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  Personal Harmonizer Testimonials


"The Mobile Phone Personal Harmonizer has a significantly protective effect against exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiations from mobile phones."
-- Biologist Roger Coghill, MA (Cantab.) C. Biol. MI Biol.

"I received the harmonizer ordered a couple weeks ago, and it does everything you said it would. I showed it to my chiropractor/homeopath and she was very impressed and will be ordering soon.
I taped the harmonizer to my leg, after being hit by a large piece of firewood that left a very sore spot, and the next day it was fine, bruised but no pain. Very impressive".
-- Stanley Lalonde"
"The harmonizers and energizers I have received from you are great! I have an energizer on the water mains and the whole house is energized. The harmonizers are very efficient, and I have been using them in healings.
I cant wait to experiment with more of them, and will be giving numbers of them as presents this holiday. Thank you for presenting such a wonderful array of products."
-- Geoffrey Boak
"Over the last two or three weeks I have noticed a feeling of wellbeing. I have been less tired, more mentally alert, my eyesight has been better and my diabetes more balanced. I feel that this change has a lot to do with the use of a Personal Harmoniser and drinking energised water."
-- Sylvia Price, Northern Ireland
"Your Harmonizer has great capacity to improve vitality!"
-- John Butfield

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