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Ireland Space Clearing Practitioners 

The individuals listed below have been trained and certified by Earth Transitions to do private space clearing sessions for individual properties. Please contact them directly to arrange for a space clearing of your property. To become a space clearing practitioner, please see our workshop schedule page.



Cork, Ireland
cell: 087 1215983


Noelle Quinn

75 Shrewsbury Lawn,
Dublin 18 
Bio-Testing and Therapy International, P.R.A.N.A. Kinesiologist.



Shrewsbury Lawn
Dublin 18
Ph: 086 1732198
I am a Hospital Chaplain by profession.  I absolutely love this work and feel so honoured and blessed to be chosen to do it.  I also have a healing practice working with Reiki and Spiritual Healing.  I am very excited about the space clearing work.

ber.jpg Bernadette Naughton

Douglas, Cork
Ph. 086 8297898
My healing practice is called Energy Therapy located in Douglas Cork I have a great love for all healing and facillitate sessions and classes for Reiki Usui / Tibetan /Seichem. Reflexology is another one of the therapies I practice and now the Space Clearing work is just an amazing extension and expansion of working with all aspects of the healing energies of the Soul of the Universe ...Nature at its best.
Cork City
ph: 0864086866

Practitioner of Space Clearing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki. Practitioner and teacher of Tarot and Dowsing.

Norma Corcoran
Cork City

ph: 0872731824

I am a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer with over thirteen years experience in healing sessions with adults, children and babies.  Space clearing allows me to extend this healing into peoples homes and workplaces.  My therapies include Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and PSYCH-K. I have been teaching Reiki and meditation classes for over eleven years.  I am a member of NHII, BCMA and The labyrinth Society.

toni.jpg Toni Christie

Phone: 087-9468185

I am a labyrinth designer, builder, artist and workshop facilitator.  I founded Labyrinthireland in 2005 to promote the awareness and  use of labyrinths, in Ireland and worldwide, as a tool for personal and spiritual growth.   I am also a Reiki Master, reflexologist, and PSYCH-K facilitator.

susanm.jpgSusan McElligott

Carrigaline, Co. Cork

A.D.H.PSY  Hypno-Analyst, CBT, Reiki
Mobile:    086 -8776935  

I am an Hypno-Analyst and CBT practitioner.  My practice, ‘Carrigaline Hypnotherapy  & CBT Centre’ is where I facilitate in the releasing process to overcome any emotional feelings including  anxiety, fears, post  traumatic stress, depression.  Shifting emotional trauma is my main focus within my clinical practice. I use a variety of techniques to do this including, Parts Therapy, NLP, CBT, EFT, Reiki, and now Space-clearing  which works co-creatively within the realms of nature to speed up the healing process.


bridie.jpgBridie Slatterty

South Cregg,


Co. Cork

Phone: 086 8300763 


Interior design consultant, Seichm Master ,Reiki Master and Therapeutic massage Therapist.
Space Clearing Practitioner



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