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Earth Healing--Restoring the Blueprint

ZionWhile modern allopathic medicine treats the biological aspect of our nature by making chemical adjustments to our system through drugs, the human body is both bio-chemical and electromagnetic in nature. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Acupuncture recognized this many thousands of years ago. They discovered a life force energy, which they called Ch'i energy, which they felt to be responsible for the health and functioning of all of our body systems. This Ch'i energy ran through a grid system throughout the body called meridians. If the meridians of our body were not open or functioning properly, this inhibited the flow of Ch'i energy through our body and consequent ill health was the result.

So a system was developed of releasing the blockages to that flow of natural life force energy. This we know today as acupuncture and is practiced successfully with treating all kinds of disease around the world.

The Earth is a Living Being whose body has many parallels to our own. We are basically electromagnetic organisms who run on energy. As such, the Earth also has a meridian system which distributes the Life force energy throughout its body. Today, however, It has become overburdened with toxins, both physical, psychic and electromagnetic, and as a result this grid system is not able to function correctly causing a variety of distortions in the energies emitted from the Earth.

Earth GridOne of the results is the creation of what has been termed "noxious Earth energies" which are harmful grid systems created by the interaction of the natural energies lines being emitted from the Earth, with the man-made distortions and pollutions. Two of those noxious Earth energies are covered in this site, the Hartmann grid (named after the two doctors in Germany who discovered it) and the Geopathic grid which has a variety of causes but contributes as well to the distortions of the Earth's natural energies.

This section of the site explores the nature of those noxious Earth energies, and what can be done to heal them.  Indigenous people have long known the importance of doing ceremony to maintain the balance of humanity with Nature. In our modern day society, we have lost sight of this important function and our celebrations are no more than Hallmark occasions with little or no real meaning or purpose still left. In this section, we will explore a type of "urban shamanism" which has been called Earth Acupuncture, and explore how to come back into a harmonious relationship with nature by working consciously with the Nature spirits , called Devas, to transmute these Earth stresses . On the more physical level, we all know that the Earth is overburdened with toxins both in the waterways and in the atmosphere. This section seeks to inspire you with examples of what can be done to heal that level of pollution as well, by utilizing cutting edge technologies, and by our connection to Spirit.

The Pollution Clearing section is composed of first hand experiences and reports from people all over the world who are utilizing the combined technologies of Bob Dratch and Slim Spurling. Their first atmospheric pollution clearing experiment in 1994 in Denver, Colorado, is chronicled here, along with the research of Drunvalo Melchizedek in Phoenix, Arizona a couple of years later. Later efforts discovered that by reducing the geopathic stress in an area, the effect of the harmonizer technology was enhanced by a factor of two.  When orgone technologies were added as well, then results began to astound scientists and metaphysicians alike.  The synthesis of Spurling's technology, combined with clearing ceremonies to transmute the geopathic stress and orgone technology is what is responsible for the results liksted on this site. It is my hope that this research continue has it has, as a grassroots effort currently sustained by thousands on a grassroots level world wide.

It is my belief that this Earth can be healed, and that it is our collective responsibility to do so.

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