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UK Space Clearing Practitioners 

The individuals listed below have been trained and certified by Earth Transitions to do private space clearing sessions for individual properties. Please contact them directly to arrange for a space clearing of your property. To become a space clearing practitioner, please see our workshop schedule page.

United Kingdom


Marion Eaton

Hestia Harmonizing

Professional Aromatherapy,

Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®

(Master Practitioner and Teacher)

Environmental Healing and Space Clearing

for the home, workplace and the community.



Nr Hastings

East Sussex UK



Vivien Ford ~ Hestia Harmonizing


The blueprint of perfection lies underneath your property. It is in the Earth, underneath homes, offices, shops and factories and all the public spaces. It is there, waiting to be restored.

When the stagnant and blocked energy pattern of your property is re-aligned with its original blueprint of perfection, it is perfectly possible your life could change for the better and highly likely that it will.

Phone: 01424 751992

Mobile: 07980962295



(will travel throughout the UK)

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