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  Recommended Links    

Deva Research

Able Crystals

Earth Wisdom School

Friends of the Trees Society

Dowsing Societies

American Society of Dowsers
British Society of Dowsers
Canadian Society of Dowsers
Canadian Society of Questers
Joey Korn
Susan Collins

Dowsers Society New South Wales

Dowsers society in Victoria, Australia

Environmental Healing

Clean Air/Cool Planet
Environmental Links
Global Warming, An Inconvenient Truth (Japanese) (English)
Healing the Earth / Ourselves

Evidence of Humanity

Wonderful collection of forward thinking groups and individuals advancing the cause of humanity's evolution

Project of Love and Thanks to Water
A wonderful site devoted to applying the work of Emoto's Message from Water showing the effects of prayer on water worldwide.
Seasons of the Earth
Thinkquest: The Environment

Esoteric / Metaphysical Websites

The Rainbow Bridge
A site dedicated to building a bridge between the higher self and our personality vehicles. Techniques of clearing emotional and mental patterns in the aura.

This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth.  With honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the Internet, we will find and spread the truth about life and death.

The Seven Ray Institute

Seven Rays Today, a new appreciation of the ageless wisdom and esoteric astrology, and the role of the devic kingdom in forming our reality.


Feng Shui

Alex Stark
A most amazing synthesis of feng shui, geomancy, shamanism, sacred architecture and world traditions I've come across. Many articles and great resource of information from space clearing, to creating sacred gardens.

Chrisitian Kyriacou

Seminars & workshops in Feng Shui, Sacred Sound & the Alchemy of Space, Sacred Geometry & Harmonics, Space Clearing/Harmonising, Dowsing. For General Groups, Corporate Training.

Conscious Design Magazine

Denise Linn
Interior Alignment

E-IQ Test, Personality Tests
ABCs of Personal Growth

Feng Shui Articles
Traditional Feng Shui articles from the world's top experts.
International Feng Shui Guild

The International Feng Shui Guild brings together and supports the International Feng Shui Community. Our purpose is to promote the use, practice, and teaching of Feng Shui.

International School of Feng Shui
Headed by Roger Green, featuring four international locations. Sponsoring tours, certification courses and conferences.

The House Whisperers ~ Christian Kyriacou and Sandy Humbly.

Transformational Energy Work with Houses

Space Clearing at a whole new level.

Products for the art and soul of your home

Geomancy / Labyrinths / Earth Energies

Alex Stark
most amazing synthesis of feng shui, geomancy, shamanism, sacred architecture and world traditions I've come across. Many articles and great resource of information from space clearing, to creating sacred gardens.

The GEO Group
Labyrinth Spirituality Web Sites
Wonderful site with many labyrinth links.

Mid Atlantic Geomancy
This website, run by Sig Lonegren and Patrick MacManaway, has lots of information about Earth Energies, Archaeo-astronomy, Sacred Geometry and Dowsing. Sig has provided a whole section on labyrinths, including information about how to draw them, the names of the parts, their relationship to colors and chakras, and his simple but effective labyrinth mediation technique. There are now also sections on ancient and modern labyrinths, with excellent photos and animated GIFs.

Stress Spot
A valuable stress information resource website.

Connecting to the wisdom within...Quality ways to improve your health and the way you care for your body and mind.

Family of Light Healing Centre
An international mobile healing, yoga and educational centre offering aromatherapy, channeling, color therapy massage, medical intuition, reiki, sound healing, stone medicine, vibrational yoga and more.

Shows how to consciously, immediately, and intentionally control the physiological and psychological aspects of your immune system so that you can methodically initiate immunological actions that effect cure.

Ken Page
Devoted to self-empowerment andsharingknowledge, Heart & Soul Healing addresses Oneness, DNA healing, conscious creation, removal of energy 'imprints' from old patterns (thoughts, feeling and emotions), spirit and soul fragment release and much more.

Alkaline Foods

Natural Awakenings
Healthy living messages of natural health and wellness, personal growth and sustainable living.

Using the power of live superfoods to supercharge your life!
Reiki Toronto

Living Water

John Richards has a wonderful site at:

The Stirwand
The Quantum Age Stirwand technology creates a near perfect environment to transport water, oxygen, and mineral ions into the body, naturally and safely

Viktor Schauberger Bookshelf


New Physics

Bruce Lipton
Dr. Bruce Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit who introduces a long-awaited paradigm showing the biology of belief and how our thoughts affect our world.

Fred Alan Wolf

Fred Alan Wolf is a popular author of 11 books, a frequent speaker and independent scholar/researcher in physics and consciousness.

John Keely Research
A comprehensive website dedicated to exploring the research of John Keely.

Living Energy Systems
Move On New Zealand
Moveon New Zealand is dedicated to exposing the truth about control of distribution of wealth and technology withheld, that can enhance our living environment, health and well being.

Orgone Research
Orgonise Africa Movement
Great information on Orgone, and when to use which device. Stories of how orgone is being use to stop and reverse draughts, neutralize chem trails, and how indigenous leaders are embracing and using the orgone gifts. If they can do it, what's stopping us!



