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Gulf Restoration Project updates:

Stay tuned to this page of our site to keep up on updates as they occur.

For Gulf News Updates click here

See recent crop circle formations from July 27th!!

Our first session recording, July 26th, is available here

Second session recording, August 9th, click here to listen

Last session recording, August 23rd, click here to listen

Orgone ground crews 

As for the Gulf effort, so far there are folks in the following areas:

Sarasota, FL (very large group who has been working for months on this project, so they represent a good, solid, established network. Also has an environmental harmonizer in the area.)

Pensacola, FL (a woman and several friends in the area who can do the orgone placement. Also has an environmental harmonizer for the area)

Group there did major clearing ceremony of Fort Pickens area clearing it of curses and releasing the devas from previous programs. Now in process of placing orgone at key spots in the area.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Harmonizers
From: Jenna<>
Date: Wed, August 11, 2010 6:11 am
To: Christan Hummel <>

Dear Christan,
I wanted to thank you so much for the environmental harmonizer. It has made such a huge difference in both the physical clearing of pollution and also psychic pollution. Before I received the harmonizer, this area (near Pensacola, Fl.) was filled with fear and psychic pain due to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It had been 3 months since the explosion in the Gulf and things weren't getting any better. I remember the day the harmonizer arrived. I immediately put it on with the "swept clear" CD. I played it twice that day. I could tell immediately that the psychic pollution was clearing. Within a day or 2 the sky was also clearing. Now I wake up to puffy clouds and blue sky nearly everyday. My son has been monitoring the air pollution levels on  Although there are many cities around us that are suffering from the spill, our air quality is much better. Our air quality was 16 this morning. That is very, very good! Thank you Christan and thank you Slim Spurling for this wonderful invention. 


Upate: On Sunday, August 22nd, a group of 11 went to Ft. Pickens and did a special medicine wheel to invoke the Divine Blueprint. Here is there report:


Jenna XXX <>    
Date: Tue, Aug 24, 2010 8:57 am

Dear Christan,
Thank you for this link! I wanted to let you know that we had the Metatron's Cube ceremony on Sun. evening at 5:45p.m. There was a huge thunderstorm system just getting ready to break loose on us, but the divine beings and devic kingdom held it off until the ceremony was over. We had 11 people participate and we had a young man who knew all about Metatron's cube,how to lay out the area and say the prayers. It was quite beautiful and moving for all. At the end of the ceremony, one lady spoke up and said," The dolphins are here. They are saying that they are so happy that we have done this ceremony".  I looked out and saw at least 3 dark colored dolphins swimming and diving in the shallow lagoon. They seemingly came from nowhere. We did not see them there before the ceremony. Anyway, we all felt joyful that we had been part of this healing.

part two: There was Lori and myself and 4 other people from the pranic healing group. We had just done a 30 minute meditation called Twin Hearts which is very good at cleaning the chakras and allowing divine light to flow into to them. Susan brought 4 plus herself from her group, all of whom seemed very dedicated to the task and were glad to be of service. Trisha was not here. Tampa is a very long way from us. I think 10 or 11 hours away.  

Yes, you may report this event. It was held at Fort Pickens on the beach, right at what is called the Pensacola Pass which connects the Gulf to Pensacola. Fort Pickens, Fort McCrae and the Naval base all form a triangle with each other. Well, that's all for now. I am interested in going back there when I am home next week to see how the area has changed.  Love, Jenna 

Tampa Bay, FL (three women working with orgone in the area and connecting with the devic realms. Have done space clearing work in key spots and in the process of placing orgone in the area at the ports and military bases.)

Report from woman working in the Tampa area:

"Dear Christan,

I have been going down to the Bayshore (Tampa Bay) and writing Love inscriptions facing the water on the wall (ala Emoto style and sending
my spirals and sounds in a special way that I work and just loving my "Water". I have a very special relationship with this Water, I was
born on Bayshore in an old hospital.

I have been very sad because there has been several yards of trash all along the wall floating, plastic bags, paper name it.
Yesterday on the call I kept seeing this and remembering how Tampa Bay's original name was Bahia Del Espirito Santo (Bay of the Holy
Spirit) so I asked forgiveness to Devas of the Bay as well and sent my love. It has been many many weeks that the trash has been lined up all
along the wall of the when I went it was ALL CLEAN! Not one piece of trash in the water... I will never know probably how
it happened in this realm. ........"

Mobile, AL (a man is working with a meditation group who is able to do ceremony and orgone placement in key spots in Mobile. One of our space clearing practitioners in CT is working with their group to do the devic linkages in the area.)
Gulfport,  MS (a woman whose husband works as a mariner and ferries out to the BP rigs on a regular basis. So we can get things in the water, and directly into the "heart" of the operation.)

Galveston/Houston, TX  (a woman that lives in Houston and has a sail boat so can go put orgone in the bay. Also has a Genesa crystal for the Houston area. Has a source of orgone already there.)

Has now hooked up with two other women and working with the harmonizer with the devas of the Bay. About to place orgone in key areas, and to link up with Corpus Christi and Austin, TX groups.

Earth Transitions has done group energy work in New Orleans, but don't have any people there yet to help hold the energy on the ground. I'm hoping to find someone in the Lousianna/New Orleans area. T
See our blog for the update on the improvement in the Marshlands there since the last teleconference.
The ground crews are able to help with earth work in these major energy ports to open up the whole matrix of the Gulf. Also, using orgone from the donations that have been received, they will be able to place it in the water in their areas. This will serve to greatly assist the efforts of those who have been holding prayer vigils around the world, helping them to be "grounded" in the areas.

That then completes the "circuit" to encircle the Gulf. Its great that some of the people can deliver some of them into the water itself. There will be a joint program of water placement and land to open key acupuncture points in the area. That will help the Ch'i flow in that "port" of the Gulf. With us all doing this during the same time frame, it will create a unified field for the whole region. THAT should really put things into hyperdrive as far as anchoring the efforts of the millions around the globe who have been praying for the healing of the Gulf.

I will put updates on this page of our website to monitor the progress, put pins on a map so to speak, and show people where their donations are going. I'll also have a place to put updates of progress as it shows up in areas where work is being done.
So far it is the most ambitious project I've ever been given, but since it is Spirit working THROUGH us, what does size matter to the Divine?

With hurricane season coming up it provides an opportunity to ground the orgone in time to help offset the effects of that as well as help with the water clean up.

Donations received to date: $358

Calgary, Canada, $33

Prince Edward Island, Canada, $25

New Braunfels, TX , $20

Santa Barbara, CA , $10

Los Angeles, CA, $30

San Diego, CA $90

Victoria, Australia, $20

Spokane, WA, $50

Tweksbury, MA $60

Colorado Springs, CO $20

+ offer of a donation of orgonite from CT to the ships which service the rigs in the Gulf.


Orgone placement:

So we're off to a great start. That gives us enough to place 4 Earth Keeper cones in each of the 5 cities where there are "ground crews" and some $$ left over to place in the water near the BP rigs.

I'll be posting maps of where the orgone is being placed so that you can continue to hold those vortices in your meditation and prayers to keep their energy open and flowing.


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