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Hartmann Grid 

For some years researchers like Dr Hartmann (Director of the Committee for Geobiology Eberbach - Waldkatzenbach - waldbrunn), Dr Palme, Prof. Endros, KE Lotz and many others have studied the undeniable influences of electromagnetic fields on living organisms. According to the researches of Dr Hartmann the geomagnetic field is composed of active and neutral zones, the active areas being lines 21cm wide with the neutral zone lying between the lines.

These lines form a North - South and East - West grid, they are about 2.0m apart on the North - South axis and 2.5m apart on the East - West axis in the temperate zone.

The crossing points of these lines are considered to be unhealthy if one is to remain over them for long periods of time as in a bed or at a work station for example. The regularity of the H grid can also be affected by man made disturbances such as high tension power lines, roads etc.

The effect of a crossing or knot in the H grid can be amplified by other local characteristics such as an underground stream or a geological fault making that particular spot potentially dangerous. According to Prof. Endros trees growing on the crossing of the grid are prone to being hit by lightning, especially if they are near or over an underground stream. Most trees or plants showing deformities are found on such "knots" of the H grid. On these the Romans used to build sham wells dedicated to Jupiter and consecrated to "Fulgur Conditum" (buried lightning).

Animals and very young children have not lost their instinct to feel if a place is healthy or not. In the morning, one can often see children cramped into one side of their beds, oriented differently from when they were tucked in. It is wise to determine then if the bed is well positioned. Sensitive adults will not sit in a particular spot often without being able to explain why they feel uncomfortable.

Animals in pastures will avoid a disturbed zone to the extent that one could follow their paths by looking at the area that has been grazed.

Throughout history animals have constituted the economical base of rural properties and the greatest care has been taken to build healthy shelters for them. We see very few old farm buildings situated on a perturbated area. Most of the cases of diseased animals observed by Prof. Endros living over geopathic zones have been observed in new installations built in the last decades.

It is interesting to observe that cats and ants will thrive over a spot submitted to radiation but dogs or mice will avoid them. According to Prof. Endros the statistical study of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) shows high differences in frequency depending on the location, which led him to the supposition that SIDS may be caused by local factors. Further studies in German and American cities by Egon Eckert of Newton showed that most cases were distributed along high power lines. The conjunction of high power lines, underground water streams and H grid crossing should be considered as extreme perturbation of the ambient field. It should be essential to have a correct positioning of beds in places where people have a diminished resistance and health such as hospitals. According to the Institute of Geobiology of Lausanne (Switzerland) 30% of the patients studied showed signs of improvement after having their beds shifted from active zones. Describing the Cairo Hospital built in 1823 by Sultan Galaoun, the historian P d'Avenne explained the importance of the building:

"The doctors took more care of the air than of the food, because one eats now and then but one breathes continually. The patients were placed in large or small apartments oriented towards North or South, heated by aromatic fumigations or cooled by different means according to the nature of their diseases. An important part of the edifice was reserved for mental patients of both sexes who were treated in vast porticoes made healthy and pleasant by means of fountains and running streams of water whose freshness brought rest and well being".

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