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Welcome to my blog.christan.jpg

Please forgive the limitations of this first blog as I slowly ease into the technology. For now, it is at least a place to post items I feel are of relevance which have no other place on the site and may not make it into our newsletter.

Insights and Musings from Christan

Basically editorals that I just don't want to put in the monthly newsletter, but can't seem to keep inside of me. Political, economic and other world views represented here.

The New American Corporatocracy A searingly honest and courageous commentary by MSNBC newscaster, Keith Olbermann about the recent Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to buy and sell our politicians and what little is left of our democracy. Listen to this while you still can make a difference!

The Purging of our Planetary consciousness

Global Healing Projects world events, meditations, global healing requests and projects posted here.

Time to Step up our Game--the dead birds and the real story

Shift the Matrix for the Gulf: results of a global healing telecast in May

Haiti: A Call to Action: Responding to the Call to Planetary Service from the Guardians of Gaia

BP Oil  Spill ~ Issue of Permission 

Wave of Unity for the Gulf: Creating a unified field to shift the frequencies of the Gulf region

The Hill of Tara: Article by William Henry. The real significance of this former capitol of Atlantis, and seat of Celtic power for Ireland.

Inspired Messages

Divine or inspired messages that I have received as well as those from others that have been forwarded which are worth calling attention to. Recent postings include:

2010 Solstice message from the Cosmic Christ

Time to Step up our Game-- the dead birds in Arkansas

For the Temple Keepers: Message from the devic master at San Onofre

Message from the Great Mother: Becoming vessels of dedicated service.

Message from the Devic Master from San Onofre: Two Realities playing out simultaneously right now


Product Updates

New discounts, product annoucements, and specials.

Clearance Special : one time sale on overstock or discontinued items

New Gifts from Earth!!

Workshop Updates

New workshops, schedule updates and listings.

New teleclass, Personal Mastery Program, 9 week series, starts this month!.

New online course: Earth Response Team starts 1/11/11. 

New Bridging Heaven & Earth workshop in Desert Hot Springs this February

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