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New Year's Message from Earth Transitions
Greetings for the New Year!

new year
There are many "new years" so far. The traditional January 1st turning of the Gregorian calendar. Then the Pongol New Year event January 15th celebrated in India. Then for the Pagans in the crowd, there is the New Moon and "eclipse of the Century" as its been called, January 15th as well.  Lest we not forget the upcoming Chinese New Year February 14th this year!

So, whichever "new year" you are celebrating, let it be an opportunity for you to turn the page on your past and embark upon a new cycle. Each new cycle is an opportunity to reset the clocks of our lives, to clear away the old patterns and make way for something new. 

May you have a great journey into the New Year, whichever one rocks your boat.
Christan Hummel,
Earth Transitions
Message from the Guardians of Gaia -- a Call to Action
Boreal Forest

Message from the Guardians of Gaia

through Elivia Melodey and Christan Hummel


After suffering for more than two weeks with a debilitating and painful lung infection, which seemed not to fit typical symptoms of an infection,  I started to tune in and see what was happening with my body.  This came right around the time when I'd also been thinking of what could be done for the situation in Haiti.

I'd received many emails requesting assistance, and could we do something, and I'd put several meditations on my blog, but never got any specific guidance as to what to do...until now.

When I turned my attention towards the situation with my lungs, I received the message that I was picking up something in the planetary body of the earth related to the "miasmas" in the mental plane that related to the situation in Haiti.

I didn't understand this message, and tried to get more information, and all I got was an image of a circle of trees around the artic and the word "taiga" which I didn't recognize.  Then I was being shown they were like the lungs for the planet.  Seeing that I was still perplexed, the guidance said, "go see your roommate (Elivia Melodey) she has lots of air signs!  I am mostly earth and water in my astrological chart, and Elivia has a great amount of air in her chart. This apparently oriented her in the direction they were trying to point me, but that I was not able to get on my own.

Elivia is a gifted psychic and works with healing sounds, and a variety of other interdimensional tools, so I knew she wouldn't think it odd for me to come up to her.

As soon as I did, she immediately began to get a message.  The resulting message stunned us both in its wisdom, and depth.  Together (me tuning into the devic realms and the tree devas, and Elivia with her guides) this message came through for how we can be of planetary service right now to help clear the "miasmas" that have accumulated in the planetary mental body, and which are indirectly causing some of the earth changes such as the one experienced in Haiti. The full message as well as some other wonderful meditations that can be done to assist with Haiti are found on my blog by following the link below.

"This is a call to action for cosmic citizens to walk their talk and have your actions follow your consciousness, to move beyond any perceived sense of limitation and to realize that you are multidimensional beings working in conscious co-creation with a multitude of beneficent, sentient beings who are here to support the evolution of Mother Earth and humankind.


"Know now that your thoughts have power, your thoughts create, that all creation starts on an energetic platform, and that you are one with life that matches your vibrations.


"You are connected to those of like frequency on multidimensional planes. This is a REMINDER of the adage "when two or more are gathered in My name..." and why you are empowered when together. There is a quantum field already set up, doing the grid work to hold these frequencies when you align with the Elemental kingdom, whose mandate it is to support the evolution of Gaia and all of Her charges i.e. humans. When you align with them, you increase the power and efficacy of what you are doing ten thousand fold. Unbeknownst to you, behind the scene are a legion of galactic forces already in co creation.  Great forces are at work here, get on board!


"This is an OPPORTUNITY, a huge opportunity, for you to see, feel, know, what great GOOD can manifest through these chaotic times.


"Step back, have discernment, have perspective, and remember that you are the mandala limitless beyond measure and have untold resources available to effect enlightened change.


Clearing the planetary miasmas at this time:


"The planet itself has its own safeguard that gets impacted by the energetic mental field of humans. When this field reaches its tipping point, Gaia works towards auto self-correction.


"Just as the throat chakra on humans is the final energetic line of defense for overload and self-destruction.


"So the ring of trees of the taiga region* around the top of the globe is the comparable to the throat chakra zone of the planet (a reminder that the largest organism on earth is the aspen.)


"Take this time now to work in conjunction with the devic realm who oversees the cleansing of the vital life creation energies through this Taiga region. It is like the lungs of the planet and can help to clear the thought-forms on the mental plane of the planet when you work co-creatively with these great beings. Vital life energies for Gaia come in through the poles, and are consciously held in place at this latitude.

"Move into oneness with the in-breath and out-breath of Mother Gaia, the Divine Breath, as it inflates like a bellows, moving as well the bows and branches this legion of great Sentinels of the Taiga forest, infusing Gaia and all of Her charges on all dimensions, i.e. devic and human, with life enhancing breath, masquerading as oxygen. Then feel that breath moving into the heart, bringing serenity, moving into the lungs, banishing grief, and bringing succor and comfort. As we do this for ourselves, we connect as well with the consciousness of this great Sentinels of the Taiga. As such, we are breathing for the planet itself.


