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Spring is upon us, and with it a new surge of LIFE and an opportunity to release the energies of the past as we make room for the new life emerging. This issue is dedicated to efforts of that nature, and is chocked full of MARCH special offers as a result.

We also have some new products to announce to help clean on inner physical levels as well.

Here's to wishing you a wonderful new spring cleansing!

Earth Transitions
New Moon Rituals:

The days leading to total lunar darkness pull us inward. There's no need to figure anything out. You can go far with this plunge into healing, by looking at your own resistance to let go. What we clutch tightly, as if our lives depended on it, is often the very thing we've got to let go of. And in the release, great stores of energy are restored, and available for your use. It feels risky, but the rewards are great. A New Moon Ritual might involve a commitment to let go. Only you know what's tying up your vital energies, or where you're losing power.

Ritual Ideas:

  •   Infuse a stick with the energies of what needs to be released, and then throw it into a fire.
  •   Draw a healing bath with lavender, and envision yourself being cleansed of what you're carrying.
  •   Make a collage that has images of what you're like to seed for Spring, or visions of personal power.
Choosing the Abundance Matrix
Free Online Trial until March 21st!

Discover tools for how to remain in your own center of consciousness amid a climate of fear and uncertainty. Discover why some people see this as a time of opportunity, while others view it as a time of crisis. Learn how to unplug from the consensus reality to access a more Universal current and flow of Abundance which exists independent of external circumstances, and is everywhere present at all times!

While the course title is "Abundance" it is about much more than just having more money. It is about utilizing the technology of consciousness accessible to all of us to maintain our own vibration regardless of anything going on around us.

With such technologies of consciousness, we become empowered with a survival guide for how to glide through the upcoming changes on the planet with grace, joy and ease, rather than through the prevailing paradigm of struggle, fear and loss. By so doing, we not only help ourselves, but we become a service to those around us as well.

For more information, please see our website 

 Orgone Testimonials

This section is for case studies, sharing, testimonials or how others have been using our products. Please feel free to send in your reports.
Orgone and Weather Connections:

Greetings Christan, Thank you for all your lovely support on the Positively Clean fan page! I'm very happy that you are happy with what I am doing. I wanted to ask about this other storm that is heading our way (in CT). Do you think I should work with the Deva of this storm to ease it up a little? I have done this before and It turns out well, but part of me thinks Mother Nature knows exactly what she is doing. (Paralizing our Nations Capital) Let her power be known. I love it. I say Let it snow! But I was wondering what your opinion was.
Love and Thanks,
Dear Priscilla,

Yes, Mother Nature knows what she is doing, however, she seeks balance. When there are distortions that are out of balance, then forces of nature come in to clear the distorted energies to bring about balance. What we have learned is how to work energetically in the realms of consciousness to bring about a restoration of balance on the higher levels so that these physical attempts at balance are not needed to the same degree.

I would not be inclined having said that to work directly with the deva of a storm though. I save such matters for group work because the energies are usually composed of the collective unconscious of many different sources and the devic being will be reflecting that.
This is one of the reasons why I use the orgone. It is a way to clear the distorted energies in the land which bring about the reflections in the weather.
The workshop in D.C. will be our attempt at restoring some balance there as well. The last year has seen so much bitterness, in fighting and generally nasty and low grade energies, I'm surprised that all they got was snow!
Re: Snow Storm
"Ha ha ha, true that! What I have been doing with storms is very humbly offering the Deva of the storms that head our way the Standing Buddhic Column. They totally dissipate to some degree and the weather men have seem to be taking note when I think to do it. A lot of times I'll go outside and there will be storm all around our house and bright blue sky right over our house. Well now that I think about it, I do have a ton of orgonite around. LOL! Ok well Let's pray for the highest good then. Thank You."

Orgone Reduces WIFI dangers in UK

Town seeks its own solutions while waiting for politicians to respond:

"I thought Glastonbury was a rural town. I don't want my son exposed to risk 24 hours a day, including at his primary school which is within the wi-fi zone. I would be failing in my duty as a parent if I did."

Matt Todd, who campaigns against EMFs, said that residents had complained that chakras and ley lines are being disrupted. "They believe positive energy flows are being disturbed," he said.

Mr Todd has started building small generators which he believes can neutralise the allegedly-harmful radiation using the principles of orgone science. The pyramid-like machines use quartz crystals, selenite (a clear form of the mineral gypsum), semi-precious lapis lazuli stones, gold leaf and copper coil to absorb and recycle the supposedly-negative energy.

"I have given a number of generators to shops in the High Street and hidden others in bushes in the immediate vicinity of the antennae. That way you can bring back the balance," said Mr Todd.

