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Geopathic Stress Remedies

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Q: What do I do if I suspect my home is located on a geopathic stress line?

A: There have been many advances in the field of geopathic stress remediation in the years since it was first discovered. The old school taught that you needed to move your bed if it was thought to be in the path of a Hartmann or geopathic stress zone.

Later, it was discovered that if one put copper rods in the ground intersecting the geopathic stress lines, they would divert the earth energies in the area.

While this method provides relief it is not effective if these lines moved, which they frequently do.

Fortunately, many inexpensive solutions now exist to balance and remedy these energies. These are in varying levels of cost and you will need to decide which best fits your property and your needs:

1. Orgone Cones 

These may be buried in on the property to transmute geopathic stresses. They need to be placed directly on the major crossings of the geopathic lines, or water veins, PRIOR to them entering your property or house. No more than 5 per property are recommended as these pyramids have a field which will influence an entire property over a short period of time.

The pyramids are based on Wilhelm Reich's research into orgone fields generated when combining organic and non organic materials. They have been shown to transmute and neutralize geopathic stresses within a 10' radius of the crossings where they are placed.

For details of the Orgone Cones and to order, see our online store.

2. Our newest Ch'i Stones . Recommended are the mega muffin for healers, and spaces where you wish to keep the energies uplifted, and the new pyramids for potent EMF protection. Works with GS when placed on GS lines.

3. Remote or distance clearing sessions

This approach utilizes ancient ceremonial energetic methods which indigenous people have used for centuries to balance disharmonies in the land. We have trained facilitators who can help with this after discussing the natures of the stresses on your property.

If you are interested in having one of our Certified Space Clearing practitioners help you with your property, see our list of certified practitioners or if there is not one in your area, you can see about a distance clearing by emailing:

4. See our workshop schedule to learn how to remediate these stresses. These workshops train individuals how to detect & remediate geopathic and Hartmann stresses for individual properties.

5. Purchase our newest Space Clearing Kit  This fully illustrated manual comes with step by step instructions on how to work with nature and conscious intent to guiding you through how to clear your own property. Comes with a CD of a guided meditation to lead you through a space clearing of your property.

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