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pwrstrip3tan.jpgOrgone PowerStrip Chips to protect against EMF radiation in the home or office.
For uses around the home at points of electrical useage.

What is Orgone?

Orgone is a technology discovered by Wilhelm Reich that accumulates Life force Energy. Life Force energy is based on the principal of Negative entropy. Negative entropy builds energy into an Organic system, it is essentially life itself.  An interesting side benefit is that Orgone also works with technology to reduce electrical consumption or conserve the life of a battery in a cellphone or computer. Here's how, typically 90% of energy that runs across a wire is lost due to heat or friction. The Orgone field effect polarizes the current where the 90% loss is reduced to 60% or even 50% with proper Orgone coverage through your home or business. There is a resultant net gain of 30% or more in savings on your electric bills.

How it Works:

Dr. Wilhelm Reich was a leading scientist in the discovery and understading of how Orgone Energy is attracted and accumulated. He first noticed that alternating layers of organic and inorganic material would attract Orgone Energy. Reich observed that organic materials attracted and held Orgone Energy; and inorganic materials such as metal attracted and then rapidly repelled it. Reich designed an enclosure lined on the inside with metal, made with alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials, he discovered that ambient Orgone Energy was accumulated and concentrated inside. These devices were known as Orgone Accumulators. Although the combination was great for attracting energy, a problem was thatemftower.jpg the devices would attract and accumulate Positive or Negative Orgone Energy surrounding the device.

pwrstripoutlet.jpgIt has long been known that EMF radiation is detrimental to the health . Neutralizing EMF is an ongoing process, and may take many approaches to fully neutralize an enviroment. While orgone cones and muffins are being used successfully for modifying the harmful effects of EMF in the environment, the newest addition to our product line, the orgone chips, will help to provide a more coherent energy field when applied directly to the source of EMF emitting devices.  By so covering your apartment or house it also creates a field effect of positive orgone energy in your environment.

Orgone as a Positive Energy Generator. A Positive Orgone Generator is the definition of a compound which contains a combination of organic and inorganic ingredients to continuously accumulate ambient Negative Orgone Energy (NOR) and release it as Positive Orgone Energy. All living and non-living things contain electro-magnetic frequencies as part of their atomic construct. Sources of NOR are produced from anything powered by an electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) such as cell phones, cell phone and radio towers, TVs, microwaves, computers, and fluorescent light bulbs. Modern day electronics use a specific electromagnetic frequency that is reported to disrupt and negatively effect our bodies own natural energy.

Here are some sample uses: 

*Wall outlets

*Power strips

*TV, Microwave, computers, wireless phone bases              


Orgone PowerStrip Chip Prices 

1-6 qty $9.50 ea

6-12 qty $8.50 ea

12 - 24 qty $7.50 ea

for more than 24 please email for quote

  *powerstrip chip pictured next to micro cell for size comparison. We recommend the micro cell for wall plates.


  *Note if we can ship your order at a lower postal price than our cart shows, then we will refund the difference at the time of shipment.


Also Orgone helps with the Greening of America! Save electricity as well!

After months of experiments with Orgone and electricity, researcher, Kevin Courtois in NY, has found that the more coverage of orgone in specific areas of the home environment the better the potential savings. He has found that the chips work the best for covering your apartment or house. Here is a summary of his findings:

compchipsboth.jpgSee our new orgone nano computer and cell chips!






Orgone Energy Chips for Business and Schools:
Since orgone can reduce electrical consumption by as much as 25%, this can represent HUGE potential savings for businesses, like a Laudromats for instance. Imagine savings of 30-40% for a Laudromat or a chain of Laudromats! This is a one-time purchase they never need to be replaced.

Quick and Easy to install. The savings will begin to accumulate immediately and increase up to 3 months before leveling off. You can expect 20-30% savings in your electrical bills. Make sure the power company actually comes to your business and does not just make estimates of usage. The power company may start to scratch their heads and even replace the meter because of the cost savings thinking it must be broken.
for more than 50 please email for quote:

This is still in the experimental stages, and so offers no guarantee of results at this time. However, since the risk is minimal with just a 10% re-stocking fee for returns, you have 1 month to try them out and return the Orgone chips if not satisfied with the results.

*double stick tape not provided with orders.
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