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Light-Life Harmonizers ~ Shifting at the quantum level

Orgone Cones | Devas & Geopathic Stress | L-Life Harmonizer | Environmental Field Reports 

Principles of Light Life Tools

  The "Harmonizer" was developed experimentally from three "Rings" and a "Coil" through the research of Bill Reid, Slim Spurling and Jeannie Spurling. Based on the principles of the Caduceus coil and ring, the harmonizer has been found to successfully remediate "electro-smog" and water and atmospheric pollution in the field studies where it has been tested.
The gold LightLife harmonizers are mathematically precise, formed of individual lengths of wire all measured in harmony with the ancient Egyptian Sacred Cubit – the frequency of life – and shaped into a merkabah (the star tetrahedron – the base geometric form of creation) in motion. The harmonizer have a copper base with multiple levels of gold plating. Gold is considered the life force energy in sacred geometry, and this tool is excellent for balancing and enhancing positive energy. The environmental, agricultural and stormchaser come with an environment clearing CD. All come with a gold-plated ring, to shut down the harmonizer when you wish to tune down the energies.

The field diameter of the Environmental Harmonizer is about a 100-foot radius; 15 miles when activated with sound. The Environmental Harmonizer may be used to assist clearing earth energies and creating a more harmonious atmosphere. Farm fields flourish in its environment – plants grow lush, full and strong birds, useful insects, butterflies and worms thrive; and all life forms in the area prosper as they receive its beneficial energy.

By adding certain sound frequencies to this metal broadcast device known as an environmental harmonizer, grassroots groups throughout the world have been reducing atmospheric and water pollution, earthquake activity, violent crime, breaking longstanding droughts, and increasing crop yields in the areas where used.A sample of some of their field reports around the world show the results possible by combining this quantum technology at key grid points in the earth while using ceremony and prayer to work consciously with the realms of nature. Light-LIfe Harmonizer | Eco-Tech

Comes with CD. This Environmental Harmonizer was designed by Slim Spurling and Bill Reid and is approximately 2" tall and 2" wide.  It is made of copper wire and then silver plated with a gold finish coat. Creates a holographic energy field which when combined with the sound frequencies has been shown to reduce crime, pollution and harmonize the home environment. See the field reports for more information about how to use the EH in your communities. 

*All harmonizers sold through Earth Transitions are made by the original manufacturer.


environmental-clearing-cd.jpgEnvironmental Clearing CD only 

(can be used without the EH to clear the space

of a room.) Normally retails for $35


Swept Clear

The original CD used in the first several years of the global pollution clearing projects $25

Environmental Harmonizer used in the pollution clearing experiments globally.





See how scientists are using sound to clean waste water!

Mozart for microbes in German sewage plant
Opera used to help break down waste, Rebecca Thumpston, 04/06/2010
A pioneering German sewage plant is piping Mozart opera to waste-eating microbes in a bid to increase their efficiency.



Based on the principle of the Caduceus Coil by Wilbert Smith the Caduceus Ring was born:

Principles of Light Life Tools

The harmonizer utilizes the same principles by imprinting sound frequencies that resonate with life, into the atmosphere and water ways within the range of the energy field.

This is the original Light Life ring with which all original research was done and from which all discoveries of the Light Life Tools stem. Its natural tendency to oxidize with age gradually boosts the "power" of the ring. Copper oxide (CuO) is one of the first "doping" compounds used to boost the power and efficiency of computer chips.

Technically, it is a "NON-LINEAR" coating, which acts as an interface between the metal conductor and the "ether" energy of "space". It is somewhat like a step-down transformer in its action, lowering the enormous potential of the "etheric energies" to a useful and easily manageable level while modulating the natural frequencies arriving from the cosmos.

Reference: Private conversations with Hans Becker, a scientifically qualified researcher and inventor in the area of exotic electronics, who has found that the ring oscillates at a 144 million cycles per second with harmonics at 72 mega cycles, 36 mega cycles and 18 mega cycles. All of these are harmonic reciprocals of light speed, converted to grid seconds from the research of Bruce L. Cathie.
Bracelet sized ring used for gas nozzle to fill up car and increase mileage, put over wrist to releive discomfort, or over shower head or over glass to energize water.   

Field Report:

Frederick Fischl, WA

I would like to relate my experience of watering my yard, using a Light Life Ring on the faucet.

