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Are You Living in a Safe House?

The Natural Field Of Radiations

A healthy house should not cut its occupants from the natural influences of the Earth and heavens. It should be the vessel where these energies can meet and be transmuted for the benefit of man. To obtain this a construction must keep as much of the original natural radiations of the environments as possible. Humanity has evolved within this field of radiations for over 40,000 generations and has developed a highly sensitive nervous system. Modern technology and new housing techniques have considerably deprived us of this contact with nature for only two generations. There has been little time for biological adaptation.

The influences generated by the heavens include solar radiations, the radiations of planetary bodies and, to a lesser extent, the stars. The intensity of these radiations varies according to latitude, altitude, weather and solar activity.

The influences generated by the earth are generally brought about by the earth's magnetic field and local geological characteristics. Our planet, being a great magnet with its positive and negative poles, is surrounded by its own magnetic field (the geomagnetic field) pulsating at the rate of 7,8 beats/second. The intensity of this field varies according to the location and the hour of the day. Magnetic disturbances have been observed over underground water streams and geological faults. Recent research in Germany and France shows that certain types of massive construction can reduce the effects of the geomagnetic to the extent of inducing different health problems such as heart diseases. The German physicist Robert Endros studied this question with Professor KE Lotz of the School of Architecture of Biberach (West Germany). Their analysis of 400 deaths due to cancer revealed that 383 cases were related to dwelling over geological faults, underground water veins and disturbances of the natural geomagnetic field.

A well known and documented geological cause of disease is the radioactive gas Radon 222 produced by the disintegration of Uranium 238 in Uranium - rich minerals. It is found in greater concentration in well insulated and poorly ventilated spaces.

In the Thirties, Dr S Jenny in Aarau (Switzerland) experimented with the effects of geological faults and underground streams on 25,000 mice for a period of 12 years. Mice in cages placed over a perturbation of the geomagnetic field became agitated, gnawed their tails and even ate their offspring, sometimes developing cancerous tumors. When placed over a neutral zone they became more settled. If a cage was to be placed partly over such a perturbation (geopathic zone) and partly on a healthy zone the mice preferred to stay on the latter.

In France beekeepers place hives over underground water veins. Such hives can produce up to three times more honey than hives positioned a few feet away, but according to these beekeepers, the life span of these bees is considerably shortened and they are more aggressive.

How to Choose a Home

Most people know intuitively what parameters would enhance or diminish the quality of their life when looking for a house. However, many important factors are overlooked in favour of less geobiologically significant elements.

After our dermas and clothing, the house is our third skin and a very important factor in keeping healthy. We should remember that when choosing a house or a site we are defining our future quality of life. Geobiology proposes coherent and structured ways to establish the important criteria bearing on this choice. It suggests the following rules of thumb:


  • Harmony between nature and the inhabitants, flowery gardens, trees absorbing dust and producing oxygen.
  • Compact and hard ground, stony or sandy.
  • Atmosphere rich in negative ions, near parks, forest or ocean.
  • Orientation towards North and West for the living area.
  • Area with little or no noise, away from high power lines and transformers.
  • Locate the perturbated zones or have them located.


  • Construction materials of high natural quality such as wood, stone, bricks and tiles.
  • Dimensions respecting the human scale, good relation between height, width and length.
  • Insulation with cork, coco fibre or mineral wool.
  • Non toxic paint, take notice of the influence of colours (chromotherapy).
  • Electricity; avoid the transformation of the bedroom into a research laboratory with TV, radio and other electric appliances. The ideal solution would be to be able to switch off the bedroom areas for the night to avoid long exposure to electromagnetic fields (the effects of these fields can be enhanced by metal beds).
  • Floor coverings made out of natural materials such as terra cotta tiles, cork, wood, woollen carpets or plant fibres.
  • It is not recommended to have a bedroom situated over a garage. The metallic mass of cars is a strong agent of disturbance of the natural magnetic field.
  • It is best to sleep with the head of the bed pointing North as to be aligned with the geomagnetic field.


The Ancients translated in their stone temples the great laws of the universe. They all based themselves on the same principles using the cosmo - tellurian forces. Their dynamic complementarily generated a third vital element for Man, the evolution of all things. We must now rediscover these laws hidden in each of us and communicate them to our constructions, from the most modest to the most sumptuous. Such a realization is possible on three levels:

  • The technical level, product of reason using the laws of mechanics, physics, chemistry and astrophysics to determine the choice of the materials and the site.
  • The harmonic level, the human soul rejoicing in the vital movements of cosmic cycles.
  • The symbolic level, the knowledge enabling the elaboration of the "Axis Mundi" and Man's spiritual matrix. This level constitutes the intimate ties giving the other two levels their real grandeur.

When these three levels are balanced the building becomes an architectural medicine, a physical, psychological and spiritual harmony.

Hartmann Grid

If you suspect that you are suffering from the effects of noxious Earth energies and would like to have your area cleared, please email us and we will put you in contact with a trained consultant who will contact you about clearing your property, or see our Practitioners page for a listing in your area.

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