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matrix.jpgShifting the Matrix: Creating new outcomes for the Gulf

Teleclass Meditation Series with Christan Hummel

last session was: August 23rd while the live sessions are over, you can listen to the series for free to learn how to be of service in this way for your community.

Our first session recording, July 26th

Second session recording, August 9th

Last session recording, August 23rd


*See Recent Updates* for improvements on the Gulf

Prerequisite reading/audio/video

While many have been praying and working with the Gulf for its restoration, however, while these have an impact, generalized efforts only reach a certain level. To be able to penetrate to the core of the energetic which is holding this now planetary trauma in place, there is a need for more specific and surgical types of work in a kind of quantum shamanic approach.

Physics has discovered that our Universe is composed of quantum waves of possibility in a state of transcendent potential. Our consciousness collapses a possibility into actuality, which we do by exercising our freedom of choice.   Consciousness chooses the actuality to experience from a limitless sea of possibilities. Learn the technology of consciousness to tap into this sea of potentiality to actualize the reality you want to be living in your life. All is just energy!

ENERGY EXCHANGE:  There is no fee for participating in this program. Instead, it is requested that you contribute by offering a donation to the orgone gifting program below. It helps to "ground" the efforts of our meditation work, and allows those in affected areas to be supported in a very tangible way.  As is the case in most disaster situations, those who need the help most are least able to afford it. 

ORGONE "GIFTING" PROGRAM: (see the Project Updates of our site to follow the progress)earthgrid.jpg

For those who wish to contribute financially to the purchase and placement of orgone in the Gulf and coastal areas, all orgone will be offered at our 30% off our retail price and given to those living in the areas affected, or who have access to the waters and oil rigs or key grid points for placement. As you know, those most directly affected, and therefore in the best position to physically anchor orgone, are also those most hard hit financially by this situation.

There is a network forming now of volunteers in affected areas who are willing to place the orgone donated to the needed areas. This is of great value to assist the prayers being offered as the orgone helps to hold open a CLEAR space to GROUND those prayers and intentions worldwide, to anchor them within the grid matrix of the Earth.

Teleconference History:

On May 24th, we held our first teleclass meditation to shift the energetic matrix surrounding the situation in the Gulf. While many are working with the oil in the water, my guidance has been to work with shifting the political and economic structures that hold in place the existing paradigm of greed and selling out of our natural resources to the highest bidder.

A follow up to that teleclass was held on June 24th, with the intention of opening the main energy portal in New Orleans, to assist in getting the needed Ch'i energy flowing throught the holographic matrix of the Gulf area.

According to tenents of Chaos Theory, it is known that small events can affect macro changes.

"It is entirely a question of waiting for a moment when the system is in a state of instability. In a phase of instabilitity, they motion of thought alone is sufficient for the system to start to change."

-- Gilbert Klima

Professor at the Institute of Nuclear Physic, Vienna, Austria

PHASE TWO: GROUND SUPPORT: ORGONE (see the Project Updates of our site to follow the progress)

In conjunction with our group teleconference meditations, we will augment our group project with specific orgone placement to to open those energetic portals to the Light as well, and thereby create a critical mass of LIGHT quotient into the hologram of the area. If you live in one of the following areas: Sarasota, Pensacola & Tampa, FL,  Mobile, AL, Galveston, TX and are willing to place orgone in specific locations  please email me and I will work with those in the area to determine appropriate locations for placement for the maximum results in opening the energetic light field to new possibilities for change in the system. You do not need to attend the teleconferences to be able to help with the orgone placement.

The combination of the teleclass meditations, and the orgone placement at strategic locations, has a potential to OPEN the entire situation to new possibilities of new technology, new approaches to the existing situation, new regulations, new governmental roles in protecting the environment, and more.


NOT REQUIRED, but pretty amazing!! For an amazing 1 hour video on the MAGICAL PROPERTIES OF WATER, and to see the possibilities that PHYSICS has discovered for this life-giving substance that sustains our planet, click below. 



 We are living in an amazing time when science and spirituality are coming together to form a new field, one which transcends the boundaries and limitations of both. The applications of this new science of spirituality are endless. Join me as we discover some of those possibilities of shifting the matrix for ourselves, and the planet!

Thank you for joining in this effort to help our beloved Mother Earth at this time to shift the matrix and vision possibilities for new outcomes. We hold within our hands the magic of co-creation!



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