Orgone science was developed by the Austro-Hungarian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who claimed all living matter contains a biological energy. Mr Todd added: "The science hasn't really got into the mainstream because the Government won't make decisions which will affect big business, even if it concerns everyone's health.

Beware the temptations to play God:

Cloudbusting in Reich's concept is not technology, but atmospheric medicine; the healing of a sick atmosphere to restore atmospheric self- regulation, after which it should be left alone. People who use terms like "weather control" and "engineering" to describe cloudbusting miss the point entirely. Reich was very clear on this point.
DOR fields -- some natural, some caused by nuclear and/or electromagnetic technology -- obstruct normal atmospheric conditions. The cloudbuster [or orgone devices] can and should be used to remove such obstacles and heal the atmosphere. It should not be used to impose an artificial, man-made climate regime for political or economic purposes.

More on this.....

Orgone and Crime:

From: "June"
Date: Sun, November 02, 2008 10:08 am
To: <>
Hi Christan,
Fabulous about you putting down the orgone in our town! That explains the peacefulness I've noticed in our neighborhood that hasn't been there in years past. For example, my neighborhood is situated on a route between The Evergreen State College and Capitol Mall. This route pretty much gets traffic at all hours of the day and night. It wasn't uncommon to hear people racing their cars, screeching their tires, yelling and generally being quite boisterous -- often late into the night. It's not like that now. In fact, I've noticed several transient people who used to hang around here have moved on and the neighborhood settles down and gets very quiet and peaceful at night. Thank you for gifting the orgonite cones to our area.

Online Principles of Space Clearing
starting now!
Our online Principles of Space Clearing course is starting now!

Learn in a self-paced manner with audio, video and selected reading materials designed to help you learn how to holographically repattern the quantum energy field of any space. When aligned with its template or blueprint, the energies of any space flow more harmoniously and more in tune with the higher dimensions, becoming a living bridge between Heaven and Earth.

In This Course you Will Learn:

·  To Clear the Stress Energies in Your Home or Workplace

·  Techniques to help sell your home

·  How to use"Intuitive Feng Shui"for your home

...and more.

  • Make your home your sanctuary.
At the end of the course, we will go through a guided meditation teleconference where together we clear the energies on a property of your choice.

Enrolling now!    
For more information click here.

Space Clearing Stories....
Reports After Doing Clearing work in NYC:

  I went to the Shanley,which is the Haunted House in the movie The Shinning,located in Nanouck(or something like that) NY by the Catskill Mts.. The whole town was built on aquaducts over some body of water in the Hudson Valley. I placed an orgone chip by the well where one of the spirits had drowned. she was a three year old named Rosie.I used the resonator and the balance card throughout the hosue in various rooms where murders were done and people committed suicide.The energy in the house changed significantly throughout the house and surrounding area for blocks around in all directions. Many people that had stayed there the year before mentioned how differently they slept, everyone slept like babies! I slept in the gentlemen's quarters.  I sensed no activity after I cleared the room! The ghost that remained chose to be there  'cause it was their home. But all the pain,sorrow,regret,anger, and residue emotional energy completely subsided! Even the owners looked more alive the next day, the Spirits although friendly were sapping the life out of the wife.

p.s. I had to go downtown to Water Street two weeks ago,while there I noticed the area where we did clearing work. The street was ablaze with vendors , commerce, and general activity.The mood was festive, light , and airy! Isn't this work grand?!
Post Office Gets a Clearing:

From: reikistudio88@XXXX
Date: Tue, January 12, 2010 8:12 pm
Dear Christan,
And many blessings to you for guiding us to do the work. The Bronxville Post Office is such a joy to go to since it was cleared: the staff is friendly and relaxed, there is almost never a line, the atmosphere inside the building is full of light. A friend reminded me today of how dreadful any visit to the PO used to be for as long as we have lived here (over 20 years!).
Happy and Healthy New Year!

Using the Clearing Techniques to Help with Aftermath of Chilian Quake:

