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chakraset2.jpgOrgone Ch'i Stone Chakra Set


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What is Orgone or Life Force energy? Orgone has many names...

Orgone, ki, chi, reiki,prana, etheric energy, Qigong, kundalini, mana, life force, odic force just to name a few.

The Life Force has been known in many cultures for millennia as the source of energy that promotes health and well being. The Chinese call it Ch'i, in India it is referred to as Prana. Today it is called bio‑energy, the auric force field, vortex energy and many more. In the world of physics it is known as scalar or subtle energy and has also been referred to as time-reversed waves, non-hertzian waves, longitudinal waves, scalar waves, or zero-point energy.

Orgone is the name given to life force energy, also called chi or prana, by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930's.

Reich discovered that orgone energy is everywhere in two forms, positive orgone – in its natural form, and dead orgone – produced by electromagnetic fields, microwaves, computers, cellular antennas and phones and geopathic stress zones. For more about Reich and his research see this site:  His Orgone Accumulator was based on the principle that when Dead Orgone (DOR) passes through multiple layers made with alternated organic and non organic matter, it turns into Positive Orgone (POR) again and has the ability to heal.

The basic function of the Orgone Energy Generator or Orgone Energy Accumulator is to recycle stagnant negative energy, also known as dead Orgone Energy, into healthy and pure "life enhancing" or "life giving" Orgone Energy - otherwise known as Life Force or Chi Energy . 

 We have further enhanced this process by adding crystals and gemstones to the mix and alchemically aligning the orgone matrix with the devic life and the sacred vibrations imprinted in the process. The result is an amplification of the life-enhancing effect of the orgone, and a conscious, living energy tool for personal and environmental uses. 


Our Orgone Ch'i Stones

We have created our Devic Orgone products by aligning with the devic consciousness of the orgone and the crystals and minerals used with the intent to in strengthening your immune ystem, to shield against the adverse effects of EMF radiation, dissipate emotional negativity, and to help you connect and maintain the connection to your higher spiritual self. By wearing, actively using orplacing one of the Devic Orgone Products in your environment, you will enjoy ahigher state of energy, well-being, security and vitality. 





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3rdeye.jpgEach Ch'i Stone includes gemstones specific to that chakra. In addition, it is in an orgone matrix to enhance the life energy of the gemsthroat2.jpgtones. Comes with maplewood box featured, and booklet with instructions on how to use the set. $225 for full set of all 7 chakras with quartz crystal for alignment and integration.

This is a great addition to any healer's tool kit, and yet is simple enough that even those without any experience can use this kit successfully.  

  Close up of Throat and Third Eye Chakra Chi Stones


Full money back guarantee.

 Try it for 30 days and if not completely satisfied, return it with no questions for a full money back guarantee! 


What Makes Our Orgone Ch'i Stones Unique

All orgone requires certain basic features to be effective:orgonite_diagram.jpg

Organic + inorganic material in equal measure. We have been producing low cost orgone for earth healing for over 11 years, and have found wonderful results in using this process.  Although people have been requesting personal orgone devices for years, like many producing orgone products, we raninto several major blocks when trying to create orgone products for the home orpersonal use.

  • the resin used for the gifting earth projects orgone was cheap in order to keep costs down. As a result, it was a dark amber color, and not really pretty. Also, it had a smell which was not only unpleasant but not healthy if consumed indoors through the larger units such as the cones.
  • The orgonite needs to be at a 50/50 ratio to the metal used, and given the cheap “scrap” metals used, it required a larger volume of resin to achieve the optimum orgone ratio.
  • The metal and resin combinations made for effective orgonite, and perfect for economical uses such as burying or placing in public places, but frankly, wasn’t very pretty, and so not ideal for personal applications.
Read more about orgone....

Our Difference: 

Nano Technology:

The breakthrough came with the introduction of a nano technology using micro fine metal powder that increases the surface area of the metals used by 100 Xs that of the normal metal flakes/scraps. This meant that we could use a higher grade resin (clear, and about 3 Xs more expensive) which didn’t have any toxic or harmful odors. It also meant that we could make smaller units with more potency. 

Crystals & Minerals:

In our Devic Orgone products, we also were able to add various crystals and minerals which focus, and increase the potency of the orgonite, to pack a powerful punch in a small, compact unit that is a work of art and beauty as well as an energy tool for transformation, well-being, and harmony.

Imprinting orgone:

shri_yantra1.jpgSince the resin is in a liquid state, we charge it energetically with mantras, and healing mandalas to imprint the energy into the resin matrix. Since orgone is highly impressionable, it is important to consider the thoughts and vibrations of those making these products. “Busters” and “handgranades” carry a certain frequency that is counter to life, and so will be imprinting those vibrations into the orgone. All of our orgone is aligned with the highest vibrations of Divine and Celestial light through the Gayatri mantra and the Shri Yantra mandalas used in their creation. 

DevaSmall1.jpg   Devic Co-Creation:

Finally, each of our Devic Orgone products are hand-made using a special alchemical process of connecting with the devic consciousness of the crystal/minerals used, cleansing them, charging them, and actively inviting them to co-create with us to produce some of the finest, highest grade orgonite on the market today.