This summer I have used no fertilizers or other soil amendments. I live in a suburban neighborhood and have a deck off the second level, which enables me to view several of the neighbor lawns. Mine is by far the richest, darkest green and most beautiful. Strawberries were planted by the previous owner and they yeilded a most delicious crop, dispite the fact that while I was away the first two weeks in July, they were barely watered and almost died out. As of today they are still producing berries. The flower garden is doing exceptionally well. As you can assume, I am on city water. That small ring of Slim's really does wonders. Next year I hope to put in a serious vegetable garden.

YouTube clip of Slim Spurling explaining the light/life rings



The extraordinary clairvoyants who joined in this early research easily defined the field radius at 100'- in all directions! With a 200' spherical "comfort zone" an Environmental Harmonizer will nicely reduce the electro-smog discomfort in even a large home. Subsequent verification by "High-tech" electronics, "Low-tech" dowsing and direct observation has confirmed the original clairvoyants description of the spherical field.

In the Spring of 1994 a team led by Slim Spurling discovered that by applying specific sound frequency patterns (Swept Clear CD) from a close by set of earphones or a common "boom box" portable radio-cassette player the spherical radius of the field could be expanded to a 15 mile radius and the indoor and outdoor air in that radius smelled distinctly of the natural ozone produced by a mountain meadow in the Spring - for hours and even days.

Each environmental and agricultural harmonizer comes with a CD for activation and a ring to contain the field when its effects are desired to be shut down.

Click below for a FREE sampling of the original clearing CD, "Swept Clear"

Want to learn more? Sign up for our online course: Quantum Technologies

A free ring is included in order to contain the harmonizer's field if you find that the effects are too disturbing to you or your family. There may be a detox effect as these sound vibrations work on cellular levels of our body as well as the environment. So in the beginning it may take some time for the people in the immediate environment (your house or office) to adjust to the higher frequencies. If this is the case you can simply put the harmonizer inside the middle of the ring provided and it will contain the energy field until such time as you feel ready to continue the process.

Instructions for Use of the Environmental Harmonizers

The device itself is a sophisticated antenna created upon certain sacred geometries found within the Great Pyramid. It is used to broadcast certain sound frequencies into the environment, thereby causing the bioaccoustic patterns in the environment to become entrained to the new frequencies. This results in a shifting of the life matrix in the area and as a result increases the life energies of the surrounding environment. Things like pollution, crime, earthquake stresses, negative weather pattern, have all been shown to be linked to low levels of life (or orgone) energy. By using the sound frequencies through the harmonizer, the orgone or life field is enhanced, and the effects on the environment are noticeable in lower levels of pollution, crime, cleaner waters, etc. (see field reports for details).

ehmufcode.jpgTo activate the harmonizer, simply place the harmonizer (outside of the ring which came with it) next to the speaker while the CD is playing. The CD doesn't have to be loud, just barely audible is enough to be effective. This needs to be done ideally twice a day, morning and evening, to establish the new sonic matrix when working with the technology alone. Researchers have found other potentials when working with the consciousness of nature (the devas) in conjunction with the harmonizers. In such cases, only a few minutes is needed to imprint the archetypal pattern at the quantum level.

Researchers have found good success experimenting with other frequencies besides sound that are introduced into the harmonizer's field. The diagram to the left is an example of how to incorporate symbol cards/codes with the harmonizer.  It is also sitting on top of orgonite, which has been found to also a very good combination when introduced into the harmonizer's energy field. By integrating the three, you have a potent combination for shifting the holographic matrix of any environement. ehlabyrinthsm.jpg

Location, location, location!

While the sounds broadcast through the harmonizers are effective in clearing the etheric environment in the immediate area wherever the harmonizer is placed, for optimum earth healing effects, it has been found that placement unon key grid crossing points greatly enhances the harmonizer's effects for environmental clearings. Originally the term "earth acupuncture" was given to the work of placing standing stones at certain key junctures in the earth bio-meridians to enhance the energies flowing through them.  Our research with the harmonizers has revealed that their effectiveness in a community is enhanced 2-5xs when they are placed a strategic and specific locations  In addition, prior clearing or neutralizing of noxious earth energies, or geopathic stresses, also greatly enhances the harmonizer's function. 

If you would like to learn more about how to clear those energies in your environment, please see our Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, or our workshop page for live or online courses. For use in the home or garden, only the harmonizer and sound frequencies are required to enhance the energies of your space.

Reports of Using the Light/Life Harmonizer


From Sola: Saturday Oct 7, 2000 on Agricultural Harmonizer

Monte Vista - "This year's Valley potato production may be the largest ever, exceeding the 29, 175,,000 hundred weight grown in 1996."

