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Beyond Feng Shui 

"Working with the Spirit of Nature"
By Christan Hummel

I know that space clearing has quite a high brow reputation these days, with practitioners earning over $1000 to consult on certain jobs. Feng Shui has become quite prolific with Barnes and Noble showing a total of 880gbooks on the subject. I'm not claiming to be an expert on feng shui. It is becoming increasingly more difficult a subject to master given the complexities which have arisen in the last several decades since its popularity came onto the radar of the Western pop culture.

With all the complexities and formulas, something seems to have gotten lostgalong the way. This became more clear to me recently after receiving a request from a feng shui master in Hong Kong who wanted me to come to China and teach a workshop there. While it was an honor to beginvited, it was also puzzling. When I asked him why he wanted me to come, he said that he felt that amid all the rules and techniques of feng shui, that it seemed to have lost its soul, which he felt was our connectiongwith the Spirits of Nature themselves. I'm as much a fan of the 8-sided bagua as the next person, though I can't say that I ever understood why something placed in one part of a room had the power to make changes in a certain area of my life.


Then one day it occurred to me that the bagua was an "entity" with a consciousness. As such, It could be accessed for information. Accessing this consciousness, could take a person beyond the book learning, and dogma of feng shui as taught today. This was similar to what Machelle Small Wright did in the gardens of Perelandra. In her Perelandra Garden Workbook, she relates how she contacted the consciousness, of the plants to access their wisdom regarding what they needed.g While the information obtained defied traditional gardening books, it was very successful nonetheless. In the same way, Luther Burbank, after which the California town was named, trained cacti and roses to grow without thorns by talking to the consciousness of thegplants.

FS Compass Similarly, there must be a Being which held the wisdom of FengShui. What if we could access the "Spirit of Feng Shui" itself? After all, isn't that what Native American cultures did when theygaddressed the Spirit of the Four Directions? Didn't they believe the Spirit of the North had a consciousness, as did each of the other directions, and their wisdom and strength could be accessed when invoked?

In one of the workshops I offer, I teach how to access this Spirit of Nature,gcalled the devic realms. In a recent workshop in Sedona, our groupgdid an exercise while in an 8-sided outdoor gazebo. Looking at the shape of the gazebo, I was spontaneously guided to try something new. Igasked each person to go towards one of the sides of the trigram. Then, I asked them to clear their mind anything previously read or learned about whatgthat represented in feng shui.. Then we did a simple meditation and after centering ourselves, each person of the group invited the Being representing that side of the bagua to make contact with them.

When I tuned into the consciousness of the area of the bagua where I was, the career position, I was quite surprised by what I found! There was a very powerful Being in this face of the gazebo, quite tall and impressive, whichgI was amazed to see. I was taken back by this, underestimating the power of these Beings, having thought of them all these years as diagrams on a piece of paper telling me where to put my wind chimes or mirrors. Each person then requested the wisdom held by that particular Beinggin the side of the bagua they were contacting. I wasn't sure what would happen, but we were just having fun and were very open-minded, which I've found to be the key to accessing these inner realms. After about five minutes of this exercise, we came together and shared what we learned. To my astonishment, every person in the group received a "message" totally tailored to their specific situation. Even people who claimed that they've never seen or heard things inwardly, received one of their first inner messages. Although the messages were all quite unconventional in terms of what the feng shui books would prescribe, a feng shui practitioner in the group shared how the messages were in fact related to the aspects of the bagua which we were eachgcontacting inwardly. We each received individualized information about how that part of the bagua could help us in our lives, instead of whatga feng shui book would say about it. Were we in contact with the original "author" or spirit of the various feng shui texts?

While I teach that everything is alive and has an intelligence, it is a thrill each time I encounter it. I have learned that this wisdom of Nature itself can guide people through every aspect of aligning their homes and office spaces with the purpose of the property. After all, feng shui means "wind and water" -- aligning with the forces of nature with the Heavens. Sometimes we forget that feng shui is an artgof divination. If not Naure, then from whom does feng shui divine? Living Water If Nature can be compared to a woman, then surely we must realize that She has far too many mysteries to be confined to the static prescriptions, rulesgand formulas found in a book. While that may serve as a guide, it cannot ever describe the dynamic forces of nature, which differ in each land and culture. What if we could access our own feng shui consultant in Nature Herself, who could guide us very specifically as to howgto best align with Her for harmony and balance? I've found in the countless space clearings I've done all over the world, that Nature will inevitablegguide towards the best solution for all concerned. People are often surprised to discover how easy to make contact, but after all She is our true Mother, and as such She is ever available for the asking.

Certainly, there is value in formal feng shui training. It is a wisdom which has been passed down through the ages and is a good guide. However, by finding our own co-creative relationship with the Spirit of Feng Shui itself, then we have access to that which goes beyond the books, beyond whatgis taught in feng shui schools. We then have a tool to answer any problem, and achieving the harmony with nature which we are seeking, and from which all things are possible.

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