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products_vortexenergizer.jpgVortex Energiser Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects on tap water when the Vortex Energiser is fitted to the mains inlet rising pipe?

They are really quite varied. We've been selling the Vortex Energiser now since January 1998 and have had a lot of feed back. The obvious physical changes to tap water as reported by most of our customers are:

  • the clarity of the water improves, some people can actually see a purply blue hue around the water, which is part of the biomagnetic emanations coming from the water.
  • the taste improves. The water is more palatable, less hard.
  • the taste and smell of chlorine is much reduced.
  • bathing in energised water is a reviving experience leaving skin supple and soft
  • water virtually doesn't become stagnant and smelly anymore

Furthermore customers have noticed:

  • limescale deposits become soft and are eventually removed
  • quantity of detergents is reduced
  • food and cut flowers last longer
  • plants grow better and develop healthier root structure
  • animals instinctively prefer energised water

Why is energised water good for me?

Drinking good quality water is essential for maintaining good health. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj points out in his book "The body's many cries for water" that most people in this day and age are chronically dehydrated. People in general do not drink enough water. This in itself can cause or contribute to a multitude of diseases and ailments. So the first benefit is that energised water is much nicer, more pleasant and natural tasting. Therefore people are more inclined to drink the 8 glasses of water per day, as recommended. One of the most common feed-backs from customers is that since getting the Vortex Energiser they are actually enjoying drinking water again. Many customers have reported an improvement in their existing condition, better quality of sleep, more energy, reduced food allergies, etc.

A study carried out at the Biofield Laboratory in Vienna showed a marked improvement on Kirlian finger pad images of several patients when they drank energised water. There was a definite increase in the level of energetic discharges in the terminal areas of all acupuncture channels with an improved quality of irradiation.

Basically, drinking ordinary lifeless tap water will deplete your own bioenergetic field, whereas revived energised water will boost your bioenergetic field and the immune system. The stronger your bioenergetic field is, the less susceptible you are to detrimental outside influences, such as environmental pollutants, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, infections, etc.

How long does the Vortex Energiser last?

Indefinitely. The Vortex Energiser seems to have the facility to regenerate and revive itself. It is constantly drawing from the ether, the subtle energy that pervades space. By drawing and accumulating it is continuously recharging itself.

What is the harmonic spiral space curve?

It was the Greek mathematician Pythagoras 2500 years ago who investigated the harmonic series in music. 2000 years later the German astronomer Johannes Kepler realised that the planetary motions and ratios of our solar system are also based on the harmonic series.

Earlier this century the Austrian physicist Walter Schauberger, the son of Viktor Schauberger, recognised that the harmonic spiral space curve, which is based on the harmonic series, is the perfect model of our Universe. With every revolution the 2D harmonic spiral (see image) climbs the harmonic series. Projecting this spiral onto a hyperbolic cone produces the 3D harmonic spiral space curve of the Vortex Energiser.

Do I need one for every room?

If you just wish to energise the whole water system in the house, and you have just one rising mains, then just one Vortex Energiser will be sufficient. If there are more than one rising mains pipe in different areas of the building, then you would need one for each pipe.

Can I use the Vortex Energiser together with conventional water treatments such as filters, Reverse Osmosis or distillers?

Yes, you can use the Vortex Energiser in combination with any conventional treatment system. Most people find that when they start energising their water, they don't need conventional water treatment. However, if you are particularly concerned about chemical pollutants in the water, do continue to use your existing system. It will not interfere with the energising action of the Vortex Energiser.

Do I attach the Vortex Energiser before or after my existing treatment system?

It does not really matter. Once the energisation has taken place the water holds it. Our general advise is to put the Vortex Energiser on the rising mains pipe (usually the stop cock is located here) thereby energising the whole water system in the house. After all, washing and bathing in energised water is just as important as drinking it - remember, the skin is your body's largest organ.

What happens to chemicals in the water?

Well, this is an area, that still requires further investigation. Many testimonials state, that the taste of tap water improves a lot, and the water becomes softer, that chlorine becomes undetectable to taste. My theory is that inorganic minerals in the water are transformed by the energy into a colloidal state. Ie. they become charged and taken up by the molecular cluster structure. This is what is happening in plants. They convert inorganic minerals from the ground into colloidal phytominerals in their tissue. Because of their colloidal state, we absorb plant minerals much more effectively than inorganic minerals. Indeed, some inorganic minerals are toxic to us, but in colloidal form they are beneficial.

This theory would explain the disappearance of certain minerals to the taste. Anyway, more research is currently on the way to validate this theory.

The other point of course is that the Vortex Energiser transfers its own natural vibrational imprint onto tap water. This means, that any imprints from chemicals or toxins in the water are erased and the new natural pattern of Vortex energy put in. This is a bit like taping some Bach or Beethoven over an old heavy metal cassette. Harmony displaces disharmony.

Once the vibrational pattern has been changed, even if there are physical chemical residues in the water, their potential for doing harm is much reduced. If you are concerned about chemical residues in your tap water, I suggest you get yourself the book "Don't drink the water without reading this book" by Lono Kahuna Kupua A'o. He also goes into the various systems, which are commercially available to remove chemical residues. To believe that a simple filter is going to remove everything unwanted in the water is a fallacy. It requires a set up of various systems to clean water thoroughly. Such a system doesn't come cheap and will require regular maintenance.

Does it have to be wound around the pipe?

No this is not necessary. We supply two straps with which the Vortex Energiser can be easily attached to any pipe.

How does the Vortex Energiser compare to other products, which claim to activate or energise water?

