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Professional Space Clearing Certification

Now available as an online Home Study Program!

Offer this as a service to your community!

This is an intentive online course geared to empower you to reach a state of mastery of shifting the vibrations of any space, whether a home or in your community. Leads to Space Clearing Certification to be able to practice this art as a practitioner and be listed on Earth Transitions' website.

More Details Here

Includes FREE 5 DVD set of the Clear Your Space workshop with Christan when you sign up for the online Certification program!

Level One: This can be fulfilled either through completion of the 6 online modules, or in part through either of these live workshops (Heaven & Earth, Earth Alchemy, Clear your Space, Earth Keepers .)

See the workshop schedule for the next live workshop.

Live Field Day Workshop: After completing the Level One online course component, you are ready for the Level Two: Certification live field work. This is a two day program in selected cities around the country, where you will be putting into practice what you have been learning online. (*if there is a minimum number of 10 enrolled, then the field work can be held outside the US, but at a different pricing) 

Two days spent doing guided live space clearing to deepen your dowsing expertise, and enhance your understanding of how to shift the holographic matrix of any environment.

These two field days bring together the understandings taught in the level one course to the macro level for the community  and the planet as a whole.  Discover alchemical principles from ancient traditions to modern science to awaken the planetary holograms & codes of light in a community. Combine modern research with ancient indigenous approaches to transform meridian points in the planet's light network. Travel to power spots in the area doing earth ceremonies in cooperation with the Angelic and devic realms to shift the Gaian Matrix to align with harmonic vibrations of the higher realms.

Space Clearing Evaluation: After completing the field work, you will be responsible for turning in an evaluation of a space clearing you have done.

Website Listing: Once you have finished the level one and level two: Certification field day component, and turned in your evaluation, you will become certified as an Earth Transitions' space clearing practitioner and able to offer this service in your community and will be listed on our website a one of our practitioners.

WHAT IS SPACE CLEARING ? healthyhome.jpg

Space Clearing is an ancient art and practice of clearing old stagnant vibrations and energetic patterns to make way for a new possibility of Life to emerge. It is of immense value to individuals, communities and the planet at this crucial time of transition. Become trained at a deep level with this intensive course so that you can offer this service to others. Help to anchor new templates of Light for the Earth.












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