"Humans are responsible for holding this miasma of fear that impacts all that we see before us, animals, birds, sea creatures, those that borough, as well as the trees and plant kingdoms--AND your earth crust!




"To invest your thoughts, your prayers, your visions in Source energy, which feeds the breath, and life energy of this Great Being, Mother Earth, who supports your existence here."


*editorial note. After doing this exercise, the pain and congestion in my lungs cleared up immensely!!
Light up the Goddess Grids of D.C.~ Field Excursion in April
With the sequel to the Da Vinci Code being set in Washington D.C., I was particularly happy at the prospect of a renewed interest in lighting up the Grids of the Goddess in this most sacred and influential part of our nation.

In this experiential field event, we will walk the streets of D.C. to discover the hidden Goddess codes and secret repositories of the Divine Feminine. These exist along side those intentions imprinted throughout the grids by our Founding Fathers, and are affecting the indigenous sacred points in the land which preceded this Patriarchical "encoding." 

A knowledge of this grid system and its hidden encoding, together allows one to transcend the physical imprinting and through an act of applied consciousness, and alchemically shift the energetic matrix of creation in our Nation's capitol to allow the greatest light, and highest aspirations to thrive in this most sacred land.

This two day field experiencial is preceded by a three-part teleconference with DVD clips, audio recordings and written material preparing us for the physical applications to earth power points in the D.C. area.

The district of "Columbia" is based upon the Goddess, and Her energy is trapped like a genie in a bottle. In understanding the hidden codes of the D.C. matrix, we can release that genie and the Feminine spirit of the land. As such, we are able to hold a sacred space for the emergence of the True Spirit of America, enlightened leadership, and right use of power for WA, D.C.

Times: 9:30 am to 5:30pm EST
Dates: April 10th and 11th, 2010
Cost: $195 includes the online course

Click here for more information.
New Home Study Certification Course
Online Space Clearing Certification Course

Now available as Home Study Webinar!

Classes start this January.

Now you can become trained as a Certified Space Clearing Practitioner for Earth Transitions while learning from your home!

See details on our website.

Space Clearing course in Ireland this April!

This April I will journey to the magical land of Ireland, birthplace of the devic realms!

For the first time, I'll be offering a Space Clearing course in Ireland!

You might well imagine my excitement, being such a deva person at my core, to finally have the opportunity to visit the land where it still thrives and sings in the core of the Earth!

Sadly though, not all is sweetness and light in this land of enchantment, as this quote which accompanied the photo sums up:

Drombeg Stone Circle - County Cork, Ireland

When the blinding madness of bloodshed has reached its inevitable conclusion, and new monuments to conquering kings are erected, take heed my son. This is when the true battle begins.

War, it seems, is best waged upon sacred ground.

Yes, the history of our planet has shut down many of these portals to inner dimensions of Earth. The time is now for them to be reopened so that Earth may embody the higher vibrations coming into Her sacred sites in preparation for the Ascension.

In this two day course, we will discover ways to clear our own homes and environments, and then be able to apply the lessons learned to the greater community. A two day outing to sacred sites of Ireland will follow the course.

For details, please see our website.
We've moved again! Earth Transitions has finally settled back into Southern California.

Please make note of our newest address.

Earth Transitions
Start the New Year with a Clear Space!jerusalem

Each New Year is an opportunity to slough off the old vibrations of the past, and to move forward into a new  relationship to the world around us including our spaces. This year especially so as we enter into a new decade, and are one year closer to the 2012 transition ahead.

Letting go of the old energetic baggage is an essential part of being able to transition into the higher frequencies and dimensions which await us. The more we actively align with those incoming vibratory currents, the less stress, strain, resistance and pain we experience in the process.

For some simple tips on how you can help bring in new energies into your environment during this time, see the article on our website, Space Clearing Tips for the New Year.  

For those who are interested in learning more about the art of shifting the matrix of any space, there are two options for learning: 

First, the online webinar  the Principles of Space Clearing.  It comes with a free pdf of my DITY Space Clearing Kit, and  outlines the basic principles of what is needed to shift the energetic patterns in your home or office. By shifting this energetic matrix of a space, it allows for more expanded possibilities and outcomes to reflect in your life.

Second, for those who wish to embark upon a new career in space clearing, or ad it to their existing repetoire of skills, there is the online home study Space Clearing Certification program.  The informational section is delivered through a series of webinars, a multimedia online study program with video, audio and internet learning woven together in an interactive format.  The last two days are field experientials offered in different parts of the U.S. and this year, one in Ireland taught by me to practice and apply the principles learned online. 

This new home study format has been created  in response to the demand that has been there for this course, but that could not be met via the physical workshop format. I will still be offering that format twice a year, and the next one is in Joshua Tree, CA in March.

So as we start the new year, Earth Transitions and I would like to invite you to join us in clearing your space on all levels.

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