We do not wish to make any direct comparisons to other products, which are on the market. Our products work because of the special imploded water they contain. This water has been prepared by spiralling it very fast like a tornado in a specifically built implosion machine. Furthermore, the shape and material of our products is amplifying the effect of the imploded water. The shape of the Vortex Energiser is following the precise harmonic spiral space curve.

Can I energise ponds, pools and lakes using the Vortex Energiser?

Yes the Vortex Energiser has been used by many customers to energise and clean up stagnant ponds and lakes. Put the Vortex Energiser in the water near the source (if there is one). To speed up this process, tie a piece of string to the Vortex Energiser and drag it along through the water and then leave it submerged in the water. Two hours should be sufficient for a pond of approx.15m diameter. For a lake of approx. 300m leave Vortex Energiser at the source for 48 hours. A lake of several kilometres would benefit from having a Vortex Energiser permanently immersed near its primary source. These are just guidelines, please feel free to experiment.

How can I use the Vortex Energiser in agriculture and farming?

This can be done very easily via irrigation and feed pipes. Place the Vortex Energiser on the main water supply pipe before it branches off into different directions.

What volume of water will one Vortex Energiser energise?

As a guideline, please use 1 Vortex Energiser on any pipe up to a diameter of 2 inches, 2 Vortex Energisers for a 3 inch pipe and 3 Vortex Energisers for a 4 inch pipe. Several Vortex Energisers can bee attached to a pipe in a cluster around the pipe or spaced out along the length of the pipe - whichever is more suitable.

Does the Vortex Energiser work on lead and plastic pipes?

Copper pipes would be preferable, however the Vortex Energiser will work on any type of pipe, as the energy passes right through it into the water

Does the Vortex Energiser work on well and spring water?

Yes, the Vortex Energiser will work anywhere. Numerous customers are using it on their wells and springs.

Can the Vortex Energiser be used for applications other than energising water?

Several customers especially complimentary medical practitioners use the Vortex Energisers (especially the silver and gold plated versions) in their waiting rooms as room energisers and directly on patients as healing tools. When used in a waiting room, the Vortex Energiser seems to make the patients more open and receptive to the treatment.

What about scientific tests. Is the increase in life-force in the water or the changes as a result of this increase detectable using scientific equipment?

There are no scientifically accepted ways of testing for life-force that we are aware of, because scientific equipment operates on too low a level. The Vortex Energiser really works in higher dimensions. However, there is a life force meter called the Acmos Antenna, which utilises the bio-feed back mechanism of the user. The Vortex Energiser as well as water and other substances energised with it scored the highest value of 17.6. Apart from direct energy measurements you can use scientific equipment to detect physical changes as a result of the Vortex Energiser.

Research carried out by the Coghill Reserach Laboratory in Wales has clearly shown that our energisers enhance the human immune system and protect it from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic pollution. This research was carried out using standard scientific procedures on the viability of Lymphocytes, which are the white blood cells formed in lymphatic tissue. These lymphocites are the agents of the immune system and retain their viability, which is their capability of living, much longer when energised by our devices. This means that drinking Vortex Energised water or carrying our portable Personal Harmoniser can make you more resistant to catching diseases and can help you fight infections and other diseases, which you might have as a result of immuno-deficiencies. Regarding the actual changes in water: Prof. David Schweitzer from London has compared Vortex energised and non-energised London tap water under a phase-contrast microscope of 4000 x magnification. He observed that the molecular clusters of energised water were much more compact producing much more vibrant and intense biophoton emissions.

What are biophotons?

Biophotons are molecular and cellular light emissions, which, according to Prof. F Popp, regulate cell growth and regeneration and control all biochemical processes. Without these emissions photosynthesis in plants and life in general would not be possible. Popp found that the more intense and coherent the light, the healthier the organism. When a plant died, the biophoton light ceased.

And water emits this light as well?

Yes, it is very coherent laser like light. But it has very low intensity. That's why you need powerful microscopic equipment to detect it. Because tap water is more or less dead, it is sometimes impossible to see any light emissions especially in London tap water, says David Schweitzer who's been researching this phenomenon for many years. After his tests Prof. Schweitzer commented: "Now, as you can see on the images, it is beyond words! The beauty, colour and structure are unparallel to anything I have ever seen. I personally cannot explain, how and why this transformation of the water clusters has been so dramatic after applying the Vortex Energiser. There are two main cluster structures that appear after letting the water run for 10 minutes through the Energiser field. It is the branch shape and some geometric shapes of a very unusual kind. It is apparent that these two shapes represent the female and male, respectively. I have never seen water samples which contains both these shapes before. This is very balanced water. I used the tilting of 1.12 degrees of the table, 4000X computer enhancement, polarizing filter, with 820 NM light source. Well, I guess, these are images, that talk for themselves!!!" Further, tests have shown that the physical parameters pH and resistivity change subtly as a result of energising water with the Vortex Energiser. These physical changes are directly linked to the formation of molecular clusters or bio polymers as has been scientifically investigated by the Biofield Laboratory in Vienna, Austria

All this happens as a result of strapping the Vortex Energiser onto the mains pipe. It's such a simple process. There is no plumbing involved. Tap water flows through the pipe as normal, with no direct contact with the Vortex Energiser. The Vortex Energiser itself is so simple. It is a set of three copper tubes, wound in a hyperbolic spiral shape, filled with your imploded water. There is no electrical power supply needed.

Yes. But isn't this the case with anything that is new and different to what we are used to? We want people to look at this spiral and rethink. It is high time for people to wake up to what is really happening out there. We want them to get in touch with their inner selves and with their environment. The Vortex Energiser is not just an energiser, it is an etheric antenna for what's going on in the cosmos. The vortices of energy which make up its bioenergetic field, constantly feed in the information of the cosmos. In the long run the Vortex Energiser will help to raise our consciousness.


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