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EMF harmonizer THE WATER EGG

AKA: The Schauberger Amphora
from Center for Implosion Research



The Amphora, or water egg, is a direct design from the famous water scientist Victor Schauberger, and reproduced by Center for Implosion Research in the UK. The egg combines ancient wisdom with precise mathematics to achieve a shape that induces a gentle vortex to enliven water, as well as keep it fresh and cool. The vortex water implosion research of Viktor Schauberger shows the importance of storing liquids in opaque egg shaped containers. Because there are no corners and crevices there is no stagnation and disease causing bacteria are much less likely to breed.

The egg shape is based on the Phi ratio, or Golden Mean Spiral mathematics, and is one of Nature's oldest shapes for containing life force. The semi-porous, ceramic shell allows the water to breath, which induces subtle movement that circulates slowly in a toroidial spiral. Similar to the water structuring properties of pyramids, Phi ratio inherent in the egg brings the water into higher resonance and keeps it fresh and alive

 The Water Egg™ is beautifully handcrafted from ceramic clay, glazed on the inside, and comes complete with tap, stand and lid. It will store nearly one gallon (4.3 l) of liquid. A Harmoniser is set in beeswax within the lid and ensures that whatever you store in it becomes energised.

watervortex.jpg Constant convection and spiraling movement keep liquids fresh, cool and healthy. The stored liquid should not be exposed to sunlight. The Ancients knew of this and used amphorae and egg-shaped urns as storage vessels made from natural materials. In today‘s industrial world, practicality dictates the mass production and use of cylindrical and rectangular plastic containers. 

Use the Water Egg for storing water, wine, juice, milk, oil or any other liquids to be energised. Many describe it as like drinking from a fresh mountain spring- even though the source water may have originally been ordinary tap water.  



 Water Jug  ~ New Revised Size!


A smaller alternative to our Water Egg container/dispenser.  

The shape of the Water Egg Jug provides natural convection and spiralling movement to what it holds. A Personal Harmoniser is part of the jug to energise the contents. The jug is glazed inside and outside.

New revized size: Approx. dimensions 26cm height, 15cm width, 1.8L capacity.


There is no lid and the jug is turned upside down to fill it. The stand is an integral part of the egg and doubles up as the filler, yet when you stand the egg up the water remains inside. For instructions see this youtube clip.



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