Sacred Geometry Orgonite Healing Chamber
Sumeria Physics Page
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
An extensive collection of the works of John Keely by Dale Pond.

What the Bleep
What the Bleep Do We Know?! is a radical departure from convention. It demands a freedom of view and greatness of thought so far unknown.


 International contacts:

Prayer / Conscious Intent

2012 Enlightened

Agni Hotra
Gregg Braden

Lighted Paths
A wonderfully beautiful website created to support the global emergence of wisdom and wholeness in everyone. Offers a variety of wholistic offerings, articles, educational programs, radio shows, and events are offered to inspire and facilitate this unfolding. Personal transformation is just part of their goal; planetary transformation is the rest of the picture.

Marianne Williamson

Motivational Quotes

Learn meditation with the Holy Spirit and experience deep emotional health, hear God's voice, and have more love in your life.

Sacred Art

The Arcturians
An astonishing display of geometry and art designed to heal, transform and awaken. A must see! You will feel the vibrations just by looking at these beautiful designs, which instantly impart their frequencies for the viewer.

Sacred Living Art

Capturing the essence of Mother Earth in a diversity of forms, Whitney Krueger's site shows the sacredness of art in ways that are inspired by the Earth. A site to feed your soul.

Francene Hart

A visionary artist whose symbolic imagery of Sacred Geometry act as a bridge between this reality and a metaphorical world of healing, continuity, and transformation. Uses multiple transparent watercolor glazes coupled with image overlapping techniques, and sacred geometry to produce visions of a multi-dimensional reality.

Art Serving Spirit website of Goddess artist Gaelyn Larrick. Wonderfully inspiring artwork of the Goddess in Her many forms.

Gregory Colvin Photography
Nature Photography

Sacred Goddess Art

Sacred Land Photography

The website for the beautiful photographic artwork of renowned artist, Cindy Pavlinac. Extensive photography of labyrinths around the world, as well as sacred sites, and amazing digital composites.


Thanks to Sun Star, we have many of the wonderful graphics and photos which grace our site. Do check his site out. He is a world reknowned photographer who has thousands of images showing the beauty our our planet.

Sacred Geometry

The Arcturians
An astonishing display of geometry and art designed to heal, transform and awaken. A must see! You will feel the vibrations just by looking at these beautiful designs, which instantly impart their frequencies for the viewer.

Flower of Life
Sacred Geometry by Bruce Rawles
San Graal School of Sacred Geometry
Source Books & Sacred Spaces
Wide selection of cutting edge metaphysical books, cds, and art with sacred geometry, Merkaba, Sacred Feminine themes.

Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Traditions of the World
Lovely photographs and intriguing essays by anthropologist and National Geographic photographer Martin Gray, who has visited and studied more than 1000 holy and magical places in 80 countries.

The Sacred Site
A brand new collection of FREE e-Sources which explore many ancient "alternative" and complementary disciplines and practices that are still relevant and working today. Full of useful information, interviews and links.


A comprehensive website of John Beaulieu, including tuning forks and their applications, biological applications of sound, videos and much more.

Interactive Brain Training working with sound to rewire neurons in the brain. Helping people with Parkinsons, ADHD, Altzheimers and more.

Chris James

An amazing sound healer From Byron Bay Australia who teaches toning and its uses and benefits.

Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor Hans Jenny. Read articles on Cymatics and the healing nature of sound.

Sound healer, sacred site Magdalene tours.

Spiritual Networking

Cultural Creative Web Directory
The most comprehensive, Cultural Creative web directory search on the Internets. Alphabetical index of cultural creative resources on the Web. Features details on the top areas of interest and a searchable database.


An amazing conscious social networking site. Meet others of like mind who have a passion for BEING the CHANGE we are looking for on the planet.
Earth Vision
Earth Vision presents spiritual ecology through explorations of nature and soul. Five volumes delve into the wilderness within, an eco-spirituality of vast proportion.
Elohim Journal
Era of Peace
This site is dedicated to the Divine Potential of every person
and to the reality of the Peace of God in all life.

IAG Link Directory
Free internet link directory
Merlian News
A regularly updated resource of holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties including nutrition, health issues, yoga, astrology, book reviews, spirituality, consciousness, meditation, environmental awareness and holistic events including certified training courses on numerous holistic subjects. We also offer free Podcast interviews to download.

OmPlace The 'Conscious Living' Directory and Alternative NewsRoom

Wisdom Magazine
New Age Australia
Planet Lightworker Magazine
Metaphysics, Spirituality, Non-duality. Information to shift into the higher vibrations of the Earth.
Pygmy Possum
For every mind, body and spirit - Visit us to find alternative therapies/guidance and healing practitioners, courses, events, rooms for rent, articles and over 1300 new age products and gifts.
A Magazine of Personal Stories of Spiritual Awakening and Conscious co-Creativity.
Spiritual Networking Resource Site for Australia
Spirit Find

Spirit Suites
Universal One



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