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Personal Harmoniser Frequently Asked Questions

The Personal Harmonizer is one of several products developed and manufactured by the Centre for Implosion Research. They have developed several variations on the Personal Harmoniser, which are designed for protecting from electromagnetic pollution. The Personal Harmoniser, is designed to be carried around with you. This is great, because it constantly helps your immune system to cope with today's polluted environment and is invaluable for people who live in the electromagnetically polluted cities. It can also be fixed to the backs of mobile phones.

How strongly do all these electromagnetic radiations affect us really?

It therefore seems logical that the human brain should vibrate to the same electric frequency pattern as the Schumann Waves of the Earth's natural electric field.

Humans, animals and insects are able to perceive minute variations in these fields. The pineal gland, an important regulatory organ of the human body, reacts to differences in the magnetic field strength to a theoretical minimum of 0.24 nanotesla (this is 200,000 times lower than the natural Earth magnetism). By comparison, a single wire with three 100W light bulbs will set up a magnetic field of 1 nanotesla at a distance of 200m. Very close to the wire it will be about 4 times stronger than the Earth's natural magnetic field

Since the electrification and development of the global power and communications grid we live not only in the natural beneficial fields but also in the man-made harmful electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. These man-made unnatural fields are to be considered as invisible environmental pollution. They stem from radio and TV transmitters, high voltage pylons and cables, and all electric appliances and wiring in industry and in the home. Particularly harmful in the home are the radiations coming of TVs, computers and mobile phones. We are exposed to these fields and radiations permanently. Medical studies increasingly link diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's with these unnatural electromagnetic radiations. Even symptoms such as headaches, lack of concentration, depression, frequent colds, hyperactivity in children, sleep disturbances, irritability etc. could be signs of electromagnetic stress.

So, electromagnetic pollution is a very real health hazard. Mobile phones are probably the worst, because they operate on microwave frequencies which are being blasted straight in the brain. The car manufacturer VW now warn their customers not to use mobile phones inside the vehicle, concerned that the metal cage of the vehicle can amplify the electromagnetic field or EMF emitted by the phone to even higher and therefore potentially more dangerous levels. In an article in "Here's Health" magazine reference is made to the effect mobile phones can have upon the brain, and that the brain's electrical potential can be altered for up to one week after a single phone call.

Does the Personal Harmoniser provide complete protection from mobile phones?

No, it doesn't. So far, nothing on the market has been shown to be able to do that. However, from independent studies by Coghill research, they rated CIRs Personal Harmonizers as top among all other products which provide protection from cell phones. Evidence shows that mobile phones are extremely dangerous and we would advise people to limit their use to short essential calls. The Personal Harmoniser, however, reduces the detrimental effects of mobile cellular phones on the immune system to a considerable degree. Therefore, in terms of the immune system it is safer using a mobile phone with the Personal Harmoniser fixed to it or wearing it on your person than using an unprotected mobile phone. For additional protection against EMF, see our orgone chips.

Are there any other benefits from wearing the Personal Harmoniser?

Yes. Many people find that wearing the ph not only protects them from electromagnetic pollution but also has a general positive effect on their health. In vitro studies by the Coghill Research Laboratories have demonstrated a positive effect on the viability of lymphocytes. More recent tests by the Biofield laboratory in Vienna using Kirlian photography have demonstrated distinct benefits and improvements to the bioenergetic system of five patients when wearing the Personal Harmoniser.

Furthermore, radiesthetic measurements by Dr. Cyril Smith have verified the protective action of the Personal Harmonizer against electromagnetic pollution.

Does it have to be worn?

Generally, it will work very well when carried anywhere on the person. Direct skin contact is not necessary. More specifically, people who feel physically run down might choose to wear it on a short cord or chain over the thymus. People with emotional problems might like to wear it on a long cord over the solar plexus. In the case of injuries and localised pain tape or bandage the harmoniser on the affected area to speed up the healing process.

Are there any other applications?

Yes, like the Vortex Energiser the Personal Harmonizer contains imploded water and will energise small amounts of water and food. Some people leave one permanently in the fridge.

How quickly does it energise say a jug of water?

Energization will be approximately 30 seconds. However to allow physical changes such as improved taste to take place, please leave the personal harmoniser next to jug for at least 15 min.

For specifically energising and storing small quantities of drinking water we have developed the WATER EGG an egg shaped porcelain urn. It can also be used for storing liquids such as, wine, juice, milk, kombucha, etc. A harmoniser is set in beeswax within the lid, which ensures that whatever you store in it becomes energised.


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