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hummel-fairystardust.jpgWelcome to the Principles of Space Clearing online course...[free trial offer]

This course is designed for you to take in the information at your own pace in a multi media presentation format with readings, video clips and audio recordings of Christan during live sessions.

Each section will give you an estimate of how long it will take to get through that section. If you need to quit in the middle, that's OK, you can just pick it up again where you left off when you are able to return.
At the end of each section, you will be given a series of questions to answer, for the purpose of reflecting upon what you have learned and seeing applications of it to your life. They will not be graded, but will be read by Christan.

At the end of the self-paced program, you will be given a dial in number for the live session with Christan. While you have signed up for a particular time and date, you are able to attend any of the live session times with the same dial in number and access code.

 So, if you are ready to begin your journey.....

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