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Earth is undergoing unprecedented transformations at this time in history. As such, our planet is moving into higher vibrational frequencies and all fields of human endeavor, science, medicine, archeology, religion, the arts, are undergoing a revolution of consciousness, a
Renaissance of the human spirit. This site is dedicated to highlighting some of those transformations from the paradigms of separation and competition, to newer world views of interrelationship and interconnectedness of Life.

This site focuses on both inner and outer "technologies" bridging the gap between science and spirituality, as we enter this planetary shift. The inner technologies featured on this site explore modern day approaches to ancient relationships which indigenous tribes the world over have maintained with the Spirits of Nature. We have focused on our work with the Devic or Nature Forces to clear and heal the distortions in the Earth to restore balance and harmony to our cities and homes, reduce crime, pollution, earthquakes, and rebalance weather patterns. As such, we are learning to live in a co-creative relationship with Earth and our environment as we once did in times past.

This site delves into the recent research into the power of sound revealing its tremendous potential for healing the environment and our selves. The "outer" technologies highlighted feature inventors who work with a new type of "eco-technology" one that patterns Nature, rather than going against it.

Included are inventors such as Viktor Schauberger, water wizard and pioneer of the incredible life producing properties of water; sound researchers such as Tom Kenyon, revealing the power of sound as the hidden matrix of life itself; and sacred geometry tools reflecting a hidden natural order and harmony to life, used to restore personal and planetary health.

Such researchers are bridging this gap between science and spirituality, developing what we refer to as "transitional technologies" because they are a means to an end, not an end in itself. As such, they remind us of a lost power within us that we once knew and which it is our destiny to rediscover. As we do so, we become co-creators of the "Earth Changes" the Planet is experiencing.

It is my hope for this website to be a vehicle for information about such "transitional" efforts as they exist around the planet, that this transition may be one of grace, ease and joy.


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