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Choosing the Abundance Matrix

A multi media Webinar

with Christan Hummel 


See details below!

*satisfies the Module 2 of the Space Clearing Certification Program

A 9-hour multimedia teleconference series designed to free stuck patterns of thought, access new possibilities, and align with the matrix of Abundance!

A three part series, part one is available for FREE as a trial. Check it out and see for yourself the transformational power of this self-paced program. Integrated with previously recorded live audio sessions with Christan and video clips and reading which accompany the sessions. Beyond simply imparting information, this series is aimed at transformation at the most basic and core level of the being. After the self-paced program, you can schedule two interactive teleconference sessions with Christan to deepen your learning and shift stuck patterns of thought and behavior at the quantum level.

This course is not about thinking outside the box, its about realizing that the box doesn't in fact exist! 

In this course, includes audio, video clips and written material hand selected by Christan to form a power-packed self-paced 9 hour multi media webinar designed to shift your hidden matrix which is creating your financial outcomes. 

Your enrollment includes a private teleconference session with Christan (valued at $125) all for a total of only $175 total! (on sale right now for only $125!!) And you can review your course as often as you like for up to 6 months from the time you enroll.

We are living in an amazing time when science and spirituality are coming together to form a new field, one which transcends the boundaries and limitations of both. The applications of this new science of spirituality are endless. Join Christan Hummel to discover some of those possibilities of shifting the matrix for yourself, and the planet!
  • Discover why some people find opportunities during times of financial crisis while others experience struggle.
  • Understand how to access the Universal field of Abundance that is all around us regardless of outer conditions.            
  • What affect do our thoughts and feelings have on our financial relationships?
  • Is our personal definition of abundance in resonance with Universal Laws of Abundance?

All things exist as a result of the hidden morphic field, or matrix which sustains them. Abundance is a consciousness, not a condition, and when we engage with that consciousness where Abundance is the alex-grey2-chakras.jpgnatural order of life, then our life and circumstances begin to reflect that consciousness. Unfortunately, many of us have assumed programs or beliefs from the collective consciousness of fear and lack, the dog-eat-dog matrix of competition, and fixed pie mind set. When we operate according to these principles, then we are linked to the grid that govern these attitudes.

Today, more than ever, it is important for us to consciously CHOOSE which matrix we will have as our operating software for our lives. By doing so, we set the internal program to align with those outcomes that are a part of that grid matrix, in this case ABUNDANCE.

Amazing.....just amazing!  Continued to be just delighted at this quantum holographic perspective!  thank you!

Thank you so much for the class....I am really benefiting from all of the connection and the expanded perspective that you bring to it.  And frankly, I really appreciate your much larger ideas about abundance and true prosperity.....this culture seems to have restricted itself to the material level as a measure of limiting!"               
--Dianna, Novato, CA
artwork by Alex Grey   


Join Christan Hummel in a fun, lively and profoundly transformational experience as you learn to SHIFT  the MATRIX of your consciousness and open to the Abundance of Life all around us.

This is NOT a course on goal setting, affirmations, visioning success, or other traditional models of manifesting money. This is about breaking free of the limitations of your own matrix which preceeds thought, which have conditioned everything in your life, not just finances. This is about SHIFTING THE MATRIX of your consciousness to align with that matrix of Abundance which exists everywhere at all times.              


"Thank you soooo much!  I loved it and learned so much.   I truly have felt consciousness grow in this short time. Very real leaps and bounds.  The conference tonight was just right, from your heart it dances a perfect dance."


--Shelley, NYC

This transformational and empowering course consists of online sessions to help you access a totally new experience of the world -- to view it from within the paradigm of Abundance!

This course is about transformation at the most fundamental level, not just about learning how to get have more money. Abundance is the NATURAL state of the Universe, and this course is designed to help you see how to access that state at will, consciously.

Tuition: Normally $175 for webinar including a private session with Christan.

Right now, only $125!




Try it out for free first!

Take part one of this three part webinar FREE to experience the course before you sign up. Click here to get started with your FREE TRIAL of the Abundance Matrix.

Then, when you are ready to ACCESS THE ABUNDANCE MATRIX, you can register anytime.








Quantum Nature of Reality:

How to Shift the Matrix:

Choosing the Abunance Matrix telecourse schedule:                                               

Each recorded session is 75-90 minutes accompanied by a short reading and YouTube video links to preview. 

Click here for details on a private session with Christan. 

What others have said:

"It's been a couple of months since my session with you and somewhere along the way I have lost all and I mean ALL fear of surviving.  This morning I tried going there in my mind and it simply would not work.  I don't know how, but I do know I will survive and it is a wonderful way of being. 
When I realized I had lost all fear I questioned what did it - was it something I did energetically in the house - did it just dissipate?  This weekend I remembered our session.  I'm not sure if you were working on my fear - I know you knew I had it - but I'm pretty sure it was your work that did it, and I will be eternally grateful."

--Melissa, Alburqueque, NM


"The Shifting the Matrix workshop yesterday was so awesome. I am still buzzing from the endless possibilities. The workshop left me joyful - I have been laughing all day - and eager to do as much as possible to help with the emerging of the new 5th dimensional world. What an exciting time we are living! Finally I feel that I fit in.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so freely: what a gift you are giving to all of us and to the world!"



"I am so grateful to you Christan.  Your presence in my experience has helped me so much.
I have enormous gratitude for your willingness to share your ideas and your wisdom.  Thank you so much. I feel I really benefited...I feel strongly that this work is the key to a big shift, both personally and collectively."
--J.B. (Hawaii)

"I feel I am on the "precipice" of completely changing the matrix I have lived in for many years.   I was able after our Thursday session to walk around in Manhattan and feeling completely different about my job situation and about money etc.  Sounds silly, but I kept picturing the porcelain ballerina in all the cells of my body....the world actually looked different to me....I started to notice things I did not notice before....So, I truly thank you for that....."

Michele (NY)


"I feel I am on the "precipice" of completely changing the matrix I have lived in for many years.   I was able after our Thursday session to walk around in Manhattan and feeling completely different about my job situation and about money etc.  Sounds silly, but I kept picturing the [vision in our session] in all the cells of my body....the world actually looked different to me....I started to notice things I did not notice before....So, I truly thank you for that...."

--M.M. (NYC)
Thank you! The class was wonderfully helpful on many levels, as always.
You clearly elucidated some very interesting concepts and you also opened us to some amazing energy shifts.
I am really having a good time with this. Your work is a gift to me!"
--Juliana, HI

Your new money story will establish a new pattern of thought, providing you with a new point of attraction from your present, about your past, and into your future. The simple effort of looking for positive aspects from right where you stand will set a new vibrational tone that will not only affect the way you feel right now, but will begin the immediate attraction of thoughts, people, circumstances, and things that are pleasing to you.
Are you ready to write a new story? 
Get started with your FREE TRIAL of the Abundance Matrix.


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