That's what the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee said on Thursday. For September, total shipments were 2,360 loads (480 cwt. per load), "the most ever for the month," said committee Executive Director Wayne Thompson. He predicted Valley storage facilities will be full this fall.

Sola wrote "We are 41 miles form Monte Vista and approximately the same from other major potato growing areas in the Valley - We have been using the Agricultural Harmonizer with frequencies since 1999 (August) on a regular basis. Perhaps we can't take full credit for such a good crop, but I'm sure it contributed, since those fields suffered from significant potato blight last year.

The farmer who planned to spray the fields behind our house in Blanca last Summer, never did, thanks to the Harmonizer. This summer he harvested his alfalfa from those same fields (previously infested with cutworms) twice. I believe they could have gotten 3 cuts, if his irrigation pivot had not broken down.

Using Environmental Harmonizer in Mexico City

While using the Environmental Harmonizer outdoors, we were able to create and maintain a large patch of blue sky and light wind in the area immediately above the industrial plant. In contrast, the rest of Mexico City was overcast and had heavy air pollution the entire day. After completing the day's work, we took down the setup for the Environmental Harmonizer, prayed for rain, and within 30 minutes the rains began.

I attribute the unusual weather patterns in our local area to the use of the Environmental Harmonizer, and I have demonstrated its capacity to assist in weather control on many other occasions. In addition, my research associates and I have observed that the Environmental Harmonizer is also very effective in neutralizing various types of geopathic stress, as well as energetic records of negative thoughts and emotions. We will continue to do new research to identify additional uses for this amazing device.

Best wishes,

Stephen Quong



ERG - Research - [ 1999 - 2001 Farming seasons In NZ. ]


For work undertaken with farmer Eric Wagener on his 294 ha farm. Chairman for Far North Group of Farmers affected by the Tropical Grass Webworm Attack. [ See Attachment, His Testimonial. ]

I Philip Grey from Earth Talk an outgrowth of ERG Research Group, offered in 1999 free assistance to John Carter; National MP, Northland, who passed on the information to National Government Hon John Luxton, Minister for Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control. Hon John Luxton suggested I offer the free assistance to the farmers, a new way in problem solving, utilizing New Science and Technology working in harmony with nature.

Over the three years ERG Research Group team and myself applied our combined knowledge and techniques in working with the Agricultural Harmonizers and nature to find a healthy balance with the Tropical Grass Webworm and the surrounding environment.

[ See Attachment ]

Eric Wagener Testimonial

Dear Christan:

Just thought I would give you a brief report on my current work with the environmental harmonizer. I have been in Malacca, Malaysia since Monday. When I arrived, the Air Pollution Index API was probably between 150 and 200. When we drove along the coast of the Straits of Malacca, you could not see the horizon and the sun was a mere dull glow in the sky. You couldn't see any ships in the Straits or any of the nearby islands. In addition there was a pretty distinct burnt odor in the air.

I started playing my Swept Clear tape thru the harmonizer periodically thru out the day and night. Whenever, I would think about it I would turn on the tape player and it would play thru both sides of the tape and then stop.

Each day it would get a little clear and yesterday there was a major shift in the direction and intensity of the wind and most of the smog was blown out to sea. The horizon over the ocean was very distinct, ships could be seen off in the distance, a native water hud could be seen, several islands could be clearly seen and for a while the sun was clearly visable. Last night about 5 AM I got up and went outside and could actually see stars.

Today seems like it is going to be a perfectly clear day with the API not any more than 25 or so. Perhaps I will be able to get a precise reading during the day.

I think I have begun to make believers of Nancy and my sister and brother-in-law. As one of them was about to say, "Well the wind simply changed direction" they went on to say "...maybe that is part of how the harmonizer works." Interesting stuff and as a bonus, our vacation has been much more pleasant.

I have pasted on the end a report from Reuters that was posted on the internet. Note that even though the situation is worsening in Indonesia, the conditions in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are greatly improved. If you look on an atlas, you will note that Malacca is about half way between the two.

Dave Dartez
Global Light Network


By Lewa Pardomuan

JAKARTA (Reuters) - At least 30 Indonesian cities were covered by thick smog from raging bush and forest fires on Thursday, five more than a day earlier. "More cities are covered with smog today. Zero visibility was reported in Jambi (on Sumatra island)... In general, the smog still persists," said an official at Jakarta's smog control bureau. He said that in addition to Sumatra and Kalimantan, on the Indonesian side of Borneo island, smog also covered parts of Sulawesi island in the east.

An official at the Aeronautics and Space Office said the latest satellite data received from the U.S.-based National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showed 40 "hot spots" or areas affected by the fire in Indonesia, including some on the eastern island of Timor.

