continue to keep open the energetic gateway near New Orleans, which is on a major planetary leyline going through Boston/NY/D.C/Atlanta and onto Mexico City. The last three major oil spills have all be offshore of such gateways: Valdez, Finster by the end of the Camino Santiago, and now New Orleans at the mouth of the Great Mississippi gateway, and also this major leyline. THIS is a greater "danger" to the planetary well-being than the physical oil in the water, which governments already have the means to clean up, but not the political will to do so."

So THAT is what I got when I asked! I'm continually put in my place when I think I have a better solution that Nature.

Of course, I continue to tune in and ask if the situation has presented a new opportunity, and if so, would gladly work to hold open new possibilities to shift the outcome of any situation.
(update: Since posting this, I received a "yes"  just after the New Moon of Taurus to go forward with  a group meditation for May 16th at 3pm PST!   See recent results link
Some updates on the oil spill have provided confirmation of this original wisdom. See the links below for details.
With blessings,

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