The crystals are chosen for their energetic properties and placed in a high grade odor free clear resin (which focuses the optical clarity of the light, and enhances the energy of the crystals and minerals.) We then mix this with various metals such as gold, silver, and copper and iron. When the resin is combined with the metal it produces the orgone field and conducts the etheric and sent out the top end to be used by the researcher for harmony, clearing, transformation and greater insight.








Chakras are the sacred centers within that carry us on our journey toward greater awareness and aliveness. As the architecture of the soul, they provide an important map for our wholeness and transformation, both personally and globally. As an ancient spiritual system, they show the path to enlightenment and integration.

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body that correspond to nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column, as well as states of consciousness, developmental stages of life, archetypal elements, body functions, colors, sounds, and much, much more. Together they form a profound formula for wholeness and a template for transformation.


About Your Ch’i Stone Chakra Set

These are living, conscious energy tools designed to work with you co-creative efforts. Your Chakra Ch’i Stone has been created using an alchemical process invoking the divine intelligence of both the gemstones used, as well as the divine blueprint of each chakra. In addition, each stone in the set has been aligned, integrated and attuned to one another.  So they will function as an integrated set and align and integrate your chakra system as well.

When using your Chakra Set,  use your conscious intent to attune to your Ch’i Stone’s divine intelligence and align your own consciousness with that of your Ch’i Stone.

As you feel the energy of the gemstones in each Ch’i Stone, ask that the Ch’i Stone be used in a manner appropriate for you and that chakra at this point in time. Then get your mind out of the way.

Forget anything you have learned about the chakras, or any ideas you have about what should happen.  Instead, allow the Divine intelligence of each chakra, and the Ch’i Stones to do all the work attuning, aligning, balancing, clearing, energizing as needed.

When you are finished, ask that your Higher Self align and integrate the frequencies of your charkas in a harmonious flow and interface with your Divine Plan and blueprint. Finish with the clear quartz crystal for this process.

You can do this daily as a part of your daily meditation, or whenever you feel the need. When not using your Ch’i Stones, you can place them on your altar, or in their box.


How do our orgone Chi Stone products work?

We are in a new field of physics wherein the scientific community is recognizing that Life is determined from more than simply physical means. At the most basic level, our own DNA is being programmed through an unseen "field" of information. This "field" is all around us and governs all that we see and know at the quantum level.


When particles are repatterned, the quality of a field is changed.

That’s what William A. Tiller, Ph.D., professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University discovered.

According to Dr. Tiller’s research, unpolarized particles - photons and electrons from EMFs - have a chaotic and disordering effect on our cells as they pass through our bodies, resulting in tissue damage over time.  He observed, however, that when those particles are repatterned to be ordered and polarized rather than chaotic and unpolarized, they are no longer harmful.


This is called the coherent polarizing field effect.

Simply put, when the charged particles in an EMF are repatterned, the entire EMF field is repatterned and the ill effects are neutralized without having to weaken eliminate the field itself. 



How to Use Your

Ch’i Stone Chakra Set

Each Chakra has a divine blueprint encoded within it that aligns it to its perfect design and pattern. While working with charkas can normally take many years of practice to know which gems, foods, colors to use to either open or subdue a chakra, by working with the divine blueprint, we are always getting exactly what is needed for that particular chakra at that time.

In addition, the charkas are in a communication with one another.  So changes to one chakra will necessitate sm integration with all the other charkas as well. By by working with the intelligence of the chakra itself, the Ch’i Stone has been programmed with the blueprint of each chakra, so that this alignment happens naturally after each session.

Your Ch’i Stones are a living, conscious energy tool. Take the time to align your conscious intent with the intelligence of each Ch’i Stone. When doing so, it activates the pattern within each Ch’i Stone and begins to entrain the particular chakra to its divine blueprint.




How can the our Chi Stones be tested?

Because of the nature of the subtle energy that is being modified by our Chi Stone tools normal scientific instrumentation is not sensitive enough to pick up the vibrational shift occurring in the environment. The effects of the device are easily tested through methods that can detect biological effects or subtle energy changes. The effects of our products on the body are able to be tested through electroacupuncture, kinesiology, Heart Rate Variablility, Bioresonance Testing. These and other testing methodologies have been extremely helpful for showing the effect an energy device has on the human body.
Our Orgone Ch'i Stones are designed to increase the vibration of the aura, and actually repair rifts and tears in the aura.
They are each specifically tuned to the archetypal blueprint or energy pattern of each chakra.
They are further enhanced by the quality and nature of the individual gemstones added. Each has been created through an alchemical vibrational process of sacred geometry, sound, and co-creation with the devic realms to produce a superior subtle energy tool. 



 Before and after kirlian photographs of chakras before and after use of the throat chakra chi stone.

See the difference after only one minute.


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How is electromagnetic energy tested?

Electromagnetic waves that runs our radio, TV, cell phones, etc. have frequencies, wave action and motion that we can measure. Our current frequency instruments and meters measure these waves by interacting with electron flow and energy transmission . Conventional scientific instruments measure electric and magnetic fields by interacting with denser levels of energy than subtle energy fields. These instruments are not sensitive enough to detect subtle fields which propagate at faster-than-light speed.



After one minute with the Throat Chakra Chi Stone

Aura Without Protection

Orgone Pendant

Taken Without 

Aura With Protection  

Taken While Wearing

Orgone Pendant

Notice the depleted areas of the aura which have filled in while wearing the orgone pendant. 



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