"Identifying the hot spots has been hampered by the smog. The provinces of Jambi, South Sumatra and Lampung (on Sumatra) are almost completely covered with smog today," he said.

The official Antara news agency reported Thursday that at least 12 people, most of them elderly, had died of respiratory problems in Jambi, which has been covered by smog for three months. And the rainy season in Indonesia, now expected to start at least two months late in December or January, would not necessarily mean an end to the smog problem, said the official from the Aeronautics and Space Office.

"I think the rains will produce more smog because of the burning. It's just like pouring water on burning coal. It will produce smoke," he said. The normal, torrential monsoon rains have been delayed by the El Niño phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean that is affecting global weather patterns.

Officials have blamed plantation and forestry companies and small farmers for starting the fires to clear land for planting. Forestry and environmental experts said burning peat was spewing carbon into the atmosphere, causing much of the choking smog that has blanketed parts of Southeast Asia and triggered health alerts in recent months.

Typhoon Linda, which devastated Vietnam last weekend causing hundreds of deaths, fanned the flames and swept smog back over Malaysia and Singapore, although Thursday both countries were experiencing a respite from the choking pollution.

Singapore had a smog-less day with a Pollutants Standards Index (PSI) rating of 36 in the early afternoon. A PSI reading of under 50 is regarded as good. The smog situation had also eased over the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.
08:33 11-06-97

Here is my testimony on all the products I have:

We live in Upland California which is next to Ontario. We get a lot of smog as it blows east from LA. In August the temperature often gets to 100 degrees and you can be 4 miles from Mt. Baldy on Foothill (Rt. 66) in the Valley and not be able to see any mountain. Every single day I have been able to see it clearly and with blue sky overhead. Many days I can easily see clearly over 30 miles across the valley. When the smog starts to come in I turn the Environmental Harmonizer around and within 15 minutes you can see it go out. Many times I turn it on for 3 times a day for an hour each. My friends all want one because they say many days smog or fog in the morning it looks like a donut hole of clear air over my house and for about 10 miles in diameter! They have even seen the rainbows in the clouds.

I went to Egypt in September. In Cairo it was very hot and their smog was much worse than LA. I had my personal harmonizer with me and charged it for 1-1/2 hours twice a day and many people in our tour group noticed, so I told them. Now they want one too!

Four days after I got one large ring, one medium ring, one small ring, an Acuvac coil, personal harmonizer and environmental harmonizer. I had a work accident and ended up with a smashed spinal chord at the hip. The doctor in emergency did not give me pain pills. I was only on pain pills for two days and on crutches for two days. The first 3 days I had pains shooting down and up my legs, back to head and arm. My husband didn?t even recognize my call because even breathing sent huge pains up and down my body. A friend used the Acuvac coil and harmonizer on me and for a month I would place it on my back flank area. I noticed faster relief than magnets or crystals. I was able to go back to work and teach dancing in one week, take a plane trip in two weeks, plus a big vacation to Egypt in three weeks, which I did and came home using no cane! Everyone was amazed at my progress!! I thank God daily for good health and the Geo-products. I believe Slim Spurling was guided to make such wonder products. I will never be without them.

God Bless you.

Joanne Price 

Well Water Bacteria Report
From: "Maine Rain" <>

Around the time of the Earth Acupuncture workshop, I had my well tested. The results came back positive for bacteria coliforms. I received word that Monday following the workshop... and boy, was that an intimidating thing. Within a week, I initiated the clearing work on the property, focusing also on the well. Not surprisingly, there were many geopathic stress lines coming into the well from all sides. Utilizing the large flat well cover as an alter, I laid out the large ring in the center, and offered fresh herbs and flowers from my garden, along with a few crystals and things. I also played the Environmental Clearing tape directly down into the well then, and intermittently over the next few weeks. I have continued to tap into the property deva and offer more as requested. I did not retest the water for three weeks. And all this time I have wondered what the real effect of this work might be on the well? Today I received a call from the testing company that the well is bacteria free!

As an aside, we have an older dog staying with us at the house. This dog is obviously arthritic and feeling its limitations. Within three days of the clearing, my housemate (a skeptic) noticed that the dog was chasing after balls, tugging and playing and going up and down stairs with much greater frequency and east. Not only that, no longer does he seek out the lowest access up to the porch, he jumps from the higher points! Bill hasn't seen that dog be that energetic in five years! I never let on about the clearing work -- not in Bill's belief system. Interesting, however, that he would be the one to notice a change, even if he didn't know why...

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