From: Maureen <dovetail_designs@XXXXX>
Date: Sun, February 28, 2010 10:03 pm
To: Christan <>
Dear Christan,
I wanted to thank you for the teachings you've shared over the past year and a half.  In hearing the news of the Chiliean quake and potential for the tsunami, I immediately was able to utilize your teachings from the Gustuv storm (and others).
 There were amazing visuals and imagery.  In visualizing the earthquake, there was an intense energy of male energy rage that rumbled like fireballs.  When asked what it needed, the answer given was unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. Immediately then  felt the need to utilize ho'o'ponono Hawaiin energy and was brought to tears with that.  Then I saw unconditional love and forgiveness being sent from all over the world to Chile.  At that point, the tsunami came to mind, an  then there was an image of huge, miles long chain of huge, women beings, who were mountainous.  They rose from the oceans,  from Alaska to below Argentina, in one movement and stood shoulder to shoulder.  In some aspects, they were like a mountain range and also had that energy, and yet were female figures, but huge, needed to balance the masculine energy of the fireballs.   The image was that they stood on the oceans floors, with legs apart.  From the ocean floor to the tops of their legs, were actual mountain ranges; the women stood hip to hip, and with the mountain chains, formed a formidable barrier.   Their purpose was to redirect the energy of the tsunami's fury, sending the water rushing up to such a height that it lost it's momentum, and at the same time, their arms were outstretched, overlapping, as if waiting to give an embrace, to embrace all of the rage behind the fireballs and water, to give comfort, consolation and love.  In doing so, this changed the ferocity of that oncoming energy.  When the water came, it road up the mountains, then the women, into their embrace and were changed by that interaction.  The women and the mountains slowly returned beneath the ocean floor.
It was an amazing meditation and I appreciate your teachings in making it possible, and gave you thanks and gratitude for the work you are teaching all of us.  I'm sure that many of the others were doing their meditative work, too.  You could just feel the outpouring of energetic work in the matrix!
Many blessings,

Clearing and the Lake:

Subject: Lake
Date: Thu, February 18, 2010 11:35 am

    "Great News! I just cleaned a house on the Lake. This house was the third settlement on lake Pocotopaug. (Originally) I was lucky enough to be able to clear this property as well. Any way, there is a lovely pair of White Swans on the lake , just this past month. The owner who has lived ther since childhood, (he is now well into his 70's) Has NEVER seen Swans before this time. I lovingly thanked them for being there and then a bald Eagle landed right there to catch a fish. Crazy! I was shocked. I think the Deva's are very happy! And so am I. I have to look up what swan and eagle mean. Well just wanted to share. Thank You!"
~ Priscilla


On the Lighter Side:

One of our Space Clearing Practitioners from Australia sent in this report after doing a clearing for her customer:
Dear Christan,
The reason for this email is to share with you a lovely/fun story of my first real home clearing experience with a friend in Singapore.  I was a friend's house guest for a week and had taken the workshop books and CDs that I got from our Melbourne workshop with me.  As my friend Sandy is very open, I included her in all the techniques from the original dowsing of geo. stress through to the CD instructions itself.

Her bedroom with her partner was an interesting one.  The stress lines ran vertically down the centre of the bed and on each edge plus one horizontally that cut the bed in two.  No problems to their health and sleep patterns since (being in their early 50s) they mostly stayed on their sides of the bed anyway...  Well the Devas worked with us to clear the stress lines and all was good - pendulums showed all was done.  Until the next morning, that is.
After "He" has gone to work, Sandy and I caught up over breakfast.
Me: "How did it go?  Did you notice any difference to your sleep patterns or anything?"
Her:  "Can you put it back?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Her: "The stress line from the middle of the bed"
Me:  "What happened, was there a problem?"
Her:  "He was over on my side all night long, I couldn't keep him away.  Usually he's so good at staying on His side of the bed.  This is so unusual.  I'd just like him back on his side."
Classic!  Just goes to show that these thing can have some unforeseen (positive?) results!!
Lesley White
Sydney, Australia

Bridging Heaven & Earth,
April 23-25, Rhinebeck, NY

image by SunStar
Discover For yourself How To:

  • Spiritual practices to strengthen the connection with your Soul

  • How to remove emotional and mental hindrances that block you from accessing your source of inner truth and power, the light of the Soul.

  • How to build your living light bridge (rainbow bridge or antakarana), linking your Soul with your personality nature

  • Techniques (EFT, sound, matrix repatterning) for clearing thoughtforms and karmic patterns from your auric space

  • Conscious co-creative use of your throat chakra (alchemy of sound, conscious languaging, co-creation with devic realms)

  • Developing the intuition to receive clear guidance and direction from higher Self

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has stated
"The highest and the newest method (of healing) is that of calling into positive activity a man's own soul.  The true and the future healing is brought about when the life of the soul can flow without any impediment and hindrance throughout every aspect of the form nature.  It can then vitalize it with its potency, and can also eliminate those congestions and obstructions which are such a fruitful source of disease"
(p. 17, Esoteric Healing).

Early Registration Discount ends March 21st.

For course information or to register....


I'm pleased to announce that our new spring course schedule is ready to go!

This new moon in Pisces March, 15th sets a new tone of spiritual growth in many areas of life. With four planets in Pisces, and Jupiter exiting Capricorn and entering Pisces, this new moon is bringing new emphasis on our ideals, our dreams, and our deep yearnings for a better world.

As such this is a great time to start new projects, receive support for new ideas and visions, and implement new directions.

May you use these new moon energies as a window to support and feed your highest visions.

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